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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Some new additions to the armies this week!

    First off we have a set of nice Steppe goblin Archers from Westfalia Miniatures.
    Well-crafted resin miniatures, they come in only three different single-pose Goblins at a decent price of a Euro/Goblin. There's a Goblin with Pauldrons that have just loosed his arrow, one with a fur hat, drawing a new arrow from the quiver and finally a goblin with a tall cloth hat that is notching and drawing back an arrow. The latter two goblins both wear what looks to be scavenged chainmaille.

    The goblins as said only come in three varieties (also two with spears, but I didn't get those) so I quickly converted up two standards (this is from when you still needed a standard to be scoring, RIP 1.1...) with a spare brass rod from a KoE project and a old sodacan from the last time I had a pizza.

    I also added some bowstrings from fishing wire and arrows for the notching goblins, made from brass pikes, because empty, string-less bows annoy me :)
    Decided to paint them up like they were wearing dirty leather and scavenged, cast-off armour from my Infernal dorfs. The bows were painted as they were for nostalgia purposes; when I got into the hobby, brights red bows and spears were all the rage in then official paintings, no matter what army you had :)

    The resin is of good quality and took to the paint well, even with me being lazy and not washing or airing it in preparation. Out of the 40 Hoblins I got, only a single one had a broken bow on arrival, which was easily fixed.
    The models had a medium amount of flash, though mostly in the same places, especially under the loin clothes, so it was easily removed.
    However there were some consistent casting errors, particularly the goblins reloading their bows, almost all had a right ear that was very thin, almost nonexistent, which is slightly annoying but not really noticeable.
    Overall the detailing is very good with good facial quality and good quality sculpted chainmaille (though not really Mierce quality, but very few manage that).

    They also offer a Goblin Hero for three euro

    I really like this sculpt. He too, wears pauldrons and clearly scavenged maille. He carries a iron-reinforced wooded shield and carries two crude swords, one on his back and one in hand.
    Wearing the same sort of armour and hat as the normal gobbos ties him nicely to the troops he leads.

    A good and fairly cheap set of archers, suitable for both ID and O&G, well worth it if you are okay with limited variety in your unit.

    One the more human human (or perhaps sub-human if my knights are to be trusted :) ), I also finished up 49 Peasant Halberdiers (was 50, one escaped to freedom somehow, during painting) for my KoE army.

    They were made using two modular kits from Perry Miniatures, the English Army (mainly for the billhooks) and French Infantry sets (for the more heavily armoured bodies and heads) with the addition of metal pavise shields and metal halberds, both also from Perry.
    Being Perry kits, they are very modular so we have a good variety within the unit and the detailing and casting is impeccable, as usual for Perry.

    Once again, a sodacan was pressed into service as a banner,they really are good for that!
    Both sets come with a command sprue, so no need to break out the brass rods for this one.

    The kits combines nicely to present a wall of massed halberds to a approaching enemy. All the very square halberds, such as the one in the foreground, are metal lose halberds. The spikier ones are billhooks that came with one of the sets.
    The masked face in the nest to back rank if from a Fireforge knight, I just though it fitted very well.
    Most of the helmets are supposed to be fitted with visors, but they were too fiddly and I think they look better, more peasantly without them.

    The mud on the basing is from Vallejo and this is the first time I used it, and I highly recommend it. It really adds a lot to make them look like they're wading trough a muddy, churned-up battlefield.
    Another conversion on show here is the champion, his pointing halberd-arm comes from a plastic Warlord Games set, a sergeant from a set of 30-year war infantry. once again goes to show that a even sets from widely different ages can go together, as long as the scale is right.

    Another fun thing to note is the two heavily armoured men-at-arms in the back rank, one gesticulating and likely complaining out load to his more stoic fellow.

    Again, the mud adds quite a bit I think.
    Much easier to work with than the GW mud that I've used before. Much larger too, comes in a lovely 200ml bottle :)

    Very good sets, really can't recommend Perry Miniatures enough. [Read More]

  • Welcome to Episode 17.

    This is a quicky about the new KoE release. There has been a lot of negativity about the book so we thought we should share our slightly more positive angle with the community to get a balanced view out there.

    Hopefully this will give you a little more faith in the lady to keep you going while you test the new book.

    Ammertime team. [Read More]

  • Hey Guys, Welcome to the second part of our previews.

    In this episode we are going to talk a little about the changes that have been made in the new elf books.

    Kristoffer, Rasmus and Henry talk about a few of the changes to the rules, how their first game went with the new rules as well as discussing some of the changes in the three elven army books.

    Lastly they talk about Henry's new "Raging Fire" HBE list.

    Enjoy! [Read More]
  • Welcome to Episode 15!

    This episode we will be doing an overview of the new paths of magic!

