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Von Just_Flo,

ValourUnbound wrote:

As mentioned previously, the Vermin Swarm guidelines have been under construction for some time. Well today I am here to tell you that they have been released for public feedback! We will accepting feedback in order to make it the army that you, the players want. These guidelines describe what the army should be like, without any explicit rules. Deployment methods, army composition, magic affinity and more are outlined in these guidelines.

Join the swarm and provide your feedback here!

For more detail about the LAB process, please see this thread.

In addition, the team has been finalized and consists of the following:
@Little Joe - VS LAB team leader
@fjugin - designer & RT rep
@Clanlord Skabrius - designer & BGT rep
@ArchangelusM - designer
@Fthunder - designer
@skipschnit - designer
@ValourUnbound - ACS rep
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