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Von Iluvatar,

Dear T9A players,

Today, we present you an update of our Rules Explained in Figures document, also known as Frequently Asked Questions.

This document contains figures upon which we answer certain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). These pertain to complex rules and tricky situations that may arise in games. As such, this document does not contain any errata or rules changes, but merely clarifications and explanations of rules from the Rulebook, the Arcane Compendium, the Army Books, and the Errata document.

In this update, our Rules Clarity team added 7 new questions, and updated explanations for one situation already present:
  • II.7 Filling gaps after a Character leaves its unit (p. 14)
  • III.5 Shooting Attacks with Battle Focus (updated) (p. 19)
  • IV.10 The intricacies of Combat Reforms (p. 29)
  • IV.11 Spears (p. 30)
  • V.11 Defending a Wall against Shooting and Close Combat Attacks (p. 41)
  • V.12 Line of Sight from back ranks (p. 42)
  • V.13 Natural rolls and rerolls (p. 43)
  • V.14 Determining if a unit is inside another object (p. 44)
As with all our publications, we are open to feedback and suggestions, which you can provide in the dedicated thread on our forum. Let us know if you find those new entries worthwhile!

The T9A Team
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