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  • This is probably not a popular opinion, but! I would make pathfinders 0-5 pr unit and 0-2 units still, while giving them a buff to dmg, survivablity or a point decrease. Then they would be less of and avoidance tool as you cannot hide away 800+ points away in Those units, and maybe that would warrant a buff to make it playable in list that does not go full on avoidance. Id like for at dmg Buff against higher toughness stuff or a straight Up point decrease. For either way they only benefit avoida…

  • Swarm does not inherently mean big units. It could also be a Lot of small units. It just imply an army of many. Id dont think we Play the combatress game bad, but maybe it could be a bit Better. Zombies and men at arms(koe and Eos) Play it Better or used to in some cases. A list like herms TVI list Was great at the Combatres game but had working artillery to back it Up. Would be cool to see something similar being utilized for VS. Maybe i just havent paid attention and they are already being pla…

  • Which is sad.. Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • Great rep! I always look forward to your post etc reports! Btw you forgot VS! Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • Humblr - ETC games

    zqn365 - - Battle Reports


    Great reports Thanks for sharing!

  • Looking forward to this and the 3 fireballs hits me right in the feels as a Fellow Sylvan! (Danish autocorrect Edit) Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • ETC 2018 Coverage

    zqn365 - - General Discussion


    Would be nice to get a Picture of each army(but particular that Sylvan army with dark and dark blue as a theme ! ) Thanks for the coverage Guys!

  • Better That is for sure! Make Hunters honor to spear and Sylvan Lance enchant and throwaway predator banner for something Else. Maybe a ++4-5 against Magic missiles, mistwalker banner or monster hunting banner. Still think BoW is heavily overpriced and this prob wont help. Emphatic roots is just trying to get something back they took away? Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • True. But would be nice with a defensive item for the Bd duelist! Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • But not applicable to Bd duelist lord.. Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • Also these real complex rules with advantages and disadvantages. Where flavor Can be achived with more simple rules but that aint sophisticated enough it seems. Id much rather ditch the marks and have flavorfull units that belonged to a god instead. For character customization keep gifts and marks only usable by Them. Would give space to make chars and units way more flavorfull imo. Not every god need 3 units, we could fx lob fast moving fragile stuff into one god, heavy hitting into another, Ma…

  • +1 to it All! Especially having 2-3 units belonging to a certain god for ze flavor. Before the rework krokz Was spewing a Lot of great ideas along those lines. Like lust chimera, riders and disc riders, Vortex beast for change. I absolutely loved that. Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • Eos have Winter cloak with Aegis save and distracting. A version for thr sylvans could be an artifact with distracting and fortitude +4, Call it seed of everchanging or some bull. Would still suck against pyro though. Honestly that Winters cloak belong in the Sylvan book! (Holy moly autocorrect too stronk!) What would a BoW with always wound on +4 Cost? Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • Would we be able to have Hunters honor om Sylvan Lance? Could be a way to get rid of predator pennant and free Up a slot. And also, why isnt it already? Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • Over at the SA forum they pray for druidism on cuatl to make the templeguards unkillable once Again. Its a lore thats well suited to big expenssive Blocks. So if you run trees and maybe even rangers in Blocks it might be worth it. Havent really run such lists myself yet though. But I do agree that you need an adept to compliment the druidism master especially in the early game casting.

  • Id like to beckon for other armies not to lessened in complexity!!! Although im not an VC player I love the VC book and all the posibilities it brings. Id like the VC book to be the benchmark of fluffy complexity other armies should strive to have!! I hope these damn asaw dont rip that book apart in the name of fairness or the tantrum "if everyone has it we are not differentiated". At first that stuff sounds good, but all it does is blandify armies apparently. And as a VS player i can agree the …

  • More fluffy being a Sylvan Lance and spear enchant. Sylvans use bows, spears, pws and Sylvan lances like the Hunter er are. For me the weapon AB items should be; Hunters honor, This hunting spear/Lance, Pathfinder bow and maybe redesign the ww blades into an Uber version. With the new ap2 for Princes the Titanic might Seem Better. And we do need an Uber wep imo. I would like to combine the silent mist banner with some protection against MM. Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • So Sylvan Lance or spear enchant with +1 S and AP with ability to shoots as bolt thrower with Range 18 S6, AP10, Mw 2, qtf, reload, aim 2-3+. Maybe Magic, flaming or divine in the mix. Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • How much would 5++ against Magic missiles Cost to add banner of the silent mist? Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk

  • How much would +5 aegis vist on FDA? Sendt fra min TA-1021 med Tapatalk