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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • As far as I could read, a majority of people here want Trolls to have stupidity. People are not happy with the current implementation, but they want to have something like stupidity for Trolls. So just removing it, is probably the worst option we have for a full book design.

  • I don't see any points issue with Wyvern, it is played quite often.

  • Collect you balance concerns for other armies and mention them in the according forum sections. We need more controverse discussions everywhere. Not only agreement on being too weak for each army, because people only discuss in their own community.

  • Points issues will be solved on a regular base. When something is considered as underpriced, it will be reduced. Time base for this is not decided. Design changes will be only done when full book is done. This includes a complete redesign of the whole army to make it background proof. Background for OnG has not finalized yet. Only when background is finalized, a sophisticated discussion about design changes can be made.

  • Not so long ago there were large discussions about how to change the extreme death star play. Funny how things change. But imho somehow elven armies profit from msu meta, don't they? Initiative is more important in small unit fights.

  • Crossbow should imho be Iron Orc equipment.

  • I would merge normal Orcs and Eadbashers with OWS3 and STR4, AP-1. Feral Orcs as a separate unit, with also OWS3 STR4 but AP0, because they use stone weapons. And to represent their even stronger unrulyness, they should have their LD reduced to 6. Both units in core. Of course Born to Fight should change to not give +STR, but maybe provide some advantage for not fail Break Tests.

  • however, to identify such size effects, I really appreciate them being also recorded. We also need such data, so please try to convince the hosts of such smaller events to submit the results to us. Thank you

  • My experience is that the majority of OnG players are fine with having a clown army, as long as it is balanced.

  • Current Stupidity Situation is: Either you have LD9 reroll with 97% success or you have LD4 with 28% success. I more like to have around 80% with support and 60% without.

  • lol, bruh?

  • Dread Elves 2.0 Beta Armybook

    arwaker - - Dread Elves (DE)


    Quote from Herminard: “Quote from Squirrelloid: “Quote from Herminard: “Fair point @Squirrelloid - but cannons really are quite rare these days - and the familiar is useful in almost every single magic phase. ” Technically true, but practically only if you need to get LoS around something or get range. An oracle on a dragon should be actively seeking combat (otherwise why put her on a dragon), so neither range nor LoS should be an issue. Those 50 points and that item slot could be better used in…

  • Quote from DanT: “Question: What do people think of stupidity? Does it add flavour? Is it interesting? Would you rather it wasn't there? Do you think the stupidity concept could be implemented better? (And what would it look like if so?) ” Trolls need some kind of Stupidity rule. It adds flavour to the units. Current Stupidity is imho too 1dimensional related to the general being around. I would be sad if Trolls had no rule to visualize their limited brain capacity. I think the Stupidity rule co…

  • With Res5, I promise you, Trolls will be so expensive that you will say it's unplayable in the desired role. Res is a highly non-linear value, and it hurts low S attacks much more than high S attacks. Rules team will recognize the extreme resilience against S3 and price them according to a game plan that matches Trolls to those S3 attacks. Then players will be sad because Trolls have a niche as blocker for Low S only. Bad design. Other idea is to increase Trolls durability for all kinds of S att…

  • I think RES5 is not really helpful for Trolls. It makes them insanely invulnerable against S3 attacks, but this is not even really required. And it makes only very low difference for attacks with high S, like most elite units have. As a result Trolls would be more expensive than necessary in their role as blocker. Imho that RES4 can stay. Important is a mechanism that helps the Trolls to not get wounded as easy by high S attacks. Like the regeneration mechanism, or another ++ward save. Or a spec…

  • As there will not be any rules design changes before full book, we are talking about major redesign anyway. Not sure what would be the advantage of any "small" change. And in such environment, we can also talk about design of competitor units like Gnasher and Iron Orcs as well. It totally makes sense to design those three together.

  • Quote from Kaneador: “i think that give stubborn or unbreakeable is a big design error becouse it implies troll conga lines and this is not the way trolls should be played. ” Not so sure about that. How you wanna do proper clipping with Troll conga line? If you just want to stall your opponent forever, why not use Goblins?

  • Quote from Wesser: “Quote from arwaker: “Gnashers: low durability, high damage output especially versus light targets, not scoring, somehow unreliable ” Well they're all that now We just need to make "They're Everywhere" into something meaningful ” This is not yet how it could be. Just brainstorming: Reduce Strengh of Gnasher attacks to 4 maybe, give them Bloodlust or something similar that gives them more attacks when they kill something. Maybe even let them get models back when they eat someth…

  • To find proper designs for Iron Orcs, Gnasher Herds and Trolls, some ideas about them as a package: Trolls: very durable, low to medium damage output, not scoring, somehow unreliable, stubborn or something similar Iron Orcs: medium durability, high damage output especially versus armoured targets, scoring, reliable, not bodyguard Gnashers: low durability, high damage output especially versus light targets, not scoring, somehow unreliable

  • Thank you for appreciating my ideas. The team I was supporting a lot in the past was data analysis of tournament results (team Tounament Analysis) to evaluate external balance. But that task is now in very good hands of just_flo. Some short additional bullet point ideas about trolls: - should be able to somehow operate even without character - should be more reliable with character around (not necessarily the general) - should profit from Goblin characters as much as from Orc characters - should…