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Von Calisson,

Dear T9A fans,

Today we have an updated version of the map pack for you all to use.
This version is a small update to the recent map pack, where community feedback has been taken into account to produce an even better version.

In short, the updated version now includes:
  • Terrain distribution that perfectly matches the distribution found in our terrain pack.
  • Recommended sizes for all terrain features.
  • Layout that is better optimized for smaller prints (e.g. two pages per printed sheet).
  • Reduced amounts of edge-hugging impassable terrain features.
  • Swapped, moved, removed, and added terrain features on maps that were singled out as being either imbalanced or boring
This version is will be in use at least until 2021.

A big, big thank you to all those who participated to this improved map pack!
See you on the battle fields!

The new Map Pack can be found on the Downloads page and right here in the news:

The T9A team.
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