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  • Quote from epoepo: “This is an official answer for the ETC for example? ” Lol if we play again this year and you've this setup you owe me a pint @epoepo

  • Yeah but D3+1 and D3 are “dice used to determine hits done” By your logic you could say that the D6+1 for “hand of heaven” is a score which determines number of hits. Hence the item doesn’t work for that too.

  • Sorry if this has been asked but I can’t find it. Does second awakening ( Second Awakening (45 pts) When the bearer casts a spell of Type Damage for which dice are used to determine the number of hits this spell inflicts, you may choose to reroll these dice. If so, all dice must be rerolled) work with trial of faith (The Caster rolls D3+1 and the target rolls D3. If the Caster’s roll is higher, the target suffers a number of hits equal to the difference between their respective rolls. These hits…

  • @JimMorr What would you think of a "metalshifting to hit" mechanic for the lightning cannon? i.e. Aim is equal to the targets armor save.

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    Warpfodder - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    @Nicreap How or why have the ASAWs changed. The vote that was done near the start of this project (see below) was the only vote done to the best of my knowledge. If the goalposts are being moved can you tell us what our ASAWs are to be under final version and whose decision it is? in the chart below heavy fire is clearly a medium strength for VS. 29242757_10156238670248126_491682447_o.jpg

  • .204 Discussion

    Warpfodder - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Ok runthrough on changes Items Aquila - I'm really glad ppl listened to us for getting a 0-3 banner, but why is it so expensive. If it let you gain 2 more LD for SiN that'd be ok. Or it was a cheaper version of 2 Legion banners i'd understand (35pts??) As it is its 2 Legion banners +5 pts with a unit type restriction, not worth it but others seem happy so what do i know. Crown of succession - Great! Bell - I'll be honest. It's a help. It's basicly a stay behind, "I don't do combat" debuff wagon,…

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    Warpfodder - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    I'll do a full writeup later as in work atm. First and most important, thanks again to @ValourUnbound @SkavenInAZ and even @Gelmarus (did I forget anyone?) for the lobbying and work on our behalf Overall not a bad change to the book IMO, what some people seem to forget though about the Disciples is (and im happy with the change overall) is now that the toxic is a grind we can't target characters to take them out before they swing as special attacks will be randomized

  • @Gelmarus Get up off your a$$ and leak stuff! .......Phrasing

  • Total points scored for VS is 844, between 11 players that works out at 76.72/160 or average of 9.59 per game So.....mid tier, but like last year instead of globes being king other shooting is and is needed to bump up the overall external balance It may be too late for the May "Hotfix" but the aim should be to use the units taken to a large degree (dreadmills/weapons teams/pendulum) and bring other units in the book to their power level.

  • Looks like VS had a decent run at the WTC. As always this was a team tourney so hard to quantify the data since certin builds can be paired for maximum effect or built to be as all comers as possible. * 11 * Aleksander Jaworowski (Poland #1) * w-w-w-w-w-d-w-d * The Vermin Swarm * 110 * 28 * Jan Plucar (Czech Republic #2) * w-l-l-d-d-w-w-w * The Vermin Swarm * 95 * 49 * Kalesoner (Poland #4) * w-w-l-w-l-l-w * The Vermin Swarm * 87 * 57 * Merlin (Austria #1) * w-w-l-w-w-w-l-d * The Vermin Swarm * …

  • Quote from Gelmarus: “Well I have a podcast coming out this weekend where I go over my list in more detail. Happy to answer any questions here though. I get my list might look wierd ” I dont think your list looks weird at all. Lots of mobile shooting and magic along with a solid combat unit that pumps out a silly amount of attacks along with an AP10 character killer with VD as combat support. Let me know how the Disiples work out for you though!

  • I actually think occultism fits perfectly with the background of the rats. A mad sorcerer sucking the life out of nearby rats to empower his own spells......quite fitful IMO. I would rather have other lores due to power level, I think witchcraft is the most situational lore and occultism one of the weakest but solution to that is probably petition the BT to boost those "weaker" lores not to change ours.

  • Best of luck to the 3 of you. and sorry @Gelmarus @Shugdaddy But Jordan's list is my favorite just for Tyrant mage with 7S5 Attacks

  • Quote from Eldan: “That reminds me. We still don't have any rat puns in our army book. That is a serious lack and must be rectified. (Rat-ctified?) ” Once the new book is finished and ratified, we mouse see about these puns you're after...............................................................................I'll get my (fur) coat.

  • On a slightly separate note. I have always liked our casual disregard for our fellow ratmen. I believe this is shown nicely with our access to Occultism and rule Callous (and previously darkshard brew). Continuing this I believe the doombell should work off a sacrifice mechanic as well rather than a flat "Roll a 1 and you're screwed" Sac RAA/SV in the unit pushing to call on dark power to cause your enemies ailments. This can be ANYTHING statwise so (-AP,-S,reroll wounds, -i....whatever) Can any…

  • I believe this is the numbers from the original poll. 29242757_10156238670248126_491682447_o.jpg

  • Quote from ValourUnbound: “Quote from Warpfodder: “On a seperate note, can't scenario setup rules and scenario winning rules be on pages next to each other for ease? Its very hard to read for newer people. ” It's not just newer people. I understand the reasoning behind why they split it. I don't agree with it. If they really want objectives to be next to VP just repeat everything. But please please please don't say things like "keep an eye on the center of the board for this objective!" Just tel…

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “...did I miss a rule change? If I missed a rule change, I'll just sit quietly in the corner here. ” Thought ID came out of the corner these days #racialsteriotypes 5: Capture the FlagsValuable targets must be annihilated.After Spell Selection (at the end of step 7 of the Pre-Game Sequence), mark all units with Scoring in both players’Army Lists. If either player has less than 3 marked units, their opponent must mark enough units from this player’sArmy List so that there…

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Quote from Gelmarus: “Surely flooding the board with scoring units just a liability in capture the flags? ” Ehn. If you make them pick small units you don't really need (by not having any other scoring units ) while you pick their three mainstays they do need, your walking targets can run and hide, while you just play "kill the primary targets, who would be great targets even ignoring the scenario". CTF doesn't really do what it was meant to. ” Eeehhhhh, that's not how …

  • Quote from Gelmarus: “Surely flooding the board with scoring units just a liability in capture the flags? ” It 100% is. But its only 1 scenario out of 6, and you can build your list to take this into account and have them hiding behind your blocks instead of screening those very same blocks! They can be a tactically advantageous unit, and while i don't like to use them myself, I can see their merit.