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  • Yes, don't forget the Ø in Øld Alliance this time

  • Quote from Ipower: “@'scottish_knight' can you confirm the background has no objection to a switch to thaum? ” Haven't fine tuned Saurian religion yet, but I think it should be possible. Just means acknowledging there's a bigger power out there

  • Please sign up The Øld Alliance: Simon Laden - @kobal Henrik "Unluckiest Person to Ever Pick Up Dice" Mau - @Falgrin Edward Murdoch - @Scottish Knight

  • I feel "adding to the experience" is great code for "served effectively as tarmac beneath my feet" Nice to have you up as always Tim!

  • Where can the lists be found?

  • I've never said switching paths was impossible. I do hold that Cosmology shouldn't be an option though. Beyond that, I have no problem discussing issues with Evo working for Cuatl.

  • Quote from Pinktaco: “Nope, I still find it quite boring ” Sadly it is impossible to please everyone

  • Quote from Palinux: “In the same way, the cosmology fluff talks exclusively about the quatl, even though it can't use the path because of "fluff" and the Quatl is spelled wrong - Qoatl.... nevermind that. ” ...I hesitate to say you haven't read the entry properly, but, I might have to suggest you read it again. It mentions the Coatl (yes, using a different spelling, we'll need to fix that for Gold) once, in terms of Cosmos. Then it talks about WDG in terms of Chaos. both as presented as seeing h…

  • Thanks to everyone who made it along, it was a really enjoyable weekend for me, hope everyone had a good day.

  • So...I probably don't want to spend too much time contributing to this particular thread, because it can be something of a minefield, but also because certain elements of dwarven culture are still being developed. There are some similarities in certain traditional fantasy settings between dwarven and Jewish culture. Meanwhile, in our own setting, we have deliberately leant into certain associations, such as Mongolian culture with Ogre Khans. However, it is important that those associations, wher…

  • Quote from MxM: “@Scottish Knight a Cuatl using only the "Cosmos" spell of Cosmology would be ok fluff/lore wise? ” Not really - it's a bit like saying "use half a set of scales", without the other half it doesn't really make sense! The whole basis of the path is understanding balance, rather than understanding Cosmos and Chaos separately.

  • Quote from Teowulff: “Interesting. Can you give a link to the full Paths of Magic document? ” Of course - can be found here: Bear in mind that the spells themselves are not up to date with the Beta, but the core of the paths is the same. Quote from Teowulff: “Still. As far as the paths and descriptions go I stil see no inherent reason to forbid a lot of stuff on the one hand - and on the other I see no sense in a lot of choices the army books have made: …

  • Quote from Laroop: “The focus on balancing and tournaments is actually reason enough to change fluff imo but in that case fluff doesn't even need to be changed. Just let go of some Warhammer remnants in your head. ” I will find this ironic, given the degree of complaints we get from people wanting something much closer to the stories they used to know! Saurians have a place in the world, which is still to be fleshed out in more detail. I am providing additional context to the info which is curre…

  • @Laroop - respectfully, I think you are wrong. Now, I would say that! But let me elaborate. This game is not just about numbers and balance. We are playing specifically a fantasy game for a reason - for most of us, chess or Go would be alternatives with a higher player base. Poker or Mahjong could allow for calculations and statistics - hell, you could make actual money at those! So, we are here because we like fantasy games. In that vein, fantasy has to have a basis. It has to start from somewh…

  • Always happy to read interesting adventures!

  • Hard to say for certain for me without playing some more games. It was a LOT of infantry coming at me at high speed with this list, which is impossible for some lists to handle. But I don't remember any specific thing being OP, apart from maybe the number of Huscarls on the board!

  • TMS - Releases

    Scottish Knight - - Company Showcase


    Very excited to get my KoE models!

  • Quote from Palinux: “So maybe Occultism? Thaumathurgy? Are they a better fit? ” Interestingly, both have elements of "borrowed powers", Thaumaturgy in terms of direct divine intervention, Occultism in terms of shared knowledge from across the Veil. You could argue that it's not as fitting to their search for self control and power. However, that's just a thought - they are certainly more fitting than Cosmology. Quote from Palinux: “Or maybe just forget about evocation and forget about the discip…

  • Quote from marcema: “How do you see that the SA fluff and background can be used to create ingame rules to get evocation to work. What do you think can a cuatl do extra or different with evocation that affects the SA in a positive way or the opponent in a negative way? ” Evocation largely revolves around souls, death and will, so any qualities which impact on those would be potential ways to tailor towards Evocation. Quote from Palinux: “So it's not actually the fluff, it's actually a balancing …

  • Quote from marcema: “As i asked kind off in my earlier post, how do you see that we can convert this to ingame rules that will make us chooce evocation? Is there any suggestion in which direction to look from your side that we can do that is also in line with the background? ” Are you referring to changes to Saurian rules, or changes to Evocation itself? Bear in mind that I don't write the rules, it's not my area of expertise!