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  • Remaking the website into one with paid membership would be detrimental. This is a community driven project done in people's free time, not a business. The forum allows better access to chuck ideas at games and background developers than anyone could ever dream of having by mailing or E-mailing a wargame-producing company (I can confirm this from much experience with both), and likewise people are in a much better position to brainstorm stuff for whatever faction or fringe elements exist in the …

  • A guy at a tournament explained that using chess clocks (in Warmachine, in this case) sucked much of the social aspect out of the wargame, reducing it much more to only being about the game and not leaving space for any small banter and fun comments to the dice rolls and maneuvers taking place. After all, if you're clocking your turns, you don't want to intrude upon your opponent's turn by distracting him by speaking: That would seem rude, when the clock is ticking. Less fun and more isolated, i…

  • Tower received, and it's a great one! Well crafted in details, and of a good size. The prepaint job is welcome, too. I'll eventually convert it extensively with a host of add-on details and repaint it, but until then I have a ready-made tower to put on the table. Recommended! Thank you so much for putting this on the market! Looking forward to your future projects.

  • Good idea! Please tell of how it goes. It's easiest to get a decent result when you sculpt one area at a time (usually letting it dry between sessions to not thumb your work out by accident). Let's you play around until satisfied with one piece at a time. Break it down for ease and don't have too high demands on yourself. Good sculpting will come with practice, no worries.

  • @kisanis: Good question! I'm still a simpleton basicallu used to GW products at the end of the day, so I've never tried plasticine. Sorry

  • He would also like to know. ED709yL.jpg (Hidden Content)

  • Nice pirate goblin ideas! Odd Taphrian(?) Feral Orc concept. Since fantasy so often is about taking real life inspiration and run with it one step further, you know this is destined to happen with Orcs (if their reproduction is flesh not fungus). Phallic sheath based on those of e.g. Zulu, Somba and distant Papuan koteka gourds. Made into stone-tipped spear. ED709yL.jpg Reference board (no famous Papuan gourds pictured): oAbDvJO.jpg

  • JG2aRf2.jpg We all know that Skaven was an original invention by Games Workshop, one which gained a lasting popular life unlike their Zoats and Fimir. Before Warhammer, there were no elaborately developed fantasy ratmen to speak of. After Warhammer, they are a new archetype. The Ninth Age, being the spiritual successor of Warhammer Fantasy with its historically based model, did manage to find a real life historical culture to base their Vermin Swarm upon, one which sports flamethrowers, treacher…

  • Five minute video, worth a look.

  • How do T9A Orc & Goblins reproduce? Flesh or fungus? Some other way? It would be useful to know before attempting a drawing. Thanks in advance.

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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  • Thanks! The difference lies in the tankard. Beer or vodka?

  • the_seven_houses_of_the_khazad_by_artigas-dbbtbyu.jpg The Seven Houses of the Dwarves, by Sergio Artigas Yep, fantasy Dwarves as envisioned by Tolkien are largely based on Nordic mythology combined with Jewish conservatism: Note that the latter streak wasn't present in JRR Tolkien's first drafts for First Age stories. In one of those, you had decidedly nasty Dwarves employing Orcish mercenaries to sack the Wood Elf cavern capital of Menegroth, with no resonance with any historical peoples whatso…

  • Art Contest I

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    Contest gallery for submissions A kind reminder that this is an art contest, not a mini painting competition. Wrong entries will be removed. But perhaps a model painting theme could be next? Also, this contest is for original artwork. Old artpieces already shared online which you want to share and donate to T9A goes into the ordinary gallery.

  • Cremation?

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    Indeed! This conclusion will have had some effect, somewhere. Necromancers operating in areas with poor access to plentiful recent bones will probably raise animal skeletons and raid ancient cairns more fervently for servants, and have these undead create fresh corpses that doesn't get cremated, for their master. Still, if the local humans burn their dead, the local Orcs & Goblins won't care and the local Beast Herds almost certainly wouldn't. By the way, T9A artists and background writers m…

  • Updated with a large amount of newly discovered artwork.

  • Art Contest I

    Karak Norn Clansman - - General Discussion


    Roger that, streamlining with the rest of T9A legalities, update to happen soon.

  • This is just a link thread in the army forum to keep VS players & developers conscious of the homebrew army book. Same thing in DH section for Kegiz Gavem & DH and ID forums for Copper Mountain Dwarf background. Outreach, an advertisement and heads-up: If you're not visible, you don't exist, as we say about businesses in Sweden. Forum word of mouth by redundancy. I was just posting the concept art in it because there strangely is no sticky Art & Background thread in the VS forum as there is in t…

  • Vermin Anteaters

    Karak Norn Clansman - - New army books


    Rules speculation has started over here. I've no idea what should be done. If lethal strike against large monsters is too much, then perhaps combat focus against them? Also, perhaps make the stilts an optional upgrade and weave in some bravest-warriors-take-to-the-field-on-stilts mixed with Anteater community awe and low level magic woven into it (at least backgroundwise, even if no actual magic is involved)?

  • Wow, dedicated work all round! This is great to follow. You're steering a brilliant course. Keep at it! Good question on banners. You could always keep it without raised details and only go for cloth folds so that anyone could add his army's symbol onto the hanging banner. even if he wants no shield.