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Von fjugin,

The Veil is Fickle

As I strolled through the alleys of Myra, I kept to the shadows. I had heard rumors of a scoppa that may have what I was looking for. Countless clues I had to palm, and many of those I have had to grease. They’ve all led me to here. Somewhere down one of these gutters they call a street, is the place. I must be right, I just must be. I have to be quick and cunning, as I must stay anonymous. Which pocket, oh yes. Keep it secret and use it as a last resort to obtain it, for it will pry away things not so easily parted with. Ah, this must be it, this must be the place. It has to be. Take a breath. Focus….


“Ya’ve been in here for awhile now, Stranger. What did ya say ya were a’looking for? Oddities was it? That’s a bit vague. Who did ya say ya were? A collector of mysterious trinkets, baubles, and other curio, was it? I dunno, Stranger. Don’t know about where ya think y’er from, but things around here ain’t quite the same. Was once a time, tho. Can’t make good coin on unknown trinkets and baubles now can we? Hmmmm. Gold. Now gold is good coin. Ya can do a lot with gold ya know. Those that have the gold makes the rules, don’t they, Stranger? Hmmmm. Ya have gold, dont’cha, Stranger? I can smell it on ya. If I were a younger man, I’d cross ya over, take y’er gold and feed ya to the rats. Serve ya right for traipsin’ around with gold in y’er pocket. Changes things now, don’t it, Stranger? How much ya got? Lemme see it. Uh huh. Wait here a minute while I close up. See we don’t want pryin’ eyes to catch a glimpse of that there shiny stuff. Alright…no, no, now leave it on the table. Oddities…ok, I might have something of interest, but it’ll cost ya all of that gold. Can ya read, Stranger? It’ll help if ya can read. I have a rare book, the rarest of all. Rumored to have been part of some collection by an elf of legend called, Draecarion. Ya heard of Draecarion, Stranger? Ah, myths and legends…full of crap stories people tell their moppets and whiffets ,if ya ask me. Here it is, Stranger. Deals with Advanced Magics, it does. Call it “A Most Excellent Grimoire of the Greater Mysteries.” Don’t look at me like that. Its what it says right here in the book. I started to read it once. Things started happenin’ and I lost me nerve. Kept it hidden ev'r since. I think this book in the hands of the gifted and nerved can perceive the actual Veil and its ebbs and flows. Heard it somewhere that the true nature of the Veil in its fullness is unfathomable to the living. But what do I know, eh Stranger? Now I’ll take y’er gold and ya take the book. Get out of me shoppe and get outta me city. Stay to the shadows, Stranger. I don’t know ya, and I don’t wanna. Keep it safe, keep it hidden, and keep it away from me. Now be gone with ya.”

Keep your eyes open on Thursday for the next rules supplement; "Advanced Magics; A Most Excellent Grimoire of the Greater Mysteries"

T9A Team
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