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  • Quote from Blonde Beer: “Search for UB on the forum ;). ” UB intro game booked in.

  • How to get started

    Eternal Flitter - - For Beginners


    Yes hit me up with times!

  • Quote from LostCause: “Not to nitpick Mike, but it's the 2nd three man event in the U.K. after Strivelyn Siege... Looks like a super event though, the three man teams were good fun ” #gottem

  • Yeah would be tempted to leave them out to be honest. Might make for a better game.

  • Alright people I want to come up with a bonkers but simple ruleset for a battle over water, potentially with the board being half covered in water and half with dry land (eg beach/lake edge etc.) I don't know why I want this but let's smash it out. I'm assuming that this water is too deep for human-sized (read standard) creatures to move through, but I guess monsters could be tall enough to walk in it with movement penalties. Units with Strider (Water) I imagine to be good enough swimmers to ent…

  • That's probably the build I'm moving to nest since it's likely better. You do lose 2 armour though but the spare points are probably worth it. 2 wagons is probably the only way to use them aside from in double horror/ghast lists where 1 is OK. (Plop altar on top of a wider base and tadaa you've got a second wagon). Character placement is matchup dependant. If nothing can fight the BG straight up then king in there and vamp in halberd skeletons. If it's a bit tougher then everyone piles into the …

  • Probably a player skill/list power/experience difference to be honest. Deployment was also quite poor from him as well as well. Edit. The thing is in this matchup the skeletons and barrow guard are equally as dangerous, it gets difficult to avoid both when he has several ranked units and little chaff.

  • All his shooting only does 3.5 wounds a round on average at long range. The horrors fly 16" so the archers very quickly run out of board. His list was very clunky and not mobile at all, added to the fact that my army stretched across half the board where do you want him to run to? As to what the cadaver wagons did... Keeping a barrow guard alive 1 wound in 3 is pretty handy. I guess also maintaining rank bonus on the Skeleton bricks and reducing crumble is pretty huge honest. -2 crumble on Shrie…

  • OK I said I would write this up so hear it is! This is the list I took to the recent Scottish championships event in Stirling last weekend…h-2018-stirling/&pageNo=1 680 - Vampire count, Lahmia, Commandment, General, The dead arise, Heavy armour, Shield, Legend of the black king, Willows ward , Adept, Witchcraft 325 - Barrow King, BSB, Hypnotic pendant 285 - Necromancer, Adept, Evocation, Necromantic staff 475 - 40 Skeletons, Halberds, Full command, Legion Standard …

  • Quote from The golden dwarf: “hi will list submitted can u please confirm you had this email kind regards shane sheppard not shepherd ” Crikey that's keen.

  • Phenomenal start to a thread. I'll see if I can dig up anything else. There are some youtubers on my team that are doing some beginner content/batreps; you may already have their videos linked. If not I'll find some more for you.

  • Quote from Twisted Magpie: “Hi, the event pack doesn't open on my phone. It's there an issue with the link? ” Not sure, seems to be fine for me.

  • It was 1 game goes over: warning, 2 games: -10TPs, 3 games: -50TPs. Don't know what the plan was after that, but at that point you've only played 2 games in a 5 game tournament...

  • Got to say a massive thank you to all of you Scots who made me feel very welcome. Big thanks to Edward for ferrying me about annd letting me stay over as well. Very well run event and a great venue if I'm honest. Thanks to all my opponents for 5 tough games. See you all at TEC if you're making it down there. (10 new tickets have just become available...)

  • Never got anything back after badgering about it.Will chase up again. I realise this is a silly amount of time to get this sorted out. All I can do is apologise.

  • I like it a lot. A whole army in this scheme will look phenomenal. Hard to see in the photo but getting all the edges of the bases painted black would really finish it all off. Might just be glare though hard to say.

  • Quote from Eternal Flitter: “Very sorry @Fthunder and @Scottish Knight. Would have loved to make it up there but cant quite justify the cost last minute, what with other things in the pipeline. Shame though, would have loved to return some English order north of the border. ” CORRECTION: I'm coming now! Alright I'm going to grudge any Scottish wildling who's up for it. If I'm coming all this way it's to play at least one different person!

  • Returning to the Old Ways

    Eternal Flitter - - For Beginners


    Quote from dais: “i am the same, i had WHFB as a young teenager then was converted to 40k by friends. A fun game but nothing beats rank and file fantasy for me Eventually i returned to WHFB only to see the end times and the downfall of warhammer... AoS started up and my friends and I couldn't stand it. Luckily we stumbled onto T9A and we love it! Best part is model selection, so spoilt. Happy wargaming to you ” Would you say you've done a fair bit of hobby or not? Since some people see the lack …

  • Add Jack Austin please Will. Payment incoming right now.

  • Very sorry @Fthunder and @Scottish Knight. Would have loved to make it up there but cant quite justify the cost last minute, what with other things in the pipeline. Shame though, would have loved to return some English order north of the border.