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  • Quote from Dan: “Actually I think this kind of writing is far more toxic to people on the fence. At least Lord Tremendous’ video can be seen for what it is - an angry rant - whereas this is effectively the same content masquerading as well-researched fact. ” Exactly. Think of it more like a snake-oil salesman than a screaming doom-sayer.

  • Quote from Nemeroth: “@Squirrelloid that’s a comprehensive reply, couldn’t agree more. Plus having an offsite blog and not engaging with the actual T9A community is pretty cowardly. ” They made an account. And just linked to the blog...

  • Also anyone seen that Greedo has taken their post down?

  • Quote from Dan: “-Stop making fun of AoS -Know your place -Incorporate 25mm round bases -Make people pay for the rules -Make games more unequal -Make people pay for the rules even more, such as through Kickstarters -Make a scenario book and make people pay for it ” To these suggestions specifically, may I say with all of my heart... Quote from Grouchy Badger: “"Know your place" its so... vague. ” I think it is referring to this sketch in the Frost Report. youtube.…

  • The Great Horde of Chaos

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    Quote from Little Joe: “wow, wow, wow, input overload. When I saw that unit of ID it reminded me first of old tomb kings lore with them getting guns from ind. I saw the skulls before seeing stunties. It might have been expensive, it sure is unique and they look awesome. Actually the whole bunch is amazing, the T-Rex looks a lot more dinosaur for sure. ” Haha! A few people have seen the skulls before their faces. The idea with them was to cover up the elven symbols on the Black Guard helmets. Onc…

  • By Jove he's got it!

  • e987b5d603ed50d3e348f0c2b5890853.jpg

  • The Great Horde of Chaos

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    Miss me? txKiSG7.jpg So with the usual Infernal Dwarf fare, here are my blunderbuss Infernal Warriors! Kinda wish they didn't cost the world...then they might actually get their points back once... 8PDvv09.jpg Prototype Great Weapon Infernal Warrior. Getting a hold of more of those arms might be a challenge though... uiDvBkY.jpg Citadel Guard with Hand Weapon and Shield. On the left is the champion. Thinking of altering the helmet so the sticking-out bits are horns. r532bIO.jpg Flintlock Citadel…

  • Quote from lawgnome: “Quote from Pellegrim: “It's not about that .. Im just really surprised he made yet another extensive article. Comes off rather obsessed. ” Maybe its a case of "Stop having fun, guys!"? Or just attention seeking? ” I have overheard some very obsessed AoS players state that they thought all games should be like AoS... Pretty weird and certainly obsessed with AoS. Although I have seen recently that some AoS players hold a massive grudge towards fantasy and anyone that liked it…

  • Quote from owl: “2Stunt At which point he was disrespectful, could you point that out, please? The author was polite, and he was proving his point with all available statistics and arguments. Yes, maybe he was cherry-picking quotes, I can agree on that, but this kind of reaction, outright hating and unhealthy censorship only shows that he touched a couple of points you don't want to discuss. And this is a very bad sign, for a community-driven project. ” Sorry, my quote came out odd by it deletin…

  • Quote from Kallstrom: “The article did not come off as toxic nor hateful in my opinion. ” Quote from owl: “So, don't get me wrong, but. If this guy is wrong, it shouldn't be too hard to prove that in a discussion, like, you know, a group of grown-ups? ” My beef was the deliberate misquoting of people on this forum to further their agenda. I can give examples right now: Yatagarasu, from T9A Lectoring team, quarreled during AoS-games with AoS-players because his opponents played for fun. Thus he d…

  • Yeah it's pretty much just a toxic troll article that acts like they are "helping".

  • Some of those quotes are hilarious. The blogger cherry-picked like mad to make sure the original point of a post was lost. Like the "anti-AoS post". Which actually had the user point out that AoS players used the "4+ it" rule to cheat all the time, got physically violent, refused to accept that some rules even existed etc etc. Clearly a paid shill blog.

  • Quote from Kopistar: “ DL, VS, UD, BH, DH, ID, OG do not have shock cav (i do not take into account monstruous cav). ” Centaurs and Taurukh are shock cavalry.

  • Quote from Kasocles: “Strange btw that we can pick Infernal Weapon, but not Flintlocks or Blunderbusses in this poll. Perhaps those are just covered by their unit entries? ” Bingo. We already had them covered before, didn't really want to put them on two votes twice. But for stuff like Immortals, you could easily like them, but think their ability needed work. But for Blunderbusses or Flintlocks they define the unit.

  • Quote from Kirmiath: “Likes: 1. Infernal armor Feels really flavorful, and sometimes it's even useful. 2. Chosen of Ashuruk (Ignore Greenskin panic) Not having this rule would be utterly ridiculous, lets face it. 3. Volcanic Embrace Also feels flavorful, and is quite useful. I do miss Initiative 10 though. Dislikes: 1. Chosen of Ashuruk (Battle Focus in 2nd round of combat) Probably the most forgotten about rule in the entire game, not to mention that when it actually kicks in, your unit is most…

  • Quote from Squirrelloid: “Couple i felt needed comments: Devastating Charge (+1 Arm) - not flavorful. These are bulls, they should have an offensive charge ability, no matter what the ASAW are. This is 100% correct. Bull units need to do more damage when they charge. The +1 armour feels almost like a token gesture to keep people quiet. And if anyone disagrees with the idea that bull-units should do more damage when they charge, then I invite them to travel to Pamplona to get some first-hand expe…

  • As they are. If you like the rule as a principal but hate the execution just make a post like so.

  • ID General Chat

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    Here comes poll number 2 everyone! Infernal Dwarf Rule Popularity Contest for Full Army Book

  • And here is the angry part...enjoy;