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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Well, he won't have a chance anyway since noone is sharing.

  • Can someone pls. pm me what everyone is talking about. Starting to feel really excluded from the VIP club here.

  • Quote from squalie_SK: “I'm officially requesting someone send me the leaked DL book (super pretty please). You will remain anonymous and I use this for information purposes only. Thanks in advance. ” +1 Very curious. Sadly I don't have facebook. Don't mind the alumni tag, I'm just a drop-out translator.

  • Germany's banking was pretty advanced early on. Everything connected electronically. No matter which banks are involved, transfers take 1 day. Never seen a cheque. A banking card card that you can pay everywhere with (even outside the country depending on where you go). There is no reason to have a credit card. I have one but only because I used to import tons of movies. A friend of mine has one because she went to the US. I know of noone else having one.

  • To be honest. Something simple. Elegant. Writing and symbols alone would suffice for me. If it is a weapon/person/battlescene I'd try do make it more subdued, non-comicy, maybe b&w or sepia as a background to the more in-focus writing? But that is just me.

  • So...squares: - everyone has to rebase - large warmachines easier to protect against melee by game-y deployement behind other units (max immersion) - instead of wierd overuns decided by attacker, now the defender gets to decide all the wierd angles with his war machine's facing - 360°sight for squares would require an exception from the normal LoS rules (ignoring facing = unimmersive ?) - free pivot as an alternative to 360° allows new abuses (free movement/redirects) - if you curb that by unwie…

  • Thats why I'm proposing an easy-to-find separate document or scroll article for the old bases. Nothing a new player would have to concern himself with.

  • If squares get chosen, can we get round rules in a separate document maybe? I'll be honest, I won't rebase no matter the outcome of this poll.

  • Nice footknights. I'd actually be tempted to get them as my forlorn as I don't have any atm... But 300.000 EUR? I want you guys to succeed but really hope you didn't set the goals too high at 150.000/300.000. Most sucessfull kickstarters around here have a really low *funded* point and sucker in people with clever stretch goals. I realize you need way more money for the complex GW-style sets (and rules!) you are making, just hoping you didn't misjudge interest.

  • Warmachines: Round or not ?

    Diablo_DF - - General Discussion


    Quote from Ludaman: “I really don’t think it is too late, and it’ll help In the long run to have a coherent set of bases and rules, especially when bringing in new players, because at the end of the day that has to be a large part of the goal of this project, no new players = a slow death. ” To be honest, I don't think new players care very much either way. Not that this game was for them anyway. It has also been expressed in this thread that the gameplay benefits of squares would be doubtfull. …

  • Ah, for some reason I hoped it might be an official 9th age project.

  • Quote from Ludaman: “It is interesting how heated people get online over what amounts to a small amount of time, money, and effort one way or the other. ” I don't really understand it either but the project should still respect peoples wishes for stable base sizes. I know that in my group I had a player that complained endlessly about 9th age changes to base sizes and refused to redo his dragons/giants/war machines/greater daemons. After like 6 months of bickering from the rest of us he one day …

  • Quote from Calisson: “Is there some interest here? The Auxiliary Book is already written, I need only some advice for tuning it up. ” I think many here would be interested. But how would contributing work? Also how come the book is already written and we only heard of it now?

  • Base size

    Diablo_DF - - General Discussion

    Post is listed in the miniature library. Never tried them but they do say they make customs on their site..

  • Base size

    Diablo_DF - - General Discussion


    I saw multibases once that let you use 20mm models as 25mm (they had appropriate spacing so the unit has the right width). If you found something like that + a handfull of loose 25mm bases you should be fine.

  • Aw, the voucher made me all excited. I have a bunch of minis I'd like to get off you but only one qualifies as Banelords. And if I got just that one mini postage will eat up all the voucher savings. Any chance of a more "general" voucher coming up this year?

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Quote from Diablo_DF: “Quote from Marcos24: “If they have proof they sent it then you’re screwed ” Doesn't work like that in EU (consumer directive). ” That’s good to know, maybe i’ll open up my own private mail delivery company and just keep everything valuable since I can’t be held accountable for it not getting delivered ” Customer holds seller accountable, seller holds mail delivery accountable. Not that hard.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “If they have proof they sent it then you’re screwed ” Doesn't work like that in EU (consumer directive).

  • I'll try to built two armies, one with two grails, one with one grail + warmachines. Thanks already.

  • Quote from Klexe: “Peasant Bowmen [225pts]: Crossbow (4+), 15x Peasant Bowman Knights of the Grail [779pts]: 9x Knight of the Grail, Standard Bearer . Banner Enchantment: Flaming Standard Knights of the Quest [290pts]: 6x Knight of the Quest, Standard Bearer ++ Total: [4498pts] ++ ” How do you deploy/play the crossbows? Kill chaff/plink away at elites, then sacrifice as needed? Deployed 8+7? The double grails I'll try although I'm thinking movement banner as I really have problems making my char…