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  • just don't forget to give some love to Koghi and Vanhu as well, hmm ?

  • Recensement des clubs en francophonie

    Ghiznuk - - France


    Partagez à vos contacts, je ferai une update à la fin de la semaine avec un Excel et peut-être même une carte lol

  • Recensement des clubs en francophonie

    Ghiznuk - - France


    @Fenrie tu t'occupes de faire la pub sur les réseaux ?

  • Recensement des clubs en francophonie

    Ghiznuk - - France


    Coucou à tous, J'ouvre ce thread pour donner à tous ceux qui le souhaitent la possibilité de faire connaitre leur club. Cela devrait permettre de recenser à terme l'ensemble des clubs du 9e Âge en France, en Belgique, en Suisse, au Québec et… en Afrique francophone Postez ci-dessous avec : - le nom de votre club, - son adresse (localisation de la salle de jeu), - son site web/forum/groupe FB, - le contact 9e Âge (avatar) de son admin ou tout autre personne de contact responsable, - la fréquence …

  • The problem is that in my experience, statistically, there is really a, say, 40 % of a given character to die every battle. So you can't really recreate a new character every time. Personally, I always take the table from Mighty Empires. Roll a die and : 1 : Dead 2-3 Wounded 4-5 : Stunned –> if his side won the battle, he is unscathed ; if his side lost the battle, then he is captured by the enemy ! 6 : It's just a flesh wound ! Wound : * 2D * Wound type * Recovery time * Penalty while recoverin…

  • J'avoue que si c'est pour 1t F1, ça peut aller quoi. Le truc marrant, c'est que quand tu le laisses passer et que ça fait boum, tu te dis « Woah j'ai fait le mauvais choix ». Mais quand tu le dissipes, tu ne sais jamais l'effet que ça aurait pu faire ou ne pas faire, du coup tu n'a jamais confirmation de si tu as bien fait de dissiper ou pas

  • Oh, yes, that's true ! But as I remember it was a bit difficult to make out the messenger's words.

  • Oui parce que pour cibler un personnage dans une unité, il faut que le sort ait l'Attribut « Focalisé »

  • I'd say everyone hates the Vermin by default. Most Sonnstahlers believe them to be demons. Sunna sacrificed herself for destroying the Swarm. So they should never never never be counted as allies, they should be slaughtered on sight. This being said, some alliances are much less likely to take into account the hatred towards Vermin. – For example, Orcs are always happy to find a good fight – allying with Vermin could be good. – I also think Infernal Dwarves as having much less qualms allying wit…

  • À corriger en VF donc ??

  • More seriously, a good, complex, all-inclusive board game such as Forbidden Stars, with detailed rules, coloured cards and minis, costs at least 100 $. But minis aren't painted.

  • Quote from Jackginger: “In my time and age campaign books with no minis or just a few characters were quite popular. Gw lost fresh blood with young people by making a start into the hobby too expensive. Aos is a Skirmisher. 9th age a rank and File tabletop. I would not mind paying 50 bucks for a starter Set with a softcover rulebook that allowed for a two Player 4500 point game for each side. ” maybe 50 dollars in 1970 could have done the trick

  • Excellent stuff here

  • Great insights from you all, guys ! Especially @Skarloc, thanks for sharing how the page grew up, and the fact that French translations are not used in events in Belgium. I did notice that most people on the page are from or around Brussels. I super appreciate the effort of you guys to do everything in English so as to make it more welcoming to Northerners. Yes, English has sadly become the « default » unity language in Belgium. Before I started publishing the fluff in French, I also checked wit…

  • Of course, others attempt to get immortality by following the Dark Gods, cast away everything they always loved, get super powers for that, and then fail… and have a last glimpse of humanity at the realization that all that was for nothing, and now Nothing is what awaits them. (Shiva)

  • Hey guys, For six months now I've been publishing one T9A article per day on the Belgian Facebook page, including fluff but also official announcements, such as 3rd aniversary, etc. I realise now that all official announcements made on that page are actually in French, since the page's admins are more concerned about advertising local tournaments and posting pictures of models –– which is good, it just seems that they are not connected to the project's structures. I suddenly had the feeling that…

  • Ooooooooh Giladis !!!

  • Quote from Jackginger: “You start with no miniatures but with unit cards the size of the footprints of units. ” Sounds like my game

  • Quote from kisanis: “It is *unlikely* that you will have a Sonnstahl hero with a Japanese-esque nameIt is *unlikely* that you will have an Ogre Khan named Pedro. But unlikely heroes make the best stories. ” @kisanis, this is you completely missing the point again !! In the case of Vermin, we don't even know what is LIKELY !!! Quote from WhammeWhamme: “Primary inspiration would be the Byzantine Empire (Vermin once were Rome). So Latin or Greek. ” So, is it Latin, or is it Greek ?? Should they be …

  • Sauf que les échecs pour le coup, c'est un jeu bien plus abstrait où les règles sont beaucoup moins « naturelles » à jouer. Je peux facilement prendre deux enfants et leur mettre deux armées, et d'instinct ils comprendront que ça bouge, que ça charge, que les archers tirent, que les mages lancent des sorts et que les guerriers guerroient. En plus, il est généralement assez clair à tout le monde que les chevaliers sont plus puissants que les gobelins, que les monstres sont gros et méchants, et qu…