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  • Looking for players in Budapest

    Grymmir - - Player Search


    Hello guys! I'm living close to Budapest, in Maglod. I'm spanish and i don't know any place or person to play at 9th. At the moment i don't have here my armies, highborn elves and legion demonic, but in a few months i will go to Spain to take my armies. If you have a group, club or some army to play to 9th close to Budapest or Maglod, please feel free to send me a message. If i can't play in some time ... No 9th No beer Thanks in advance!!

  • Runes of Daemonseeker

    Grymmir - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Thanks, it was too good to be true xD

  • Hello! I have a question, the Daemonseeker can take runes of armor? Or only runes in Weapon and Talisman ? Thanks and really nice job!