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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • just read this in another thread and it had me thinking about your range and the 'multipose' system you have for mixing and matching models. Do you guys have any plans to adapt the core bodies into Dread elves? Ie. Crossbows?

  • hey @Blonde Beer Check out my recent update to Soo in the Loo in the tournament section. I received gift cards from sponsors, these will go to 1st,2nd,3rd overall and 1st,2nd,3rd battle points. Then Best Sportsmen, Best Painted, and last all get a price (New dice for last in battlepoints - if i have the funds, a paint kit for the least lowest scored painted army ) EVERYTHING ELSE - Raffle off. All players get a bunch of tickets, they put tickets into the bags for the appropriate prize, random ti…

  • Halloween sale at privateer press Some cool models hidden in there!

  • FIRST POST UPDATED! ------------- Hey everyone a few notes: Lists are due *SUNDAY* I will penalize anyone who submits after that deadline. email lists to: switzhobbies[at]gmail[dot]com Please remember registration is 30$ CAD payable via: I am capping the event at 18 spots - first paid, first served. So please pay to guarantee your spot! Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place overall will get sponsor gift cards 1st, 2nd, 3rd place for battle points will get sponsor gift cards Best Pai…

  • Models for the Dwarven Holds

    kisanis - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Quote from Little Joe: “I think it depends on how good you are at pinning, conversions seem to be the easiest way for sure. I would look at miniatures from Oathmark to avoid the shield arm problem: Dwarf-Plastic-Frame.jpg The bow arms look easy enough to convert and you should be able to use bits from other ranges if you like those more. ” I'm told they match the frostgrave plastics well as well. Don't hold me to it, but I've read that in a review somewhere.

  • Lost Kingdom Miniatures

    kisanis - - Company Showcase


    Quote from Nordheim: “I'm having problems with ordering your infernal dwarves from your website, an error message appear instead: "There is 1 error 1. You do not have access to this category." I hope I havn't missed my chance, that would be a bad blow for my IF army, your scultps are amazing... ” Their site is currently down to be used as a pledge manager for their KS. It should be back up again before year end.

  • Quote from LastSword: “I am sorry because I was so off last weeks. Next week I will go to doctors to check my eyes and I hope be able to spend much time in front of the pc. ” Hope you get better! We need you making cool minis, so take care of yourselves!

  • Quote from joel127: “Looking good (but needs some review from the lectoring team hehe). I see there is only one attack profile for each model (eg. Barbarian Horsemen). In that case, shouldn't you drop the whole "model part" concept ? For example reading the Primal Instinct rule I think it is not very friendly for new players. Primal Instinct "At the start of each Round of Combat, each unit with one or more model parts must take a Discipline Test. If the test is passed, all model parts with Prima…

  • gorgeous minis! Not my thing personally - but could be a great start for people that want to get into T9A! I'll follow this closely! Great work!

  • Terrain - Amera i think is in the queue to be a 'supporting company' of T9A. Also great if you play frostgrave or other skirmish games (Lion Rampant, etc...)

  • Quote from Todesbrot: “I'm a little helpless right now - I'm looking for Paired Weapons Clan Warriors. The only dwarves I seem to find that use paired weapons are Seekers and those have no Armour at all. Does anybody have a good idea for me? I'm mostly using Games Workshop and Mom/Norba miniatures, so they should be the "large kind" of dwarves. I'm also okish at conversions, so I would be thankful for such ideas as well. Thanks in Advance fellow Dwarves! ”…192_74_1…

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “Guys, what do you think about future giant from Mantic games? Do you think it is suitable candidate for Wizard Giant? OeU6xBxd-Po.jpg ” Also works well if you go for a fallen themed list!

  • Quote from DanT: “I have made a couple of orders for my infernal dwarfs, and I just wanted to review my experiences. One of my orders took about 5 weeks, and the other about 2 weeks. I really like the aesthetic of the sculpts, and I don't consider them to be poor quality. However the way the arms &hands meet is a a little crude and misaligned (this is clear if one zooms into the images on their website). I had a small issue with my first order, and it took a while (2 weeks maybe) to get a respon…

  • gorgeous work - I suggest submitting this to @JimMorr for his full rulebook!

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    kisanis - - WWW Topics


    Quote from setrius: “Quote from Kathal: “Yeah, the Bunny always wrecks the opponents. Greetings, Kathal ” Violent Rabbit Illustrations Found in the Margins of Medieval Manuscripts MedievalBunny_11.jpg That is all ” that... that was a thing!…ref=530437&token=42599b6b

  • do a rematch, take some dynamic shots, some staged shots Worst case it goes into the scroll archive for issue 13

  • Quote from Kanadian: “Quote from Jackginger: “In my time and age campaign books with no minis or just a few characters were quite popular. Gw lost fresh blood with young people by making a start into the hobby too expensive. Aos is a Skirmisher. 9th age a rank and File tabletop. I would not mind paying 50 bucks for a starter Set with a softcover rulebook that allowed for a two Player 4500 point game for each side. ” yea fully painted and brought to your door with a beautiful table. ” LOL. Let me…

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from flammy`: “We have a problem at our miniature gaming club in France. We have too many T9A players and not enough tables available. I was new from last summer and now since September we have 2 new players and possibly more who said they might give it a try. It's also difficult for 40k players to find opponents because everyone wants to play T9A. ” A fantastic problem to have!! the only people who play T9A in my area are my close friends that have been corru…

  • and feel that liberation of 'Rule of Cool' for model choice. I just got some minis in from @Dragonclaw for tournament support - They're amazing. Celtic/Gallic Goblins. SO COOL!

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “You totally miss the point. Languages in T9A is something very structured. Ogres talk Tibetans, Elves have variants of Celtic, Hold Dwarves have semi-Nordic names, Infernals have Semitic, Saurians have Aztec, Sonnstahl speaks German. ie. you can't have a Sonnstahl hero called « Sayomoto Motonari », nor an Ogre Khan called « Pedro ». So, in our setting, what should Vermins be called, ie. what is the real-world culture that inspires them or their language ? ” It is *unlikely* …