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  • VS Brainstorming for 2.0

    Gelmarus - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Ask away. I already brought up @The Unmarked's Bell concept as a potential change.

  • Quote from The Unmarked: “Sounding the Bell: All friendly Vermin Swarm units within 18" of a model with this Universal Rule have Minimized Rolls when taking Discipline Tests. The owning Player may spend Veil Tokens to exchange this effect for one of the effects below. Effects last until the end of the next Player turn. 2 tokens: Select one friendly unit. R&F models in the unit must reroll failed to-wound rolls in the Melee Phase. 3 tokens: All friendly units within 12" gain Battle Focus. Uni…

  • You said your suggestion for the "Overlord" character "fits the fluff". That was what I was referring to. Shamanism unfortunately does not fit with VS, which was why they lost it in the first place. Shamanism is practised by wizards who tend to shun civilisation and request aid from the spirits of the wild, which the VS no not do. In fact they are almost the exact opposite of this. A slavemaster character could be cool though.

  • Thanks for the detailed feedback! A few of the things you suggested for changes are already being looked at. I will say basing things on fluff isn't wise. VS have their own lore that will be released... eventually.

  • I said I don't have time to go back and read every post on this thread. So you are saying the ACS was not appreciative of your comments? I find that hard to believe based on his comments today. By all means, I'm nothing if not willing to be proved wrong. I don't want to randomly offend you. You insulted all the hard work people put into this book.

  • Quote from da_griech: “I would like to be Monstrous Rats playable again I would like to be Pendulum and Doombell playable again I think it is sad that the Dreadmill lost its chariot (impact hits and grinding) potential I think it is sad that Disciples went from too good to too bad, they are not playable anymore I think it is sad that Rat Ogres and Hulks got melted together, they should have different jobs and be different units I think it is isad that there is no useful core shooting (footpads a…

  • VS Brainstorming for 2.0

    Gelmarus - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Ok, thank you.

  • Quote from JimMorr: “You know? So called hotfix told us exactly how VS community feedback is treated. Even if 'skaven' have not been killed VS community has received serious blow. ” I'll ask you as well, can you specify exactly what it is that has you feeling this way? What do *you* think the community wants that it is not getting?

  • Quote from da_griech: “YOU KILLED MY SKAVEN!!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!! I MUTATED INTO A DWARF SEVERAL MONTHS AGO!!!!! still get the (1) in new messages, always concerning this threat. Didnt look into here for several months, didnt even read the VS hotfix. Today I had a brief overview, just because I was sentimental. Very, very very very bad job armybook-design did to this wonderful, lovely, fluffy race. Maybe I come back some years later. Its so sad... ” Could you be more specific as to why you aren't…

  • Quote from SkavenInAZ: “Lol.. spent like 30 minutes typing all that out only to get ninja'd! 11 Vermin Swarm Players... 0 Bells. ” Oops. There were also; 6 Vermin Daemons 8 Magisters 11 Chiefs (All BSBs) 4 Plague Patricarchs (All on Pendulums) 6 Vermin Guard units, 3 with Lightning Rod 4 Plague Brotherhood Units (Always accompanied by a Pendulum) 9 Rat at Arms Units 12 Footpad Units (All min sixe) 5 Slave Units 8 Thunder Hulk Units (Min Sized), 4 with Rotary Guns, 2 with Naphta Launchers, 2 with…

  • Marek Kiełbasa - VS Magister Master ; The Thaumaturgy; Wizard Master; Second Awakening - 395 Plague Patriarch Adept; The Occultism; Wizard Adept,Swarm Master,Putrid Protection,Mount: Plague Pendulum - 750 Magister Adept ;General; Wizard Adept; The Witchcraft - 200 Chief;BSB ; Lightning Rod - 260 25x Rats-at-Arms; FCG,Banner of Discipline -315 25x Rats-at-Arms;FCG,Banner of Relentless Company- 335 29x Plague Brotherhood; FCG, Banner of Relentless Company - 394 20x Giant Rats -140 1x Meat Grinder …

  • Interesting. Every list contains at least one Dreadmill Every list contains Slaves. A decent mix of weapons teams.

  • Ok sure. you cant get into a single file in the first turn. Big whoop. Its mainly needed on the last turns anyway. using zombies for chaff isn't optimal as they are scoring. No need to throw them away when VC have the best chaff options in the game. I feel like this isn't going to help the "problem" at all though. Swift reforming to claim objectives and chaff things is often done as last resort towards a the end of the game. Personally I see it as a legitimate strategy and I don't think it can b…

  • BSB configuration

    Gelmarus - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Something I recently discovered was putting the Bsb on Vermin hulk body guard in a unit with either a bell or pendulum to push him further back in the unit without having to buy sceptre Of Vermin Valour.

  • Zombies are very good scoring unit. They don’t panic, can double their size and can pull janky movement tricks. This idea wouldn’t stop people going 2x15 then swift reforming to be 1 wide. The reform is the real strength of this unit, even more so if you get Danse off. They can move 24” without much issue.

  • I think its possible to do combat VS. I've only had success with Double Abom+Pendulum so far though, I think Hulks are best used as shooting platforms. Its possible to have off days, I mena I came 10th in a 60 man event vs 4 ETC players. It can't be all bad.

  • That’s correct. No problem mate.

  • At least one model from the wraith units base has to at least partially overlap the unit that you want to perform a sweeping attack against. You then do one hit per model in the unit, per the rules for Reaper. A Magical move is just an advance move. it works exactly the same.

  • I feel like you are massively over complicating this for yourself. Units with Ghost step can treat all terrain as open Units with Reaper can move through units. Any enemy unit you move through, you can perform a sweeping attack against. As long as no model move more than the units max move, be it advance or march, you can place the unit in any formation or facing. This is because light troops can make as many reforms as they want during their move.

  • * Your Army: * VS * Opponents Army: * OK * Score: * 4-16 * MVP VS Unit: * Vermin Daemon * LVP VS Unit: * Thunderhulks (Naptha Thrower) * Your Army: * VS * Opponents Army: * DE * Score: * 17-3 * MVP VS Unit: * Vermin Daemon * LVP VS Unit: * Rat Swarms * Your Army: * VS * Opponents Army: * ID * Score: * 16-4 * MVP VS Unit: * Thunderhulks (Naptha Thrower) * LVP VS Unit: * Dreadmill * Your Army: * VS * Opponents Army: * VC * Score: * 10-10 * MVP VS Unit: * Weapon Teams (Globe Launcher) * LVP VS Uni…