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  • Quote from saint_barbara: “Ze Germans ”

  • Quote from KittenHugz: “A: I am totally happy having elves that look and act differently than any other setting, although I am curious to what the "core" of an elf is (and how many licks it takes to get there). ” I don't know how others might see this, but I give you my version: Elf: - Tall and slim - Not physicaly strong; a trained human is stronger and more resilient - Fast and agile - Resilient to diseases and long living beings - Sharp-minded and high knowledge (strategy/tactics, magic) - Hi…

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Can you also list some negative traits that actually affect gameplay? ” Sure np: Being frail and having reproductive issues. 1.) Weak against enemy shooting and magic (you can't dodge a bullet and a successfully cast spell hurts too and I don't start talking about artillery) 1.1) in general, resilient like wet toilet paper 2.) Being elite and therefore expensive; every lost soldier hurts a lot and you face a lot of enemy bodies (unless fighting against a similar army) Quote…

  • @KittenHugz: I fear that we will get fluff that totally changes the core of elves in general. Maybe I'am alone here, but I always saw High Elves like "Noldor Elves" from LotR in terms of appearance, skills and knowledge. But in contrast to them, High Elves have arrogance and nationalism (=only caring about their own people) as negative traits. I have the feeling that many people here prefer a more realistic approach which I can't share. To use Game of Thrones as an example: Elves = Valyrians wit…

  • @Marcos24: Army specific terrain features can only be used once (dude!, I guess ). If you meant to change that by saying, "pff it isn't a tournament game, who cares" then there is no discussion left; you can do whatever you want if you use homemade rules.

  • @msu117: Don't get me wrong: Expansions like these are great and I really appreciate this kind of work. That is exactly the reason, why this HBE specific rule is just so frustrating to see. I didn't use the rules in a game yet, but I can't see the benefit from doing it either. I want to test rules, because I'am excited/interested and not because I want to see if they aren't as bad as I thought .

  • @Marcos24: 1.) Dangerous terrain is way more critical than this effect so pls don't compare them 2.) There is only one waystone on the map and your opponent can influence the position of it 3.) I don't know how you play your magic phase, but I don't throw all my dice at one spell, even our nice HBE special rule (Master of Spellcrafting) pushes us in the other direction (and for good). If you play as an HBE, would you consider this an augment tool for you or a debuff for your enemy?

  • the effect will encourage you to use more dice and cast with more power. I don't think this fits HBE in any way. And how should it work as an anti-daemon tool? you aren't forced to stand inside the 6" bubble, so it's a choice most of the time. The SE one for example is way better in my opinion:…e5cad13a2d193293543a016de Quote from My_Kin: “Are you sure? I reread it, think we were both wrong; "Spells cast within 6” of a Waystone have their Casting Value increased by…

  • @My_Kin: I think you have misunderstood the effect. "- The Casting Value of your spells is increased by +1." means you need +1 more to cast a spell (=negative effect); you don't get +1 to your casting roll . That is the reason I asked, if the effect is useful or not.

  • I have a question to you guys. What do you think about the following effect: - The Casting Value of your spells is increased by +1. - Miscasts suffer a -1 Miscast Modifier. - Ignore the effect of Amnesia on the Miscast Table. Do you think this is a useful effect?

  • The Battle of the Gates of Kislev

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    Quote from Ludaman: “My only question: What do you do now? How do you ever top that? ” There are enough epic Battles left to do . Here is one example: Battle of Finuval Plain @Kratos: Thanks for sharing. Even if I don't understand spanish, the battle report was epic .

  • @TowerGuard712: Hi, I agree that our current SeaGuard is just a complete failure from design to efficiency . Instead of trying to save Games Workshops' failed design by using tons of special rules, I would suggest the following:…e5cad13a2d193293543a016de You have a powerful shooting weapon, but you can only use it once per game. Therefore you have to bring yourself in a good position to benefit the most from it. In addition, your magic phase could greatly improve t…

  • @theunwantedbeing I don't want to open a new thread for this, but I had an idea and wanted to share it. How about introducing a new intuitive and easy rule: - Bonus vs [<Type>,<Effect>] For example: - Bonus vs [Gigantic, +1 to-Hit] - Bonus vs [Cavalry, +1 Strength] - Bonus vs [Infantry, Devastating Charge (+1 Att)] It would be a new tool for future reworks of various army books. What do you think?

  • ok I agree: Against single targets at T6 and T5 with a high armour save, the single shot is better. I will consider it next time, thanks for sharing your experience. Even if throwing more dice makes more fun .

  • Quote from Ciara: “I dunno, any cowboy, any monster? ” Yeah that would be the ideal target, at least from a fluff point of view. But even against single targets, the multishot does more dmg. Only against MI with some ranks or units with an 1+ armour save you will deal slightly more dmg. On the other hand there is a psychological effect, as I "feel" better by throwing more dice .

  • Does anyone really use the single shot? I find it quite situational and use almost always the multishot. Did you find some great uses or do you share the same experience as I do?

  • Quote from Wesser: “Slavery of sea creatures Contempt for "lesser races" Desire to ride lizards Merge the books, merge the books! ” Who said something about slavery? These sea creatures would be treated like the rest (Griffon, Horses, Phoenixes). As always, you mix everything. There is no contempt (in the sense of hatred) for lesser races, just no empathy either. Contrary to our dark cousins, the Asur don't hate everyone else. And you can't compare these dinosaurs to our graceful Dragons, how da…

  • You can use these Dracoth mounts (from GW) and just put Dragon Princes on top . Look good in my opinion. Now we only need a "vanilla" MC unit in exchange for our Young Dragon, which can be represented as you like (White Lions, Sea Drakes, Dracoth ect) .

  • Quote from Cealyne: “What if... crazy idea... we had a defenders of the world feel? Using this naval idea to patrol the world. Having an altruistic army of light almost. Sure we are still haughty elves. ” I always viewed High Elves exactly like that. They fight for "civilisation and order"; who is included in that ideal is another question of course . And they do it, because it is the "right" thing to do and not because they have sympathy for other races. Quite similar to the old Lizardmen lore …

  • Quote from Masamune88: “Lean into the magic and we can really get some good ground, try and expand in areas that are seen as out of scope and you'll just get more pushback and limitations ” Are there already some defined areas? (both accepted and "out of scope" ones)