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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Btw anyone have any intel on a time-frame here? When is the daemon book due for instance? And is ID to be expected 3-6 months thereafter, or something like that?

  • Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from TobiasP: “- Giant - Although i rarely use them i do like their design. Should have probably chosen Orc Slaves though, now i think about it ” I enabled a feature where you can go back and change your vote in the poll if you change your mind :). ” Great! And you made the new poll while i was writing. Voted again

  • Ive voted for: - Titan Mortar - its in a good spot - Bull of Shamut - Semi-fast flying mount, whats not to like - Infernal Engine - Probably my favorite design - Kadim Incarnates - yeah, they are still great - Giant - Although i rarely use them i do like their design. Should have probably chosen Orc Slaves though, now i think about it What i really think needs work: Lammasu: I REALLY want to like this model, but too many just semi-useable functions (and therefore a high price) makes it hard to. …

  • Btw @hypnotic: Really cool list! I need to try out that lammasu-dude again soon.

  • Quote from strauss: “No double prophets - is this only a trend at ETC ? I'll try to run them in pair, just to see the impact (but you gotta have to invest in solid magic phase!). Btw, quite surprised to see how popular is the loco I tested it couple of time, find the shooty version a bit difficult to use. You'll mainly hit on 5+ . But as said, I am not surprised by the absence of immortals. They're an okay bunker but won't win a combat. They're rely too much on their 3+ , where a big block of IW…

  • Great stuff! Have an Imperial ogre/Empire army myself

  • I use the old GW ogres and face the same problem. I've removed the saddle from the tusker, and put the ogres behind the tuskers with whips, 'driving them forward'. For auroch and mammoth ive just removed the ogre riders. You could eventually put some mantic ogres with large spears on the base, as 'herders'.

  • Thats one badass giant! Would like to see some more pictures

  • Makes we want to play EoS

  • OK General chat

    TobiasP - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Im not entirely sure on the wording on the max on Rock Aurochs. Are you able to field a Hunter on Rock Auroch + 1 'ordinary' Rock Auroch in the same list?

  • OK General chat

    TobiasP - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Are a mounted mammoth hunter able to heal himself with headhunter?

  • Great work @Zyv. Your painting is mesmerizing! Looks like they are actually standing in a dark cave filled with lava..

  • Im having a mixed feeling about this patch.. ID was placed in the second lowest tier. Rightfully according to me (and was dumped by our national team after WTC). However few relevant positive point changes and even a raise for incarnates, again. No fix for CoA, no blunderbuss thats affordable. No bound daemon that actually moves, Titan still too expensive. Glad to see the mounts gone down in price tho. Im thinking ID is almost exactly in the same place as before.

  • The Von Karlsteins

    TobiasP - - User Blogs


    Just found your plog. Great work Henry! Bringing the Von Karlsteins to Aroscon?

  • Yeah or something like passed LD test = Battle focus (very similar to BH-rule). However i cant get it to fit fluff-wise. Pass a LD test and get angry? Should be the other way around.

  • Quote from Gomio: “And considering that an option like that maybe was tried and discarded by the higher ups? smile.png Im asking input about an specific idea, not asking for "but this would be better..." ” Well i thought removing the fear-part would lower the powerlevel and maybe make it more likely to go through. I dont know how the process works, so if you say its completely off the table i guess theres no point of going forward. However if alterations are possible i would like to try and twea…

  • Id rather have some offensive damage output-affecting rule, to reflect the nature of the Infernal Dwarfs. Battlefocus after first would suffered is the perfect rule in my opinion. If you remove the fear-resistance i find it as a perfect power-wise army rule compared to +1 to hit or reroll to hit etc. And fits ASAW like a glove.

  • I just want the Lammasu taken out of Bound and Binders. It already takes up alot of your character points and BnB too just makes it not worth it.

  • WTC - World Team Championships

    TobiasP - - Tournaments


    Thank you for a great tournament! Had some great games against really friendly, good and (mostly) sporting opponents. Food, venue, beers, judges, etc. was all fine as stated. I think its great with something else than swiss-draw and smaller teams, to distinguish from the ETC. Im not sure you found the perfect solution, as i agree its tough for us bearded ones to play the 3 last games while being unable to reach for final 4. We knew this before going in, yeah, and its not to whine, but if there w…

  • Really nice! I heard there was a ID army nominated for best painted at the WTC, but couldnt find it. Can someone confirm or even better have some pictures?