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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is available! You can read all about it in the news.

Von Just_Flo,

The May 2020 issue of our magazine The 9th Scroll is now available!
You can also find it on the Downloads page. Do not hesitate to give feedback in the dedicated thread on our forum!


3 - Infernal Dwarves: The Prophets of Doom
@Tyranno discusses the different upgrades for your Prophets and shows his work in progresspictures of his character conversions.

7 - Fire, Bulls and Heavy Equipment: An Infernal Dwarves Showcase
An Infernal Dwarves Army Showcase as part of the ‘Team Oldschool’ Painting Project 2020.

15 - 3D Printing: The Basics
Ex-Ireland ETC Captain Colin Power takes us through the ins and outs of 3D Printing.

18 – Miniature Spotlight
This issue's Miniature of the Month.

19 - Ask the Sage
Another instalment of questions from the community answered by the venerable Sage himself.

22 - Makhar Khans Tactica Part 2
@Tyranno presents Part 2 of his Makhar Khans Tactica. Part one can be found in the 9th Scroll issue 20.

34 - Seizing the Veil - Part 1
Proxy Table Gaming play out Part 1 of their mini campaign.

59 - Insights from the Lore: The Games of Zagjan
We take a brief look at the inspiration behind this 9th Age supplement.

61 - From the Hat Rack: Company of the Blazing Dawn
Another inspiring showcase from @Mad 'At; this time his Empire of Sonnstahl Army.

67 - Company Showcase: Titan Forge
A company Showcase of one of our Supporting Companies who are moving in a new direction.

71 - Army Showcase: Dragon Empire by Titan Forge
An introduction to Titan Forge Miniatures and the Dragon Empire!

85 - Company Showcase: Minis and Printers
We present Etsy Webshop: Minis and Printers and provide a 15% discount code for the 9th Scroll readers!

90 - A Reason to Fight: Writing Background for your 9th Age Army
@jwilliams4 picks apart the reasons why our armies take the field and why head canon is important for immersive games.

95 - The Art of Striking Last
An article about how to win a fight despite not having the agility advantage; a Tacticia from 9th Age Guru SmithF!

You can find the file on our download page or by clicking here.
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