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  • Would be cool to make the doomlord more like old <insert troll king name>. With a leader of the exiled/irredeemable and with some mutant regen stuff.

  • +a lot to everything @Kathal said. I love the Work thats been put in to the book but I too really wanna play "avoidance" or monster mash with warriors and its not really feasible. (The CK and EH was fun at the start though!). So id lay the warriors to rest for now. Would love to see the 0.9 @Kathal !

  • To be frank i think the charge, fail and teleport back is too gimmicky and should be removed as an option from the mirror.. And tactics discussions (and batreps from experienced players) are always a good thing! I must admit i never consider using WH aswell as they are too RPS. Against BH without shoots they dominate but gets rekt by small ambushing units. Dancers, kestrels, vanguarding Rangers are simply less RPS.(and my kestrels are gonna have the WH models riding Them to compensate). Also i d…

  • I dont necxessarily dissagree wesser. But the pricetag Will be way steep. Thats why i suggested a chance to the BoW in the item thread. making IT simply 3 shots +1s Sylvan BoW enchant(50ish points 0-2). Then you Can get your "harrass" eagle much cheaper(although price comes from item allowance and not Kindred). And pathfinders belong in the tall grass unseen imo. An eagle/dragon Can get in more/other Places than elk but elk Can get a bunker. Offers something different imo. Sendt fra min TA-1021 …

  • ID say its more anoying that they only Work in niche situations and are never brought because of IT(and the pricetag estimated on that one time IT might actually do something). Would be nice with a bit more "Meat and potatos" items that are always somewhat usable disregarding others factors such as terrain and other more random factors. Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • Pathfinder om eagle is rather meh and Will lead to an expensive avoidance model i Guess. Forrest Guardian could Work but in the fluff account the wildrider fits Better imo. Forrest Guardian does give a more defensive approach and making +1 armor Eagles possible, but i dont know if the powers that be want that for se? Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • Yes for a dragon IT might be Overboard or should be Priced differently(1 price for the rest and a price tailored to the extra output from dragon, but could be really fluffy bringing a wildhunter on dragon!), but is less troublesome for eagle, remembering that frenzy on a 500+ pts. Unit is a big drawback. Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • Redo bough of wyscan to: Sylvan bow enchant: Bow has 3 shots and +1 strenght. Make it a 0-2. Easy and maybe give pathfinders and extra shot or something. Keep around the 50 points range.

  • I guess wildhunter for dragon aswell. Would really enable some "lead by example" builds, (thats also costly, so still not auto include!). Think of Wildhunter dragon Prince with; blades, titanic might and "antlers". The BD lethal dance is a great improvement imo but they do come with more risk as you need to get in combat. So it probably isnt the favorite Tool of the defenssive player where SE is mostly used in a team environments as far as I know. But definitely a threat to knights of a lot of f…

  • Quick question. Have it been discussed why we not simply allow wild hunter kindred to use eagle Mount?

  • HBE wishlist

    zqn365 - - Sylvan Elves (SE)


    That comment perfectly describe the gripe a Lot of hbe and non-hbe have with eachother. The hbe get All the toys but are so used to it that it is part of the hbe "feel", but others find it unfair that the lonely child gets All the flavors because they are raised differently. Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • link aint working


    zqn365 - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    @Darkwise where can I see the rest of the list from the tournament?

  • Would be cool with a grass base, where the grass and ground nearest to the feet of the deamon, wilts away and is blackish.

  • That seems like the optimal solution! For reelz dough. We are to be naked, costly, elite Elves and be less RPS to boot, how do You achive that? Shooting is taken exactly because IT is able to face most things or simply avoid and go somewhat even. Like other kind of points denial list(which is Also Borring to Play against but more allowed). Actually we have a somewhat Limited shooting suite that cant deal with high armor and toughness which cannon armies love to see. Its hard for me to see how th…

  • One question though. How do beat gunlines/cornerarmies with our naked CC Elves ? Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • I like that idea aswell. But then our generals become shooting chars or druids with LD 8 by default, by virtue of "leading by example" in most cases means going Rambo(as we cant go head on against most things) for the sylvans. As we Arent really a Block type og army. Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • Because the alternatives are huntsment, eagle riders and shapeshifters. All of which are subpar imo.

  • SA futur model design

    zqn365 - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    depending on Price id buy 12 kroxigors assuming you make more than one pose

  • Wild huntsmen: I dont bring any WH either, they are too squishy. Id like to explore a more tanky version with t4 and hard target as solutions. They need to drop in dmg then. Its just anoying to lose all 5-6 to a single volley of arrows from one unit of goblins.. Also if great stag is t5 why are these deer t3? And our strenght is avoiding hits and no armor, i belive our naked riders could use a little bit of avoiding! Maybe remove battle focus and implement t4 and/or hard target. Armor: Pathfinde…