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  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “We're still waiting for some pictures @micdicdoc and @Fthunder ” Sorry I totally messed up! I printed them off at work.... and then left them in the printer before the tournament. I wonder what the person thought who found them. I've had to change armies for ETC this year to let the great @LostCause guide the men of the empire for our team, so I will try and make him use the cards soon!

  • No more off topic please guys. Any from here will be deleted.

  • Please remember this thread is for discussion about tournaments and tournament lists. If you want to talk about knights (which is a great topic) please start another thread

  • Replicating the list commentary here for ease of reading! Beast Herds Craig Johnson (BIR) – This list has great scoring, solid shooting and a very crunchy combat punch. Craig has played it a lot and recently come back to it after the last update. Centaurs (rightly) got a bit more expensive, but the list still works and works well. Daemon Legions Guiem Nicolau – Guiem did very well with this list at the last event I was at and I would expect him to do well with it again. If he gets a slightly har…

  • Quote from DanT: “It was partly to reduce eliteness creep as well I thought? @Fthunder ? Otherwise the number of things stacked on 1 model starts to get silly... ” Absolutely correct

  • Quote from kargan: “Out of curiosity, why remove Magic Resistance? ” Points

  • That's great Casp thank you. Where can we find the full lists?

  • Maybe, or maybe we are both wrong and he is at the right price. Only time will show. There will be no changes until the full book (or so I have been told) so it is a long time for the "new" to rub off and for data to be gathered about how the model performs.

  • The balance team priced him conservatively. They didn't want to release the inquisitor with a very underpriced upgrade to start with, they prefer to go in higher and reduce it down if it seems unpopular or not viable.

  • They are a great unit, but I think they should be S4 with halberds instead of GW. Not being able to hit at agility has really hurt them.

  • Great lists and thanks for sharing them here!

  • This is how I have always played it also

  • I tested a build with 2 x 9 Reiters and 2 x Inquisitors. It was good fun. One shooty with Hero's Heart and one smashy with hammer of witches.

  • I fell in love with Divination using it on my Griffon mage. Such a great lore.

  • Quote from Kryo: “Hi guys, i thought i could share the list i used to win a small (20 people) tournament in Worms, Germany yesterday. I'm fully aware that the list is nothing extrodinary but it suited my playstyle quite nicely 325 Marshal, Battle Standard Bearer, Great Tactician, Shield, Blacksteel, Death Warrant 360 Prelate, Army General, Great Weapon, Plate Armour, Imperial Seal, Locket of Sunna 745 Wizard, Light Armour, Pyromancy, Wizard Master, Arcane Engine: Arcane Shield, Death Cheater, Ma…

  • Back from vacation now. Did I miss anything? Anyone done well at a tournament lately and want to share their list?

  • Quote from noir: “I’ve got a question guys! What’s the thing with the knight commander on young griffon with heroes heart? This pops up so often. What’s the purpose and what tasks has he got on the battlefield? How do you play him and why? I know @DanT was quite a fan but I never really saw an explanation! ” Exactly as Dan has said, he allows you to make moves and dictate the flow of the game. I use a Griffon lord in my lists for a very similar purpose, but if I had 5 KOTSG in my list I would ab…

  • Great and powerful balance team members. I believe @slivek (when you are back from vacation) and @Frederick are the assigned members for EoS. As requested in the quote below, we have used this thread to gather the thoughts of the community together with regards to the latest update and points changes therein. Quote from slivek: “Quote from Fthunder: “We asked BLT. They decided that GW IG did not need a reduction. @slivek and @Frederick should be able to answer why they felt this way. They can al…

  • Final results of the vote: - Imperial Prince - 7 - Light Infantry Champion - 8 - Electoral Cavalry - 7 - KOTSG - 7 - State Militia - 16 - Steam Tank - 8 - Imperial Guard with GW - 9 - Altar of Battle - 9 - Cavalry Pick on KC - 8 - Reiter Champion - 5 Which means that our five things we will ask the Balance Team about are: State Militia Imperial Guard with GW Altar of Battle Steam Tank Light Infantry Champion Cavalry Pick

  • Quote from Kruber: “Hero's Heart The wielder of this enchanted weapon gains +1 At- tack Value when using it. Attacks made with this en- chanted weapon gain Magical Attacks and always have at least Strength 5 and at least Armour Penetra- tion 3. Blessed Steel : Attack Attribute - Close Combat. The model part gains +2 Agility. Close Combat Attacks made by the model part gain +1 Strength and +1 Armour Penetration. With Hero's Heart he has S5 AP3, Blessed Steel gives his CC attacks +1S +1AP. That's …