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  • Quote from ThewouldbePharaoh: “I'll try to summon one of the guys. @KeyserSoze can you take a look over the issue in post 295 and following? ” The way it's written right now it allows you to know Hereditary spell if you take both items.

  • A list of Homebrew

    KeyserSoze - - Homebrew 9th Age


    That's some impressive creativity over there I have the original oceanborn file, I might as well continue it, time given, now I can build it with proper mdoels! My priority is to finish with official armybooks but I liked the armybook despite it being a joke

  • Quote from Worm: “Why am i saying this, well the biggest problem in 9 age are ruls for movment and charge, you can do very dirty things in momvent phase... like you can see enemy unit buy you cant charge it as let' say you see flank but there is no why you can charge in the flank due to terain or so... or you put monster 1 inch away from big block and they can clip with only 2 models or so... ” That's basically big part of the strategic thought you need to invest on order to win. Take this away …

  • Υοu can take special saves. The wounds caused by DT only have the following properties: 1. Auto-wound(if test is failed) 2. AP(10)

  • Letter of resignation

    KeyserSoze - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    For those who do not know, hasker has helped incredibly in the creation of DL soon-to-come armybook. Unfortunately there are massive changes, or no changes where there should be, and older members have a hard time syncing with the process. Let's hop there won't be any reasons for staff members like hasker to leave. I fully understand and support him.

  • Quote from spliter: “Great Bull of Shamut………b195cc8173e057980b26bbfa3 ” I guess it's more fitting as Kadim Titan? Awesome work either way

  • The Music Thread

    KeyserSoze - - WWW Topics

    Post Τhis translates to "Waltz of lost dreams". Hope you like it

  • Well tbh right now I cannot think of anything either, it's just a little problamtic when changing a rule for a single unit and unintentionally pelaizes some other units too that didnt have a problem in the first place.

  • Yes I also liked the 1.3 bell and the abilities of vermin hulks. I think a nice way of implementing this could be: 1) choose 1 of the abilities. The same ability cannot be chosen again in the game. 2) Roll to see which ability you get for this turn. So, for example, vermin hulks could get: 1. +1A 2. +1AS 3. Battle focus 4. +1AR 5. +1Di 6. Aegis(6+) That would be somwhat calculated randomness. Still very hard to design though

  • Quote from theunwantedbeing: “I'de just lower the move restriction for reforms, change it from your March Rate to your Advance Rate. ” Or we can make some clever exceptions/special rules for zombies(or any other unit that goes conga), in order not to mess with every unit in the game. SOme units might be punished hard for a change like this without reasons

  • Quote from Wesser: “Does anyone really play conga-lines? ” In tournaments it's a usual sight.

  • Quote from Kasperero: “What would be the strategical advantage of this formation? ” Depends on the game. On some games I've it unreasonable to conga, but in others, there are benefits like: enemy distributes less attacks, enemy has trouble double charging with units that are a little further away, and stops movement if he has the side of the conga in front of him.(enemy has to charge and potentially get stucked).

  • Quote from Konrad von Richtmark: “What if the level of random unpredictable dramatic fun varied strongly between different army books? Or, even different unit entries so that even within an army book, there would be choices and viable army compositions for every taste? Then, everyone can play their way, and everyone can still play against everyone else in the same wider wargaming ecosystem. ” I think that such a change would greatly reduce the number of armies, and hence the number of lists we s…

  • AFAIK when rules ar written are going through many filters, checks, and reviews before going out. This was not happening at first when you could see some rules written completely different through armybooks, while meaning the same thing.

  • WTC - World Team Championships

    KeyserSoze - - Tournaments


    Clearly a DoL, you guys make me sooo proud

  • OMG I've been to several such fort/churces in Romania, I totally adore them, great job!

  • We designed it for the new book actually, so it's kinda normal it has limited uses on the current one However, you can still build a few lists around it. On the boring part, well, it's a general guideline to try and create simple rules rather than more complex ones.

  • Perfect perfect perfect!

  • What Fix??

    KeyserSoze - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    That last was a little surprise to me as well

  • What Fix??

    KeyserSoze - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from Tyranno: “I can understand CoA not being changed due to it being a big overhaul though. ” We're looking for ways to fix this. But due tob eing a AW rule needs extra care in order to not mess up the whole army. I hope we'll have some news on this soon. Rule not being changed doesnt mean we all consider this a good rule that is functioning perfectly fine