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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Ninth Scroll issue 11

    Henrypmiller - - General Discussion


    Quote from Ghiznuk: “Quote from Blonde Beer: “There is something extra special coming really soon to showcase the new DL and AuX book. Unfortunatly it was to late to get in te scroll. But that should be coming out this week. ” Quote from Henrypmiller: “Quote from Ghiznuk: “By the way, any news about the Makhar Riders ? ^x^ ” Not something I am working on, sorry. However if I were to GUESS (complete inference) I would say it might come just after the DLbook drops. As the Åsklanders came just afte…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “By the way, any news about the Makhar Riders ? ^x^ ” Not something I am working on, sorry. However if I were to GUESS (complete inference) I would say it might come just after the DL book drops. As the Åsklanders came just after the warriors. This I would guess is down to the resources of the project, and I know the DL book and Gold ediiton is taking up most of the resources right now.

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “let's really follow up on the worries expressed in this thread. A fair part of the players want more immersive, story-sparking, cool options. Let's ask the ADT / RT if / how/ how slowly this is being implemented, maybe for the scroll @Henrypmiller? That would really adress current issues / questions people have - and make excellent news imo. Is that something that might work? ” I have something brewing in the scroll....

  • Ninth Scroll issue 11

    Henrypmiller - - General Discussion


    Great job!

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Minty and refreshing, sorry I could not resist. The tight color scheme works very well and gives the army the well trained and maintained look it needs. Excellent painting and execution, great work! ” minty fresh!

  • Quote from Giladis: “That weapon would sort of match the spear with output. Interesting. HWotF with would rather good. RH against right targets right down murderous. ” Its not divine attacks or flaming so has its counters. Is quite "vanilla" so relies on the elf's skill rather than some trickery. One might say it is a noble weapon...

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “That rule should be attached to the weapon to be fair, not the model. At the moment its a special rule which cancels out an interaction between an army wide rule and a weapon rule, which is just a big mess. Elven GreatSword (or something more creative) should be an option different to GW, that gives +2 str and +2ap. Then LR can take care of the +1 to hit. And then make it available appropriately (to the unit and whichever characters). ” I could go for something like this. The…

  • Quote from cptcosmic: “regarding MoCT again, if you want to make a "warrior mage" then the model needs a purpose to be at the front and have a ready to use package with low amount of customization. having defense is not a purpose, it is a necessity. e.g. after casting a spell the model is charged until the players next magic phase. this charge allows him to perform short range medium shooting attacks and extra hits in CC. the model can have a built in protection (like a ward) but as compensation…

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “Lol, do people actually want vanilla characters to be viable? I asked a question a while back about why HBE have the honor system in the first place, why not just have separate entries for the various customization's like in EoS, SE, DE? People replied that they want their fluffy honors upgrade system. When we have tons of options it is impossible to make them all viable. Having 4 honors that are viable and are being mixed and matched to create different lists is good. IT…

  • Quote from SmithF: “@Henrypmiller I think that this might be Scroll material. Dan, thank you very much for this! The end result is definitely a lot better than just base colours + army painter shader! I bet you could even cheat your way out of some best painted nominations as long as the bases look good/great. ” @Dan How about it? I will have a collection of articles from "Dan's" next month.

  • Quote from tulmir: “Please do Beastmen as well Firegorge. I am sure they would look amazing! ” Yes please! Its hard to find nice BH infantry outside of GW.

  • Maybe we just start an "offical 9th age" closed group?

  • The Von Karlsteins

    Henrypmiller - - User Blogs


    So I made myself a deal. If I clear my painting table before christmas, I am allowed to start a new army (BH). I have been smashing out hobby this last month like there is no tomorrow. Apart from the VC stuff I have completed a unit filler for HE (generic so can be used in any unit) 12 queens guard, almost finished a cav prince AND sprayed everything I have left on my table. The only problem is that not everything that is on my table can physically fit "on my table." I have 40 ghouls in a drawer…

  • Quote from deadbuc: “Quote from Ironclad: “It is a catch 22 situation, If we close the group we get more people posting but if we do it’s harder to reach new people. ” Not really, closed is not the same as private/hidden ” I run the “9th age in Denmark” Facebook group and was petitioned by people to make it closed . Since then attendance and engagement has been very high.

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “The reason that he is so popular is, IMO, twofold. The first is that there is NO competition besides Queen's Companion in the BSB slot for honors. Our Commanders are a JOKE on the field of battle as fighters, even with 100% kit. So when looking to Honor up our BSB's, we have to look for utility OUTSIDE of combat because their fighting prowess is very bad. MoCT (and Queen's Companion) gives us a way to make our commanders useful without even having to consider risking them…

  • Quote from jirga: “It needs to be closed group before I post there though. I don't want random people from my 'friend' list follow my activities too closeley. ” Same for me.

  • Will these be characters or units?

  • Ninth Scroll issue 11

    Henrypmiller - - General Discussion


    The window has disappeared for the scroll. However I would suggest on either your specific army subforum or the homebrew section

  • Quote from Masamune88: “Quote from Fnarrr: “Quote from Henrypmiller: “Could make the MOCT 10-20 points more and include a great wepon in the honour. ” Dislike ” welcome to the choices that will probably be forced on it. Tall poppy syndrome all over again ” Well... we can expect a price increase anyway. At least in this way you are gaining something for a certain build. It’s also a fluff rule assuming cranreig continues to be linked with swordmasters and keeps the “swordsworn” rule. What you are …

  • Quote from jirga: “Just wanted to say that the FB group is showing sings of activity that other hobby groups has. People sharing pictures of their armies and chatting about rules and such. Which is perfect! FB presence is guaranteed to gather momentum and spread the word of this game. ” Link?