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  • Ran mine on a Disk for the first time last night.. worked reasonably well, but opponent had no shooting and I just avoided Hand of Heaven.

  • Probably significant due to the models most use for Thunder Hulks

  • Quote from Krokz: “Quote from AutoHammer: “Chosen lord without entropic aura? Lol enjoy Str 10 AP 10! ” ? Entropic Aura shuts down Weapon and Armor runes. ” He said without.

  • Armybuilder 3.x Dataset

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    Feldraks can't take a magic banner

  • Welcome back, Niceguy!

  • Quote from AutoHammer: “The other option is you save 300 points elsewhere and buy an exalted herald for 850 and get lots more HP, still hard target, ability to heal and veil walker thrown in ” That wizard is in addition to the herald, why he's cheap. I am thinking alchemy for his lore at the moment, which would be harder for positioning. That might need to go to occult

  • Re: Sorcerer protection I'm going to try mine on a disc with GG, PA, PW, and LotD to babysit my two Fallen Ones. Hide behind them for cover for shooting, reroll their movements, and be an option to tie a shooting unit up in combat on a flank. Noone should get near him to charge and I think it will provide an interesting flank threat. Hope to try it this weekend.

  • Quote from AutoHammer: “ - Large units of Feldraks are extremely strong. ” I've found this to be true as well. They can take a lot of damage, and people are afraid of them.

  • Thoughts on a list? Herald Sorceror, Adept, Plate Armor, Lord of the Damned, Occultism 9 Barb Horsemen, Mus, LL, Shield 9 Barb Horsemen, Mus, LL, Shield 6 Fallen 5 Fallen 6 Feldrak Warrior Chariot Warrior Chariot Forsaken One Forsaken One Marauding Giant This is partially to take advantage of models owned (horsemen/chariots) and what I want to field (Feldrak, FOs). That being said, I'll listen to feedback specifically like "this makes it much better" or "you're an idiot, don't do this" =)

  • I believe I suggested this and was told we are trying to eliminate variable base sizing. Of course, then we created the Big Brother giant, so..

  • Christmas Avatars

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    @Mad 'At - You are a genius, sir! I love it, ordering peasants around!

  • Quote from jirga: “Does that actually provide anything to the player other than to make them look like ¢ünt when pulling that stunt off during the deployment? ” Allows more coverage for units behind

  • Christmas Avatars

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    Sure, let's see what you come up with this year

  • In watching Random's video, I had a question.. The Battleshrine unit entry has Not a Leader. The mount option does not. NaL just says the model can't be the general now, so should the mount have it or the unit lose it?


  • Quote from Warshout: “However, my point is that Vermin Swarm can choose between a LOT of shooting options. The Toxic Attack options are amazing at getting through armor, but the other options generally have more shots (besides the Catapult at least). For example if you knew for 100% sure that you would only ever face units with 5+ armor at most, would you go for the Globe Launcher? Or would you switch to the Naptha Launcher or the Rotary Gun? ” Mathmatically, the rotary gun is the best - unless …

  • Quote from Feynn: “You have worse stats? Well thanks, you also have 2-3 models for each one of us at worse.A full Vermin Guard + Banner of the Endless Swarm grinds almost every kind of Warriors unit out there or leaves it highly weakened while having similar or lower cost. And the 2 of them are in core. It's an unit that isn't played because others are better considering the whole meta? I agree, but that doesn't invalidate my assertion about VS being capable to deal against armor in close combat…

  • Quote from Feynn: “Almost all shooting from VS has AP 1-10 even without toxic attacks.VD does have AP10. Vermin Hulks AP2. Meat Grinder AP1. Pendulum AP2-3. Rat-at-arms and Vermin Guard AP 1-2 and rending banner possibility. Plague flail +2 Str +2AP -1 Def. Abo has AP3. Unable to kill armor in combat? I wasn't ready to read this from the AP Master Army. ” Yes, because VS has no quantity of shooting, so it's all high quality. If you saw hordes of Rotary Guns walking around, then I could see a rea…

  • Quote from Warshout: “And if the Vermin Swarm matchup really is the problem, then I see a secondary cause (assuming that you often face opponents with varying armies). Apparently Vermin Swarm players find it necessary to bring a lot of Toxic Attacks, because they also have a lot of choices without Toxic Attacks. As those Vermin Swarm players can also be assumed to build armies to face any opponent (not just Warriors), this seems to indicate that there is too much armor in all armies in general. …

  • Quote from Malda: “Anyone already tried the 6x gw feldrak unit or battleshrine? How did they work? ” I did 6 halberd Feldraks last night vs DL. Got charged by a Weaver and Blood Chariot and didn't die. Lost combat, fled, rallied, eventually killed the Chariot and kept me winning the objective. Not the best use, but my opponent was scared of them enough to put 1500 points into an 800 point unit - and they still lived.