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Von ForsetisMuse,

Dear community,

We're really happy and proud to inform you that Greek will be joining the list of translations available for our game, thanks to the initiative of @manfread! This would be our 9th official language, following German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Chinese. And this means more gamers being able to enjoy our hobby!

However, this is not a feat for a man alone, so if you are fluent in Greek and have a good understanding of English, please answer the rallying call of @manfread and come help him. Be it with just a bit of reviewing, layout, fluff, website or rules translation, half an hour a week or every night, any help is welcome.
Contact @manfread, @Ghiznuk, and @Eru if you have any question or are willing to apply.

Happy hobbying and playing, and be safe,
Your Translation Coordinators

PS: If you are sad that your mother language isn't represented yet, feel free to follow the lead and contact @Ghiznuk and @Eru.

Best Regards
Your HR department
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