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  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Quote from matrim: “Also didn't know what phallus meant till now. Bonus now I can use it in a sentence. ” Top tip. You can use a phallus for other things as well.

  • Quote from Krokz: “Well, they are not a game company. So ... ” That one takes me back...

  • Quote from There Is No Spoon: “According to the Pharmacists I spoke to, some of the best, most authentically-spiced, Indian food is to be found in newly taken-over pubs in the outer suburbs of London.London is hands down the best Indian in Europe (Dusseldorf for Japanese, Paris a close second) Taipei is the Lyon of Asia (enough said) Vietnam is what Thailand wishes it could be in terms culinary innovation Anyone who doesn't know their sushi from sashimi can ignore all the above and go order some…

  • Quote from There Is No Spoon: “Real estate is obviously still in a bubble, but the food didn't put a dent in my travel allowances at all even eating at decent restaurants. Norway on the other hand... ” I can back this up. Some of the places in Central are divine and won't even come close to breaking the bank. You need to find the right places to spend that kind of money so easily in one night.

  • Joram's blog : Of Rats & Dwarfs

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    Those cards are REALLY clean-looking. And it's great that your photos were so good that you can use them as images for it.

  • Quote from DanT: “Question for you all: I'm using flame daemons etc in my ID instead of having any greenskins. In keeping with the this theme (and because I haven't found a model I liked), I was toying with using the new GW endless spell bull as my infernal engine, and perhaps modifying it to be shooting/throwing/spitting fire. Any thoughts? Would this be too confusing as to what it represents? Does it seem vaguely appropriate? Any idea how the size of the bull compares to a 60x100mm base? ” I c…

  • Quote from piteglio: “@Tyranno : and if i had bad news for you (as in "no ID in the next batch"), would you see the glass half empty, or would you jump on the chance to collect and paint one of the armies in contest? ; ) ” Actually I would be glad. It gives me more time to finish painting. I certainly wouldn't be adding any more armies to my collection though, as it is rather full. As I not only have 5 armies, but have units representing nearly every option from all of them (bar my newest one, K…

  • Already voted; but I have to say great work by all! Love the distinctive colour schemes running through each photo :). The creative use of backgrounds is a very nice touch as well. Quote from piteglio: “thanks guys, this is useful. seems like "a month or two" is the preferred solution. we'll try and time everything nicely with respect to the widespread winter holidays. alright, less than a day to go ” Seeing armies up and painted has got me really excited to finish painting my own force that wou…

  • Just going to drop this here, for anyone looking for some different inspiration for their army: 0a52fff0ae0a785f33e646f0fa7a714c193182ec_vampire_coast_keyart_final_1538497333.png New-Total-War-Warhammer-2-DLC-Curse-of-the-Vampire-Coast.jpg Total-War-Warhammer-2-Vampire-Coast-DLC-Luthor-Harkon--750x422.jpg

  • A thing of note with this army, is that it comprises many different species/races. And each of these are quite separate from each other in weaknesses and strengths. Offense: Short ranged firepower, backed up with shock cavalry and monsters. Defense: High resilience is commonplace (outside of the Hobgoblins), and good armour is fairly common (with some notable exceptions). Mobility: Flexible. The slower infantry can be complimented by shock cavalry units, light cavalry, monsters and various flyin…

  • Quote from Kathal: “DH most toxic? Oh boy, you have no idea. Either way, I enjoy a ton of success with ID. Sure, there are several choices which are quite "bad" compared to others (*looking at you Anointed, Backstabbers and Disciples*) but besides those few units I quite like the overall powerlevel of the book. That the book has one really broken set-up helps Greetings, Kathal ” It helps nothing in the long run. Having one over-powered thing shows just how weak this army really is; it's a crutch…

  • Ok so this is a little unusual (apart from me posting in the unholy hours...nothing unusual there). But to add some flavor to our army-books, small 1-3 sentence blurbs are going to be added to each unit entry (not sure about mounts; but if, by the end of this post, anyone is curious I can ask). Now, why am I saying competition? Because we are allowing the playerbase to come up with sentences to be added! They do have to comply with what the background team have been aiming for though, so if your…

  • I own plentiful war machines, none of which are cannons. And no matter how many I used, this was never a massive issue. I just kept the sightlines clear of my intended targets.

  • Just place the machines far enough apart that people can't do that.

  • Quote from Calisson: “But when you say T9A Vermins do not follow WH fluff for Skaven, what remains? ” The original inspiration for Skaven; The Secret of Nimh?

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Tyranno - - WWW Topics


    Quote from Grouchy Badger: “slot bases are garbage. Fight me ” My SA army will. Allllllllllll the infantry is Slotta base.

  • Quote from N3okorrales: “Now you are suffering what we suffered in the hbe subforum for months.Enjoy. ” You mean; suffering reading the insult-filled posts that you and a few other users kept on writing? I am all for arguing for something you belive in, very strongly in fact. But when you reduce yourself to nothing but insulting, instead of actually arguing for your point, it becomes very clear to outsiders that you have no actual point. You lose any and all sympathy from everyone, and all suppo…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Tyranno - - WWW Topics


    Quote from Gomio: “ohvgo9.jpg ” Right in the feels. For both the reasons. Ouch...

  • I still submit the point that things like a single goblin should not be able to auto-kill a war-machine that is capable in combat.