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  • UD 2.0 Discussion Thread

    Echunia - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Quote from Igor Uzelac: “Quote from Echunia: “To be fair, since they aren't usable in AoS anymore, there should be more on the market. ” They used to be good, like best pick for TK in AoS right? What happened? ” You aren't allowed to use them in Matched play (tournaments) anymore. Which effectively means you wont be able to use them in 90% of games people play

  • To be fair, since they aren't usable in AoS anymore, there should be more on the market.

  • Good luck! Keep up the good fight

  • Quote from Folomo: “Terracota Chariots may be the main reason chariots see some nerf, since a high mobility T5 unit with T6 Pharaohs and access to 5+ regen are far harder to deal with than standard chariot units. ” Well hopefully they address this in the terracotta rules rather than letting it go out over the normal list. Well done to all you ETC players

  • Good to hear that investment is paying off, it is a channel 5 phase with soul conduit, sounds pretty amazing. I would probably drop one or more binding scrolls to get more other stuff in the list .

  • Not sure if it was asked but, will the undead cav have options for lances? Pretty sure that would be very useful for gameplay.

  • Quote from IHDarklord: “You guys underestimate catapults :). If they hit 0 times each game, they are worth their points. If they hit 2 times each, each game against the right opponent, they are worth their points ten-fold! ” Not saying they are bad just that how they work mechanically makes for boring games most of the time. Here, let me provide an example: Quote from wombat: “Quote from IHDarklord: “You guys underestimate catapults :). If they hit 0 times each game, they are worth their points.…

  • Quote from Palmu: “True, I just despise Catapults from the bottom of my heart. ” Catapults are the work of the devil and should not exists! I also never field them, mostly because they either make me sad by doing absolutely nothing, or they make my opponent sad by doing way to much. Either way it ends up being a boring game. As for this take on Shabti archers, it's quite interesting, I would consider it if it didn't mean painting 16 of them

  • More warriors of the dark gods sounds awesome :3 Excited to see where this company goes

  • While most of these answers were fairly expected, and I am in general not really dissatisfied with the answers, this one grinds my gears a bit: Quote from Bugman: “What was the reasoning behind only a 5 point drop on the pharoah, when the nomarch (the model that was taken in lists) got a 10 point drop??? The BLT saw that the Pharaoh was taken more often and considered better. In addition, the two models are not price linked. ” So the pharaoh is considered "taken more often" because of the terrac…

  • Thanks pretty easy to pull off tbh, the blightking torsos fit quite well on goregruntalegs. @Kathal It's just blightking torsos on goregruntas some greenstuff work here and there

  • These are great, love it. The champion kind of dwarfs the others but in a good way

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Got two games in with my new dragolist yesterday. List as follows Characters – 1645 Exalted herald – 840 Sorceror (General), Adept, Alchemy, Dragon, Paired Weapons, Heroes Heart, Binding Scroll, Lucky Charm – 805pts Core – 900pts 20 Warriors, Std, Mus, Chosen Champ, Mark Pride, Halberds – 740pts 5 Fallen – 160pts Legendary Beasts – 555pts Feldrak Elder, halberd – 555pts Special – 1391pts 4 Chosen Knights, Musician, Halberds, Favour of Pride – 580pts 3 Feldraks, Halb…

  • TMS - Releases

    Echunia - - Company Showcase


    I dont mean to be rude here, but this does look like a sinking ship. Are you sure you want to ruin yourself to try to keep it afloat? It seems like an exit strategy would be more prudent in this situation. Like send out what you got, poorer quality or no bases and whatever, try to fulfill what you can and declare the rest as a failure. (I dont know the proper conduct in these situations)

  • Our proud artisans would never stoop to using the inferior constructions of the lesser races

  • Quote from wombat: “Last Tuesday I had 2 games and on both occasions ( against good players ) I used 2 x 18 Fig Skeleton Cav units. At 404 Pts each ( with FCG ) they performed far better than many people would expect. Over the 2 games they more than got there points back and both units survived both games. I admit that I have always used Skeleton Cav and have therefore more practice with them than most but I sometimes think that most of the negative posts are from people who do not use them. The…

  • UD 6 questions for BLT

    Echunia - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Quote from Nicreap: “sorry chaps, you are too late it's already submitted. ” So what questions did you submit? Seeing as we didn’t really come up with any

  • He runs them as a wizrad bunker guys xD

  • UD 6 questions for BLT

    Echunia - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Why did steeds of Nephet-ra get a price increase? To my knowledge it didn't seem to appear in many or very successful lists, and the only "buff" it got was to additionally affect an almost useless unit. Seems a bit strange.

  • I think mongols is the wrong place to look for inspiration for these guys. Numidian auxilliary cavalry of the classical/roman period is probably a better fit.