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  • Saying points changes won't affect anything is simply a logical fallacy. The difference of 50+ points or similar on a list is huge. It's either forcing you to drop a significant item, or chaff unit. Or for example, switch out several units for cheaper alternatives, performing similar roles.

  • Quote from IHDarklord: “Price nerfs are 'useless' usually. (unless in very specific situation where something is CLEARLY undercosted, then it's fine to up the price by like 70-80 points for a monster) What would be useful is combine the Mason's Menagerie with whatever category sphinxes are taken in conjunction with for example. Every update again, every unit is looked at seperately and nerfed without checking all the additional factors. Shabti archers are point for point bad. Access to a magic b…

  • Quote from Herminard: “And you feel the _only_ way of making good/best builds shift around is by nerfing them? Edit: If you previously had a legal 4500 point build with 3 Sphinxes and post update it costs 4545, we agree it is not legal for normal tournament play right? ” I'm not saying only at all. But it is certainly one way. This I would agree with, and if you don't have a scorpion to drop then the build would not be playable. But I would argue if that 4500 list had 2 scorpions or something an…

  • Quote from Herminard: “Mhm. Builds&meta should be challenged bottom up rather than top down. The continued destruction of excisting builds is no small colatteral damage. How many UD builds from this springs WTC are still legal now, and how many of this years ETC builds will be after 205 lands? And how many of the 2017 builds? .. Do we agree that with a power level that is continously reduced - the design space is also reduced? @Palmu? ” Okay I see what you mean. I think I was simply assuming tha…

  • Quote from Herminard: “Quote from Echunia: “That means dropping a unit of chaff or a magic item, or completely redesigning your list! ” Indeed. And that is a very poor approach if you want this game to stay vigorous and vibrant. ” I'm not sure I follow. Making new lists is bad for the game? To me that's what keeps it interesting

  • UD 2.0 Discussion Thread

    Echunia - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    I dont get the huge outcry here. We can argue about whether the price hike was deserved or not, but 15 pts is definitely enough to make a big impact in lists. Sure, the main reason Sphinxes are good, Resilience 8, doesnt change, but if you take 3 sphinxes you have to pay 45 pts more. That means dropping a unit of chaff or a magic item, or completely redesigning your list! Arguing that points change "dont work" is absurd. Look at other units in our book like Cataphracts, are they optimal? No. But…

  • Funerary kings? Does this mean UD style undead or VC style undead? (we need more mummies, just saying)

  • How do the skeleton cav perform really? Seems to me you could basically just straight swap them out for units of 4 Cataphracts 4 Cataphracts Banner, musician, rending banner - 475 pts Isn't that just plain better? Slightly slower it must be said and no vanguard. With that said I absolutely love the fact that someone pushed against the max number of units of skeleton cav! I hope it does amazing, such a cool unit. Have you considered beefing up the nomarch to a pharaoh? For coolness and survivabil…

  • Quote from LegionChaeron: “.... - removing book of the dead - create a new banner, core infantry only 0-X per army: At the start of your magic phase you may remove X veil tokens to cast Death is Only the Beginning on the standard's unit. ... As for the price, I personnaly do not find them expensive: 150 for 20 initial is cheap. 10 for additionnal is more expensive than a gobelin with similar stats? The goblin isn't ItP and cannot come back to life. ” Thats a really cool concept tbh, would really…

  • I would probably have shields on the basic dudes for free and then an option to replace them with paired or halberds for the current price. Rsr 4 and youre done. I dont think the MSU necroguards were ever OP as such, they just worked, which is not a bad thing.

  • Galharen's High Elf army blog

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    yeeeeees! Im so looking forward to seing your UD painted. Conversion looks good. How will you ever rank him up with those scythes though?

  • Quote from IHDarklord: “ Legion chariots should plainly lose the +1S on impacts. Easy. (and be a free upgrade) ” Ehm, they dont have +1S on impacts? They have +1 s on crew member attacks on the charge. If they had +1s on impacts that would be absolutely crazy.

  • I'm with @Palmu on this one. I look at the skeleton entry and think: It would be really useful to have a big unit of this in the list. But when you start adding up points you realize that you sacrifice so much else from the list to fit them in that it isn't worth it. I've played a block of 50 with hw/sh + legion banner before and in all honesty they did really well, even without support. But did they do as well as the equivalent amount of points in other stuff? Probably not. It would be nice for…

  • Personally I think WotDG's problem is that they aren't compensated for their lack of things in the areas where they are supposedly good. Now, making an army just have above average combat power all the time with no buffs won't really work (balance wise). But an area where we are supposedly good is openly available to us: Magic. There are, admittedly, already rules that should increase the effectiveness of our magic, Veil walker and the reckoning. The issue is that we have to pay for them. When I…

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “@Echunia your army looks pimp. Do you have all this stuff painted up? ” Need to repaint the bases on my necropolis guard because those boys arent on chariots, so they dont get used . But should be manageable before 8th of december.

  • Quote from Palmu: “Nah, they're fine with being dead meat. Lower PPM and that'd be about it. If there was something to do about it, I'd consider a banner that makes OTHER friendly units in the same combat as the banner, but not the banner-wielding unit, Stubborn, or the Skeletons suffer more wounds instead or that sort of stuff. Or something in that vein. Skeletons are skeletons - They're nothing fancy by themselves, but they get good synergies from elsewhere. ” That would be fantastic. I guess …

  • They are litteraly 3 dudes running this company with massove amounts of orders coming in. Have some patience. If they did the customer service racket nobody would ever get their miniatures. Is it perfect? No. But if you want the services of a large well oiled fast company, dont order from the 3 dudes doing it for the love.

  • I also think that cost is really the main problem. A brick of 50-60 spear skeletons are not bad, they are just quite expensive. Especially when you can get a big unit of chariots for around the same cost. They would definietly be more appealing at around 80-100 pts cheaper for a big unit.

  • Yeah I would agree with that analysis. Alchemy seems like some kind of middle ground, some combat buffs but still decent offensive output. Evocation is basically pure combat buffing, which is nice I guess but it doesn't really solve the issues the army has inherently. I wish Occultism would work better because it seems very cool and having a master wizard with 3 good magic missiles and veilwalker should be able to shoot off chaff and small units.

  • I'm not claiming it makes sense. But I have a clear memory of this being the specific example in the explanation as to why a lot of armies lost some of their magic missiles or similar.