Quick Play

Quick Play

Quickplay is the system dedicated to new players. The Essence of War edition will help you make your first step in our Universe.

Essence of War

Essence of War is a rules set designed for fast, simple, yet tactically exciting rank-and-file battles in the world of The Ninth Age. Both the veterans of many battles and new players with no wargaming experience can play a full match in 60-90 minutes. Essence of War offers two modes of play:

- In Basic mode, each faction is represented by a pre-made Patrol, consisting of 1 character and 3 units. This solution is ideal for beginners, who can grab a few miniatures and start playing with very little preparation.

- In Advanced mode, players can build their own roster using a points system and rules for list building. Enjoy the customization options brought by new Characters, Units, Enchantments, Mounts, Paths of Magic, as well as advanced Model rules and Victory conditions.

Essence of War is currently in Beta version. Visit the forum to leave your feedback!