Magic cards colored, Italian version 1.3.2_IT1.0

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Magic cards in Italian

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License Agreement
The 9th Age License
Magic cards in Italian.
Colored version, with fluff text included.
T9A vacations on going. Not available on the forum.
For any admin matter, please contact @tiny or @Grimbold Blackhammer.
For any matter related to French translation, please contact @_Gg (Groumbahk).
For any matter related to magic cards, please wait until I'm back. They're finally done! See the Beta Rules tab or Professionally printed Magic cards
  • Version 1.3.2_IT1.0

    - 22.88 MB - 2,100 times downloaded

    First public version!


    Corrected Rune of Swift Striking.
    Added Totemic Beast profile.
  • Version 1.3.4_IT0.3

    - 22.86 MB - 119 times downloaded

    Changed the translation of "Beast Herds".
  • Version 1.3.4_IT0.2

    - 22.86 MB - 1 time downloaded

    Fixed "Cosmologia".
    Fixed icons for Bound Magic.
    Fixed informative text for Ring of Fire and HBE Sloop spells.
    Fixed translation of army names.
  • Version 1.3.2_IT0.1

    - 22.84 MB - 45 times downloaded