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  • Let’s just see. If they are overcosted they will go down in the next version. I’m just happy for S5

  • It probably would have been better to let it settle and see if 3x6 was actually what was happening before changing it.

  • No bus for the Prince? Are you hiding him when playing vs cannons/bolt throwers?

  • Quote from Flavus: “Unicorn still unplayable. +1 to aegis instead of +2 magic resist is not better for none-close combat druid, even with potential aegis 4 (for the price of huge amount of points). If chieftain or prince can get unicorn, +1 to aegis is good, but in other case +2 MR (as before) will be better with slightly decrease of points cost. ” I agree. On face value it sounds good but realistically i dont want to take it.

  • Quote from Giladis: “Not sure how much can be done since Os/Ds 6 is seen as the ceiling for non characters and as much as we would like to have better DS I am not sure others would appreciate our troops suddenly having the same DS as their characters. I'll give you that. Elven design space is not wide and it will be a challenge to get the best out of it. But it is a challenge I am looking forward to it. ” My suggestion was including the removal of LR at least from RnF. I do like the parry idea f…

  • Quote from Giladis: “I don't know if this has been stated - I believe it was when the new to hit formula was introduced - but things often get lost in the announcements. There was no intention from the Project to change the to hit table beyond what would be considered safe because there was no wish to completely uproot how the combat system works. So the to hit formula was adjusted in a way that would have the least amount of change it is just unfortunate collateral that HE, SE and DE have a goo…

  • You kind of need to ask that question "do I pay 750pts for a smash face character or do i pay 750 points for a solid block of elite infantry." The answer will depend on your play style, what you are missing or what tools you think you need in your army along with what you think is most cool. Amongst other things. Everyone is different and things come in and out of the meta. Let the meta settle before making statements like "9th age is hero hammer" because no one really knows yet

  • Quote from ninepaces: “Quote from Henrypmiller: “@ninepaces I have wings that I have pinned in place so I can remove them. Usually then they fit in a big tupperwear box packed with bubble wrap. Not perfect and they break occasionally but that is my solution ” Hmm.. I guess it doesnt work with the big resin models? Unless those aren't 1 piece. ” Wings are almost always a separate piece. Even resin dragons such as the big dragon above will come in pieces.

  • @ninepaces I have wings that I have pinned in place so I can remove them. Usually then they fit in a big tupperwear box packed with bubble wrap. Not perfect and they break occasionally but that is my solution

  • For me you could loose LR and significantly boost OWS and DWS. This would make elven units hit probably on 3s and only sometimes 2s (lets say swordmasters are an 8, LG a 7 and spears a 6 in current rules). This would also make them more durable vs elite troops and much more fitting vs grunt units. I.e elites hitting on 3s vs most things (rather than 2s) but getting a better defensive skill so being hit on 5s by most things. Spears the same but only hitting on 2s vs ws 2 troops and having good de…

  • Quote from Wesser: “It's more than that The problem is that SA are still fairly stationary (in an SE context), which makes them difficult to keep safe. Tactically it therefore make sense to put your bows on the mobile units. SA are not a bad unit, but they are expensive and point for point they lose pretty much any shooting duel because they are so damn fragile. This means they get worse the more shooting heavy the meta is (and I see lots of shooting). So in practice they were overcosted before …

  • Really good analysis @Aenarion43. Im not sure about “grindy” elves But i understand the need to differentiate so This is something i am thoroughly behind!

  • Quote from Vespacian: “@Henrypmiller The Khorne one, Or is there another one? ” Yeah the khorne one

  • Anyone seen the new GW dragon? I dont think it even fits on an 100x150!!!

  • Quote from Altao: “About Zombie Giant - I would rather see reduced OS, DS and Init rather than reducing attacks to just 1. Options make Giants fun. So maybe poisoned bite attack? Zombie bites. War Platform (only with Zombies) with option to throw Zombies at enemies? Quote from Henrypmiller: “I imagine a giant zombie not being very proficient as a fighter but could imagine it swinging and swatting away with its fists in true zombie style. ” Crush Attack? I would rather say Area Attack - Giant swi…

  • Shapeshifter Prince great weapon, blessed insveiptions, curse of the Black stag, glyph of amryl, Rangers boots. Go Big or go home.

  • Really cool army so far!

  • Apart from the pricing of some items I am really happy with the update. I feel the pricing will get better over time so its good to have what i feel is a more playable book now it is set for a while. One change i would make is to bow of wyscan. I would have added that the bow always shoots with a minimum of 3 shots. This would make it viable on characters that do not have pathfinder kindred. In this way I could have a nice support item on a prince/cheiftain/wizard. Its obviously not as good beca…

  • Quote from Wesser: “Unicorn - a) The Eagle seem way superior even for a combat oriented wizard, yet its cheaper and b) you’re shoehorned into taking Talisman of Shielding since no other Aegis (Cosmo Master mages aside) are avaiable Elk/Eagle King - Fly is a good rule sure, but frankly the Elk is better and much cheaper for a combat character, and for a flying harasser Kestrels are superior. When you consider the lack of synergy items and kindred Eagle heroes are pretty meh. So until FAB hits and…