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  • Quote from Scottish Knight: “I hope "The Entrance to the Salt Mines" will be a feature in the new scenarios! ” If you fall down it you need to moan about every enemy unit for the remainder of the day.

  • Munro is banned from naming his team

  • No idea what you’re talking about...

  • Just gonna leave this here... Siege of Strivelyn II - 17-18 Nov 2018

  • Gather round generals and warlords! @Spacegoblin and I are psyched to announce Siege of Strivelyn II, which will be held at Common Ground Games on 17-18 November. This will be a two-day team tournament, consisting of 5 games, with teams of three players. After the huge success we enjoyed last year, Siege will once again feature 5 unique scenarios! Players are welcome to sign up as teams, or as individuals (mercs). Stay tuned for more info! Hope to see you all there! Player List: 1 - Paul McNeil …

  • So basically IG w/ GWs is legit but expensive, and it has counters (as it should). Now go forth and smite the heretics!

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “But a unit that no one wants to charge can be a big advantage in some games. Especially for scenarios like hold the ground etc. Saw that @LostCause is playing a big ig gw unit. What are your thoughts on that? ” Yup my ETC list has a block of 34 IG W/ GW, a death warrant marshal and a locket prelate. It’s pretty insane. A lot of units just can’t withstand it. I don’t think it’s broken or anything - a lot of units simply out grind it or smash it before it strikes or kil…

  • Raise the dead

    LostCause - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    You can raise up to double the starting value of your skellies and Zombinos as your Necro has Awaken (skeletons and zombies), plus the extras you can raise for dead arise. It’s hard to gauge, but I’ve gone with bringing double. It’s rare that someone will let you get that much on, but it does happen sometimes. Unit fillers are key if you want to save some cash!

  • Quote from micdicdoc: “I showed up at @LostCauses office in a blonde wig and rouge brassiere to audition as a girlfriend for the upcoming podcast, but was turned away. It couldn't have been my facial hair because I shaved it off with an ice cream scooper the night before. Anyway, beggars can't be choosers, man! ” That was you! I took you for a mere temptress. Please forgive me m’lady!

  • It’s proving more difficult than you’d think

  • EoS lists from Strivelyn Strife II (14 July 2018) Andrew Lind (LostCause), Empire of Sonnstahl – 4498 pts Characters – 1630 Prelate, General, Plate Armour, Great Weapon, Imperial Seal, Locket of Sunna 360 Marshals, BSB, Great Tactician, Shield, Blacksteel, Death Warrant 325 Marshal, Great Griffon, Shield, Ghostly Guard, Winter Cloak, Hero’s Heart 490 Wizard, Master, Essence of a Free Mind, Talisman of the Void, Pyromancy/Alchemy 455 Core – 1125 20 Heavy Infantry, Musician, Halberds 190 15 Light …

  • Quote from tommytucker: “is there a nervous virgin laughter emoji? ”

  • Quote from Gregus: “Quote from LostCause: “Yeah, might need to keep that one quiet from the TO ” maybe if it becomes legal soon, TO will forgive him. Btw what is the reason behind this restriction? ” No idea. We did ask about it, but I don’t remember ever receiving an answer on it. I’ll bring it up at the next update.

  • Yeah, might need to keep that one quiet from the TO

  • *furiously blows up sex doll

  • Quote from Cortrillion: “I think I agree @LostCause. But the cannon is a bit of a crap unit. It is my go to option for beating monsters and supercharacters but if my opponents don't bring any, well then I play with a massive handicap. So normal i try to get by without bringing cannons.. -Cort ” Absolutely, but that’s a risk we take at the list building stage. If other books go heavy on single shot bolt throwers, and they play against an army like MSU SE, then they’re pretty useless too. I know t…

  • Quote from tommytucker: “is this the girlfriends episode? ” Unfortunately not, it’ll be out after ETC.

  • No worries, it’s my job The way I see it, there’s two ‘issues’: 1) That a 250pt cannon has the potential to kill a 1000pt monster/character. So that’s going to effect pricing and it’s other uses. Someone could argue ‘it already killed my Scourge of Wraith, why is it now shredding my infantry’. 2) There’s a balancing act in our war machine section. We don’t want one option to outshine the others. The hope is that each option offers something different, and so you need to construct your list with …

  • Whilst this flies in the face of reality, it is a decision over balance. Or else cannons would be the Swiss Army knife that everyone would take.

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