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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Love it! Last bat rep was really great!

  • The Masters GTs and rankings

    Vespacian - - US Masters


    Thanks man, no need to apologize, just wanted to make sure!

  • The Masters GTs and rankings

    Vespacian - - US Masters


    How often do the rankings get updated? Just noticed a GTs results got published over the weekend with no change to the rankings.

  • I’m actually taking a vanilla mage on Dragon with essence of a free mind: Div/Pyro. Maybe I’m crazy, but the model feels like a real Swiss Army knife for a tourney at 890. Already entered a 36 man GT with it, no turning back now!

  • Those with experience using pyro, what’s the typical spell selection for you? I’m taking a master on a dragon, with a MoCT BSB as secondary mage. I’m typically planning to put the hereditary on the dragon mage, leaving me 3 pyro spells. These are my thoughts: Enveloping Embers fits if there are multiple 20+ units of t3 with low armor Scorching Salvo is better than pyrochastic flow as long as you can get 3 targets in range (which should be easy) and can be cast from combat Flaming Swords is almos…

  • @Fnarrr you usually avoid sweeping generalizations and punish HBE forum members for making them without back up data. This comment on cannons/ cannon equivalents fading from the meta is at best anecdotal and at worst inaccurate. Here’s another data point, 36 player GT in california: 14/16 armies that could take a cannon or cannon equivalent did Total of 22 cannons/cannon equivalents That’s an average of slightly more than 1.5 cannon/cannon equivalents per army that could take them. Now I’m the d…

  • @Giladis Aegon has pointed out the key flaw with the frosty, it does nothing against the majority of combat threats in the game (os/ds 4 & 5). If you have to stack it with divination/Cosmology for it to create a -1 to hit then you are categorically better off just casting scrying as it requires one less event to coordinate successfully. It just doesn’t synergize well with HBE unfortunately, it’s not a bad effect it just targets an area of stats where the payoff is lowest for elves. If it did -3 …

  • @ all Let’s not over read into this discussion, mis-interpreting Giladis’ post as a guaranteed nerf/price hike is just worrying for worrying’s sake. I understand, based on how previous updates have gone, that everyone is nervous. But there is nothing started yet, even behind the scenes, for 2.05. Let’s start to understand the scope/approach before everyone gets too nervous. However, I would challenge all of you, we cannot only want to talk about buffs and bombard anyone talking about redesigns/l…

  • @DanT @Ipower @Raffazza @Fnarrr Thanks for taking the time to provide some really useful insights into your experience. Especially given the breadth of list types having 4 experienced players simultaneously assess the book in the context of a singles tourney you all attended is a rare/interesting data input. At a high level it sounds like steep learning curve with limited margin of error is the agreed upon one liner to describe the HBE book (totally agree). I also appreciate the discourse here, …

  • @LastSword Improvement is always a good trend, sorry it didn’t meet expectations. My one recommendation is to target models that are less prevalent. Almost every high elf player already has elite infantry models. A good indication is to not make any models that were available in the island of blood starter set as those have been readily available on the secondary market for years.

  • Congrats on surpassing the total intake from the last KS! I really wish that Prime Draco had been unlocked tho!

  • Here are the lists: Hristo; (Hidden Content) Colin; (Hidden Content) Dan: (Hidden Content) Raffazza: (Hidden Content)

  • Admirals of the White Fleet, We have a rare opportunity to review the thoughts and findings of some great admirals newly joining the highborn ranks for a great confrontation in the UK. By now the engagement has drawn to a close and we hope to get the insights from these prolific leaders. @Raffazza @Ipower @DanT @Fnarrr when you have time, we would greatly appreciate your thoughts on the weekend with your HBE armies. -Vesp

  • Thanks @Glonojad When I hold down on the link/pic I dropped in it does open for me. -Vesp


  • @matrim I like the out of the box thinking. However, having played an army heavily dependent on the attribute of a particular lore (either guiding light as a BSB replacement or flaming/flammable combo) I can say that would be a crippling item. I could see it being priced reasonably high as a one turn effect only item. That would be a more reasonable approach. How much would you pay for this item as a one turn only?

  • Hello Dread Brothers, I know we’ve had our differences over the years, but I thought I would extend an olive branch by letting you know about some excellent elf models currently in a Kickstarter:…ven-lords-ii-dragons-roar Some of you have been on the Elven Lords thread in the other forum, but this most recent Kickstarter is currently active and these models seem like they could be great dread elf elites. Myself and many others have already pledged, and the project …

  • @Herminard good reminder! Apologies @Raffazza I will get a thread going, any contributions (thoughts, bat reps, pics, podcasts, etc) will be greatly appreciated by the community. -Vesp

  • @Ipower @Fnarrr @DanT Thanks for contributing some interesting lists and thoughts here, very cool to see such different lists developed by 3 such seasoned players. I know I speak for everyone here that we would love to hear your thoughts afterwards! Would you like me to create a dedicated thread?

  • I really love the scheme for your army, keep the pics coming!