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  • The Hotfix- My view

    Henrypmiller - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Quote from Furion: “Well, as always I am eager to help with the balancing aspect of T9A. However I have applied to become part of T9A 3 times in the past and multiple groups of people deemed me as obsolete or harmful to the process. So yeah, the only thing left for me is that: the people in charge of the project don't know anything about HBE or game balance. You're faux pros at best. Feel free to discredit me - the easiest way to do it would be to deliver a working product. cheers Furion ” Mic =…

  • @Celegil Very well reasoned arguments. I think your spreadsheet would benefit from displaying percentages instead (or as well as) of counts of some criteria.

  • Was it a problem? i haven't seen many lists using them and not many that have been winning disproportionally.

  • Quote from Oak Shaft: “as long as I get to see that sweet behind of his I'm okay on waiting As we Sweeds say Den som väntar på något gott väntar aldrig för länge ” @Kapten Kluns Maybe you need to take a few more close ups for me

  • Sylvan elves had a hot fix (the original hot fix) to address internal balance issues when their book was royally shafted some time ago. Maybe HBE could get the same treatment.

  • Personally, I think the sloops were very good. But their price tag and range compared to the bolt throwers was enough to make me consider which to choose. I usually opted for 2 BT and 1 sloop. The price hike for me is neither here nor their but I can understand frustration if you were playing double sloop and one BT and now cant. I think this should be a build that is allowed and the category or prices should reflect that. i.e. if it is absolutely necassary to have the price tag, change the cate…

  • Quote from raniE: “@Masamune88 @PapaG and/or @Calcathin If you could get whatever you wanted from us plebs the community to help change the current procedures for updates displayed in this "hotfix" into something better, what would you want? (What can we do to help you help us?) ” Is there a way in which we can vote to reverse the changes?

  • To me it seems like the BLT did not even consider the proposals of the community and ACS and just pursued their own agenda. Its very weird and I dont quite get it. Its a bit like when you are having a group conversation with someone who is socially awkward and they come out with a remark that doesnt fit the current conversation. I feel like we are back to 1.3 with this book.

  • Quote from Kapten Kluns: “@SmithF honoured you peeked by. I have read some of your tactical content with great interest and just gotta say. GIEF DAT KNOWLEDGE NAU! No but in all seriousness I cannot show the entire piece since those rights belong to @Henrypmiller. Once he is with it I can share whatever you want. ” Would appreciate if you could wait until after the scroll has been released

  • The Hotfix- My view

    Henrypmiller - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Well said. I am with you 100% with this analysis. It all seems too much too soon for me. I could have accepted these nerfs if the HBE were winning every game and every tournament. Were they? I really have a problem with HBE shooting gunline lists and I feel that the HBE project keeps going more that way when they nerf (without much data) all the things that made the other styles more interesting, fun and competative. I am not saying that there were some changes that should have been made. But th…

  • Quote from CariadocThorne: “Quote from sjwood13: “Aegis (6+, ranged), aegis (5+, ranged, if in forest) perhaps? Or will that be a further reliance on forests, and a step too far? ” For me, the problem is the lost protection in combat. We are pushing hard to make combat more lists viable again, and losing that combat protection for ranged only protection pushes us back towards avoidance. I still think making enemies reroll 6S to-hit is the fluffier solution, and it is reasonably strong too. 4+ to…

  • Quote from cptcosmic: “yeah, it is funny how HBE is always portrayed as "special snowflake" when they lost the majority of their magical flavor, right? Because other army books dont have their own unique things. Dorfs or Warriors come to my mind, they have complete sections of upgrades or magic options, pretty much special snowflake material. Or my second army, Vermins, a complete page of weapon rules. sure, remove 0-3 HBE banners but then also the responsible teams should remove everything uniq…

  • I also used the witch elves for dancers. My kestrels are the GW hobbit eagles with dark eldar guys on top from the green goblin flying things. Heath riders are hard to find

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Hello bush-elves. Where do you find miniatures for your army? I tried looking around the Miniatures section but was kind of disappointed so I come here looking for better advice. Only ones I really liked were GW ones and frankly I didn't find many other places that even sold sylvan elves, not to mention selling units. ” What are you looking for specifically? To be honest GW are one of the only companies that you can get all your “rank and file” options. There are others of …

  • Quote from Hachiman Taro: “Quote from Fleshbeast: “Sylvan Cloak: Discard a veil token, unit may choose one of the following effects until our next magic phase: - MR(3) - +1 Armour - +1 OS Essentially it just adds another part to our magic phase and also allows us to choose its effect based on what we are facing. BUT it also aligns to being weak in magic as it draws away our prospective magic dice. ” Cool idea. Not sure you'd get those effects choose between: - MR(2) - Soft Cover - +1 Aegis - Dev…

  • Agree 100%

  • I think adding to he base would make the model stand out. Another highlight on the sand and some tufts or grass.

  • Quote from Evaenarion: “Moreover...I would (and now I am afraid I will make a lot of people angry) completely remove following Mount options: Lion Chariot, Young Dragon, Sky Sloops (+I would keep phoenixes out of the mounts options). Why? It simply is too much trouble balancing it all. And it will never work as well as intended. Besides, it simply is not needed. Our ACS and the whole team would have much, much more time for making Officer of the Fleet and Royal Huntsmen work without some broken …

  • Sign me up! I paid

  • I like the idea. Ill see What i Can do in the scroll This coming month.