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  • Quote from noir: “I’ve got a question guys! What’s the thing with the knight commander on young griffon with heroes heart? This pops up so often. What’s the purpose and what tasks has he got on the battlefield? How do you play him and why? I know @DanT was quite a fan but I never really saw an explanation! ” Besides DanT it was @mr.carloff who brought him to the field of glory, can you share some thoughts/tactics, mate?

  • Great Green Idol

    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    I use this one from Mierce(more expensive with 80 € though):…fda6f55dcb8442429aa5058cf

  • Quote from Casp: “Well one master and 2 apprentice on horse isent bad. For 145 pt you get a chaff, that can cast one spell, and that increase range of you master. What else ” Right, but then again it´s part of a cavalry list. Still not sold on three foot mages in an infantry list to boost the Divination range.

  • It´s now more attractive than before, but still you need at least three wizard to get a range of 24" for your missiles. Especially when your mage is part of an infantry unit, that doesn´t want to engage. I could imagine a cav list with two mages, one of them throwing div bombs from 21" but "your average foot slugger list" is still better off with alchemy and cosmology I guess.

  • @JimMorr It should be "thread" and not "threat" in the title, unless everybody gets hanged if we don´t upload our army pics, right? .

  • Thanks for providing the lists, Caledoriv. Quote from Caledoriv: “Would you please elaborate why you think that is the case? ” Although the question wasn´t directed at me, I can assure you the Dragon died in two out of 4 games at the Bode Bashen for example. Since he won all his games nonetheless, that´s no huge drawback. But I agree with @Fthunder the Dragon has some hard counters. Quote from Caledoriv: “=> Clearly indicating that EoS is quite absurd right now. ” How would you explain the Empir…

  • Quote from Kruber: “Can we see their army lists? ” I´ll try. Unfortunately I don´t know those EoS players personally, so I have to ask the TO via T3. @Caledoriv greetings, is it possible to provide the Empire army lists from last saturday somehow? Thanks a lot for checking, mate

  • Quote from Arturius: “It is up and running thanks to marvelous work done by @Karanadon and @Mikel2311. ” Thanks a bunch to you guys - it worked already yesterday in the evening when I built around 20 army lists

  • Astonishing results from a small tournament held in soutwest Germany last saturday: * 1. * 1. * epx.pngNico "Kryo" Weinbrecht * de.pngPommersfelden * Team Karlsruhe * Empire of Sonnstahl * 53 * 2. * 2. * epx.pngChristian "Starspieler" Mathieu * de.pngMarburg * Kraken Team * Saurian Ancients * 48 * 3. * 3. * epx.pngLuc "Oioko" Windaus * de.pngKarlsruhe * Team Karlsruhe * Empire of Sonnstahl * 43 * 4. * 4. * Hendrik "2-Green-2-Stop-Killing" Stahn * de.pngFrankfurt am Main * Kraken Team * Orcs and …

  • O&G Q&A

    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    @Alzam We were discussing this in another OnG thread, could you please give us clarification on the crush attack of the GGI and its aura buff? Quote from TheEvilOne: “Crush attacks is listed as a melee attack and can't benefit from other attack attributes such as hatred. The GGI bubble effect is not list as an attack attribute in the rules book under the list of attack attributes. So I think it get to reroll. Unless it's overuled somewhere in the rule book. ”

  • Great Green Idol

    greentide - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Quote from TheEvilOne: “Is a crush attack a melee attack? ” I´m pessimistic, since it´s a special attack. I remember the crush attack from the imperial prelate(some weapon Enchantement) couldn´t benefit from rerolls either.

  • Quote from DJWoodelf: “Play the trumpet fanfare to muster the troops! ” It´s done in our (best frequented) tournament thread

  • Guys- the quickstarter project makes Progress in defining the most iconic and useful imperial units- please vote for your favourite and least favourite Standard Empire army list: QuickStarter 2.0 // EoS Sample & Standard Army list

  • Quote from DJWoodelf: “This leads to the following three combinations...which will be the next poll. ” We´re ready to vote, bring em on

  • It´s a common trend for all armies, cheaper mid-size Units and more expensive outmaxed hordes. Personally, I think the Iron Orcs are worth their points right now- very happy with the Performance of my 25ish dudes.

  • Can you guys give us a rough timeline when we can expect the new repository/data files? I´m very eager to build my new lists and I guess I´m not the only one THX in advance

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “Who says eos is tier 5 and what does this mean ” It´s in the announcement for the update.

  • Quote from Fthunder: “Does this SA player maybe not use Alchemy? ” Dunno, he was just a bystander of our game, not my opponent. I guess he prefers other Lores, otherwise he should have no issues with it.

  • Inquisitor vs. Feral warboss on your bets, gentlemen Another one coming from GDG including the Empire, prepare for surprises in the final turn:

  • Imperial Halflings ! Some of you will already know the Green Dragon Gaming Channel. So far it featured mainly KoE, Orc( @PrettyBoy ) and Dwarven Hold( @SirMC2015 ) content but now they have an EoS Player with a beautiful Empire Army featuring halflings! You find his impressive conversions and a rough battle against 90 Gnashers over here: