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  • Quote from Manxol: “Can a model with lance and halberd use the lanc on charge and halberd next turns? ” Only if the model has the weapon master rule.

  • Quote from JackStreicher: “I was also talking about MSU. My issue with MSU is apart from it breaking the immersion that MSU feels like a playstyle for a skirmisher game, though this exists in a game for larger battles, it‘s mixing two game-styles which causes issues. (I also see small units blocking entire hordes as part of the issue). About Death Stars: I despise DS, but there could be a simple solution: limit buffs a unit can receive (from banners, magic, external abilities etc.) to 1. that on…

  • What if the harbinger with banner of the entombed would add 1+ to the ambush roll of the unit he ambushes with?

  • Quote from Todesbrot: “The UD Hereditary, if you cast an Augment Aura, you pick one unit that the aura hit and heal that one? ” Yes.

  • Force type: Undying Dynasties Issue: The hierach cost is displayed as 145 points when its supposed to be 125p. Only a display thing.

  • Are we talking normal gw plastic or finecast/reisin?

  • Quote from Kathal: “Quote from Krokz: “Just take tournament lists and see which units people do not play = price it lower. ” And I absolutely hate that approach since it punishes me for playing what I want and not what is strong. A Chosen Lord on Chimera is dogshit tier, but I still want to play him. If now to many guys are playing this setting he might get no attention at all or in worst case get nerfed, only cause people played it cause they like their models/the idea behind the model... Screw…

  • I just wish some more the crappy entries got price reductions or a buff. Like blessed wrappings, barrow legion and swarms.

  • Quote from jirga: “@Herminard New spiked shield would work with lances too. Sure I'd love to have knights with lances and spiked shields smashing faces. But the potential damage output against puny infantry might be too impactful. About the pricing. RT said we are getting price updates with more frequent pace so hopefully knight pricing sees adjustments in near future. ” Wasn't there talk about no changes for 6 months to 1 year?

  • 4500 Points in Core

    yrtomin - - General Discussion


    ++ Undying Dynasties (Undying Dynasties 2.0 Beta) [4500pts] ++ + Core + Skeleton Chariots [695pts]: Legion Charioteers, Musician, 8x Skeleton Chariot, Standard Bearer Skeleton Chariots [695pts]: Legion Charioteers, Musician, 8x Skeleton Chariot, Standard Bearer Skeleton Chariots [695pts]: Legion Charioteers, Musician, 8x Skeleton Chariot, Standard Bearer Skeleton Chariots [695pts]: Legion Charioteers, Musician, 8x Skeleton Chariot, Standard Bearer Skeleton Scouts [130pts]: 5x Skeleton Scout Skel…

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    yrtomin - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from Nameless One: “Quote from zertuiop: “hunting chariot is 27 inch effective range ” On paper - yes. on the board - no, cause it has to maneuver among units and terrain. The problem is that when you came up 18 inches against target - you are likely to be charged by many monsters and monter cavs with 7+ move. And if you flee you will not shot as needed for at least 2 turns what is 1/3 of the game.regular warmashing hunters do not fear this chariot impact hits really, they mostly have comp…

  • Quote from Palmu: “One of the top three, aye. For that reason alone I don't mind the nerfhammering - I was pretty proud of our status as the paragon of balance when we sat at 50% winrate for the longest time. .204 wrecked it. ” Do you know which other 2 armies are in tier 1?

  • Quote from Herminard: “Quote from Echunia: “Okay I see what you mean. I think I was simply assuming that there would be cost reductions elsewhere as @Palmu says. Conversely I think the game becomes very static if good builds dont shift around a bit. Maybe its possible to fit 3 sphinxes but you have to give something else up (or change it) in order to make it fit. Thus the "build" per se does not cease to exist but it may be less strong. This in turn does open up for other alternatives to take mo…

  • UD 2.0 Discussion Thread

    yrtomin - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Going to wait for the full book to be released before judging.

  • Quote from Palmu: “We did, but they're hardly anything to write home about. The three tier one armies of this update only mostly saw their most powerful units and options toned down a bit. ” Are we considered tier one?

  • Quote from Palmu: “I can actually answer that, @Doug_L - During the initial review of the pricing, I raised a stink about many irrelevant changes while so many more relevant units go unseen. The RT had their reasons to only go for small changes, namely that while were very close to locking the rules and armybooks until their FAB works, they didn't want to create unforeseen situations by accident, but they saw those concerns as reasonable, and gave all army supports and task teams a chance to rev…

  • Quote from kgkid: “I have been reading trough the new rules and unnested features, so I need some clarification, please: 1. Swiftstride and Light Troops removed from Fly, but not added to DH Flyers. Will those be a thing, or is it just lost? Consequences? 2. Move OR Fire removed from War Machines, but not explicitly added. How should it be played? Thanks ” The new army books will have more "unnested" rules on their profiles. Playing with 204 armies + 205 rules is a little wonky.


    yrtomin - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from Red88: “Quote from marcema: “How would 205 evocation - whispers of the veil do with mass javelin shooting do? It feels that a cuatl with evocation and skinks could do some nasty combos now. ” plz some more informations ” I think army books were planned to be released mid november, so hopefully soon.

  • V205 Discussion thread

    yrtomin - - General Discussion


    Quote from zulu: “Sorry if this has been already said as haven't read whole thread but Evocation looks like it's become crazy powerful? Portent just takes solo characters (and to some extent monsters) out the game and whispers is also really strong for armies with shooting (anyone want to get shot by spear backs with -1 t) Why did design team feel need to buff such an already strong lore? ” I think you are mixing up the paths, whisper is in evocation and portent in divination.

  • Quote from Orion: “what about a single shot bolt thrower? ” Won't they just get 1x5 area attack aswell? So same as cannons but with high ap.