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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Angel of Gaming: “Blender is fun! Just quite a big hurdle to learn all the controls, tools, tricks and shortcuts (which I'm not really over yet). Fortunately there are lots of tutorial videos to watch on youtube ” I have a very narrow target to get out of Blender to get me started. I need something that looks good and shows my idea. If it is 3D, that is even better because I can take images at different angles and having a camera rush through would be perfect. I am very interested to …

  • Quote from kisanis: “ Anyone want to help figure out where to put these cool minis? ” Looks very WotDG to me as well. Death dealers does not sound friendly. They are a new company supporting the 9th Age?

  • Not really terrain related, but I wanted to show what I did so far in Blender. I am basically trying out all the buttons and tools. I started with something I know well from sculpting with greenstuff: gnashers. First I did a test on the sculpting tools and fast learned the limits: V8qkSGP.jpg Adding stuff only works on the whole thing, so if you do not want to distort some things like eyes and teeth while working around them, you need a dolly with objects you can add fast and merge when done. Fp…

  • Quote from Kovlovsky: “I just added two entries for EoS Knightly Orders. I just found a very very nice small company making awesome historical miniatures for 15th and 16th century West European armies (compatible with Perry's plastic line BTW) that are perfect for the Empire (possibly also for a more "modern" KoE look) and they also make wonderful japanese Sengoku Jidai era samurais miniatures. So, expect quite a few new entries when I have time. I also have a ton of ideas for KoE, so expect a f…

  • Quote from Angel of Gaming: “Quote from Little Joe: “Looking good, nice rust effects. Why not simply order from within the EU for Reaper? ” I did not know I could even do so, did not even know that changing the currency changed the website (does this change where they ship from?) since I'm not using any of the currencies they show anyways and the dollar is the one I'm most used to converting. Ordering from European retailers is possible of course but none of the ones I have used before carry mor…

  • Looking good, nice rust effects. Why not simply order from within the EU for Reaper?

  • Haha, I started 7 hours ago, I am tired. I sorted and fixed the whole list and added key words for weapon options for an easy search. It would be nice if someone checked it when the update is accepted to The Forest Prince/Chieftain list. Just Chieftain is still the old one. Now I only need to remove some redundancies and check the terrain list. Oh yeah, conversion stuff and Mini Hammer (not there yet)

  • Quote from FlyingScanian: “Quote from kisanis: “I think you can do EoS entirely with Warlord's historic range. Well actually you could do a lot of the EoS/KoE range entirely from the historical 28mm ranges. ” As someone trying to do exactly that, my "major" problems have been KotSG (big chicken-horses are for some reason rare in historical ranges), Arcane Engines and Altars of Battle (although a covered wagon with fancy shroud could do) and Rockets (this mostly means I haven't found anything yet…

  • Let’s see about flogging this subject properly. Product search is under Hobby support control, the Lexicon Team is website support. First things first, let’s move up the food chain and see what we find there. 9270-9f19e877-large.jpg No “Hobby Support” in the team list. The Hobby Hub (THH) is under the rule of … ? Only Bugman is listed as a head (PR) in that arm of government. Bugman, he should know who his boss is. I will ask my way up and see what can be done. Time to finish SE.

  • All Hail the Gnoman Empire!

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    At the very least you get some nice extras in that Gladiator set. Animals as Vermin Hulks and a Dreadmill chariots maybe? The sacrificial scene makes a nice Plague Pendulum if you use gladiators as Plague Brotherhood.

  • Weiterhin einen schönen Urlaub. Do you plan to collect all armies?

  • I am still finishing updating all the non-buildings. They need 20mm extra underneath, that’s easy. I added that and fixed the gaps the same way I used when making the hills. I just made sure I had a groove to add clay between the parts. Then I let it dry up a bit to get a solid surface but still movement if you push. Adding glue and sand you can push the hill into shape and hide the connection. It just shows because it is not painted. emMET0s.jpg Fuzzy helps to show the slope is smooth. vloQL6g.…

  • Quote from Kapten Kluns: “Long silence?! You are ungodly good at posting updates. Compare the beauty of your blog to mine ^^! ” I do plan to visit many realms in this plog. Preferably within 2-3 years to go everywhere. I know it will work out differently but there must be a target. Quote from piteglio: “the first picture made me think: CAKE! : D great stuff, as always. i do have one question, tho. you said you'd stick to the round theme, and i'm not sure if i missed some discussion of it. but i …

  • 5 for sure. 2 is my favorite, but I would not mind the combination of 2/3 and 4. If you stream, you can turn it into either 2 or 3, it al depends on effort.

  • Hi all, Sorry for the long silence, almost all of it was heat related. We had a way too long period of no rain and for me excessive heat here. In that time I started working on the miniature library of this site, see the link in my signature and join if you want to help out. What else have I been up to? Setting up a Skype call took rather long, I had it last Thursday and over the weekend I have been doing a few small upgrades to terrain pieces to make the at least ready for a possible production…

  • Two nice games and I think video will make for enjoyable entertainment. Thanks @piteglio, @DJWoodelf, @kisanis and the whole QS team!

  • Wow, that's a lot of detailing on a footslogger. Also interestingly different on the sword and head dress, that is final? I rather like the understatement to focus on his face and body.

  • Your averages are a bit off. Phone is charging for the next match, it refuses to work on my laptop.

  • Quote from squalie_SK: “K, I'm lost. I'm on the Universalbattle2 site, but can't see specifically where I'm supposed to watch this, lol. ” Half an hour, then join the game room named "Veil of the Ages", the OP has images in the spoiler.

  • Success this evening, for all of it. I will be watching tonight and will listen to the full game for a next building session.