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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • but this would make it a core only army basicly, i dont think that shows the diversity of DH enough. i can see what you point out is true, on the other hand the normal image people have in mind about dwarves is a rock solid one. Thus the DH special unit beeing hard as a rock would fit pretty nice i think! You have normal dwarves with GW for a decent punsh and ur elite is just a rock solid unit, hard to kill and mid tier at killing. Maybe a little extra is needed, not sure what thou. Naturally, m…

  • DH rely pretty heavy on special rules in combinaiton with points. Sure the regular statline is above avg. so are their points cause of the special rules. to make Deepwatch good at what they should do, just give them a aegis of 5++ for the QS, no need for bodyguard then. It sure is strong but jut shows what the unit should do. If you add GW warriors for a core unit, i think this is a nice fit.

  • while beeing stilish i think loosing both rules they are pretty hard to play, sure unbreakable is nice but maybe not enough alas i agree they are the most iconic, maybe give them sth else in trade for their lost rules. i wouldnt mind adding HG thou, i think they can be our new iconic unit.

  • he went 4-1 He lost his first game close, then went on 4 big wins. Very nice list i think, but i agree on RoL is to strong, limiting it would do the trick. Maximum 3 per army seems kinda okay.

  • can you link us his list? Would be great to see! i dont think all spells are dangerous, i even feel a lot of spells are circumstencial. You still can block 1-2 spells very reliable with ur dice and even eat one spell up at the start. So when your opponent bring 5 spells, you eat one and always dispel another, leaving him mit 3 spells left. Thats not bad but not to much to choose from either, as his top2 are normaly blocked...

  • there is basicly 4 phases in the game Move Magic shoot fight if you dont bring any magic at all, you waste a phase basicly... its a fantasy setting with magic, of course people bring magic... i dont get the compaint either. tbh i dont see magic as to strong in general, certain combos or spells are really good but dh has good anti magic capabilities... thats what i feel at least after couple of games and one big tournament played

  • make it skmirish and its a diffrent game... its rank and file for a reason and thats because its called a rank and file game... i agree on the rules, they could be easier, even if just written more easy to read, thats a challenge thats taken up and will hopefully be resolved soon. i expect big improvements there.

  • I beg to differ, dwarves have the most potent anti Magic i feel, devouring, Bann scroll, hewn and especially revocation! I aleardy saw a lot of Magic shut down by a combination of the above.

  • I agree, cleansing is great and works very well for me too! And if i see my opponents list and he has no real magic threats, i still can pick sth diffrerent. But i feel a lot of armys rely on their magic and cleansing forces them to dispell safely, cause else they payed a lot of points for stuff not working. In addition i feel cleansing is a great combo with devouring. It helps a lot to prevent the worst.

  • i beg to differ from ur opinions, just the tourney in Luembourg showed very agressiv and fun DH lists with lots of diffrent units! alas, for changes the may update will be an update for the existing book, not to many big changes will be made there. For the coming of the Full army book there will be a great deal of changes possible, its impossible to say what will change, but i am sure we will have even more flavour and fun stuff to play with

  • hey, enjoyed the tourney! Im really happy with my list i got 62 points overall, thats great for my role in the team. 17-3 vs UD 9-11 vs DE 15-5 vs VC 17-3 vs EOS 4-16 vs KoW i will write a little about all the games when i have more time this week! Thanks to all my opponents, really cool matches and good conversations!

  • Is it possible to transfer the Data from ur sheet into tourneykeeper? Then we have the results to look at, id love to see who fared how and how lists performed. Its bad luck when TK was down, not ur fault, matchups where there quick, so it was good!

  • Hey I enjoyed it greatly too! Orga was a little confusing in the Middle, but all in all okay. It would be nice If U can add all results to tourneykeeper, will be interested to See ans compare. Final results would be great in General Best regards!

  • Whatsup? @kiri is it planned to upload all Data in to tourneykeeper? Would be cool

  • Most likely we will have a little dwarv meetup at LBM to get to know each other, i started a conversation for this. i will report after the event how it went and maybe provide some coverage If you play or like dwarves, feel free to msg me if you wanna meet up at LBM

  • Very nice, i really hope a good wording can be found for the BRB, much appreaciatet all the work everybody put in! This shows a good way for improving the book and it will help the project imensly i belive! Keep the good work coming!

  • 9th Fun Challenge!

    Beardling - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    54 ageis saves? Seems a little ridicoules Would be interested thou in real averages for diffrent enemys, i think DS ist pretty decent there in numbers

  • Awesome lists! Really like those lists! Will be many good games and a lot of DH is always a good thing! Maybe we can manage a DH community meetup? Would be GREAT!

  • XD Would Love to See some too! Maybe Just a small summary for Starters?

  • im still undecided yet, in my local meta they dont seem to make much sense, few elves and stuff, lots of high armour and hard hitting units, thus rending FW a little useless... i will try some rune of lightning and dragons breath the next couple days to see if they are worth the investment. how do you guys feel about the wyrm slayer? I mean 35 points u get a ballista on 24" range, thats not to bad in combination with +1 aim and hard cover for ur favourite warmachine, if you bring an engi anyway,…