    Of which there are 10. You can see which armies can take which paths here:

    The Saucy Quill Inn - Paths of Magic part 3 - 902/46

    You can see Kristoffers first few "angle" models here (well worth checking out):

    Hope you enjoy the episode. In a few days we will release Episode 16 with a combined elf book review. [Read More]
  • Kingdom of Equitaine Review

    So the new book is in and there are changes, they aren't very large. We (the KoE community) wanted a fair bit of things changed, from what I can see that didn't happen and what did change, I do not think all of it will be very popular.

    Further disclaimer: I love KoE a lot and I am not very happy with a lot of the changes made, so this review is probably heavily biased and certainly contains a lot of salt!

    Also it has been stated that all the books will recieve nerfs going into 1.2, so that a 1.1. army would always be more powerful than a 1.2 one. I idea being that a "Top Tier" army would receive more, and heavier nerfs than a "Low Tier one". Having only access to the KoE and ID books I do not know if this succeeded but from the internal threads I've read it does indeed seem like everyone thinks their own army got hit very badly with the nerfbat, so perhaps we got away lightly? Who knows?

    NOTE: As we all know the game will be moving to a recommended game size of 4500 points, which is equal to the old 2250 points. This means that we can fit less things in our army, so keep that in mind.
    Also it makes comparing the old and new books a bit of a hassle, so to make that easier I will be doubling all the old points values when comparing them to the new ones.
    Also all upgrades and magical item costs the same for "heroes" as they do for "lords" so no longer will out Paladins and Damsels get a lower price on stuff just because of their title.
    Anyway, lets get on with this!

    Special Rules
    Unchanged, pretty much. Serfs and Oath of Fealty have been clarified to how many models in a unit must have the serf rule to reap it's benefits (the majority), so nothing new here.
    Grail Oath is still 0-1 only. :(


    They are all exactly the same in their effects.
    Audacity went up in points from 80 to 110 points which I am not sure really was warranted, BUT the Questing+Audacity build for Paladins was fairly common. Might be a reaction against that? Still feels somewhat unwarranted.
    All the other cost the same. It should be noted since Paladins no longer get cheaper virtues, giving a Paladin a Virtue has in effect gone up in price by 20-40 points compared to what it was before. Still, we need a Paladin to be the BSB, so I doubt they'll go extinct quite yet, but their combat value/points have gone down a bit, even if their staying power have gone up.
    Magical Items
    All the same old, fairly solid selection.

    The Talisman of Roland went up 10 points, from 40 to 50 which isn't a big deal, In can see the argument that it was undercosted before.
    Nothing else is changed.
    Army Selections
    Ah, the one that many people have been worried about.
    Unlike many other armies we only have one version of our army to choose from, the good news is that it doesn't limit us by very much.
    Like all other armies we are limited for Character to 35%, Core to 30+% and Special is unlimited. We we have higher Core requirement than other armies, I do not know. Perhaps it is another nefarious plot by the RT to force us into playinga peasant horde, as some thinfoil hats think they want (I make no judgement here)
    Additionally we have a category called Airforce which is limited to 40% and contains... well, only really Pegasi Knights and characters on flying mounts. I would perhaps have wanted it to be at 50% instead but I'm fairly confident that the Royal Airforce can still be mustered at 40% of the army.
    So on to the army list then;


    Our bread a butter when it comes to combat, they are mostly unchanged when it comes to stats, though all the "Hero"-level characters got an extra wound.

    Dukes and Paladins have been folded into a single unit, as have most characters.
    The Duke is absolutely identical to his old self. Still a fighty old man.
    The Paladin on the other hand has gone up 10 points, from 100 to 110 points, but also gained a extra wound in the process, making him much more similar to the Duke in stats. For an extra 40 points the Duke gets +1 WS, A , LD and I.
    Mount choices are similar but all of them went up massively in price, for unknown reasons.
    The noble Warhorse went from 70/50 (Duke/Paladin) to 110/70, the Pegasus from 110 for both to 150/130 and the mighty Hippogriff from 200 to 260 (still Duke-only). Mind you, both the Pegasus and the Hippogriff has all their old optional upgrades now built-in so that may explain their jump in cost but I'm unsure why the Warhorse suddenly got so expensive?
    Also, if mounted on a flying mount the Pegasus AND it's Rider as well as the Hippogriff (but not the rider) counts towards the Airforce category. And the Pegasus still retains it's silly Royal upgrade (does anyone ever take this and actually rebase it? Seems strange to streamline so much but keep this...)
    To sum it up. The Paladin gained a point of Wounds, both the Duke and the Paladin are more expensive than they were unless you field them on foot (like a peasant!) but are otherwise the same. Still solid… [Read More]

  • With a new army-book arriving, it’s time to take a close look to Beast Herds in 9th. I didn’t have the opportunity to playtest yet, but studying the book gives quite a good outlook on the opportunities in future battles.

    1. Basic description – first impression

    Many players might still have the 7th ed Beastmen–book in mind, which made Beast-armies consisting of big blocks of infantry, hard to manoeuvre in narrow terrain and, biggest drawback of all, gave very few options to vary the army.

    The first thing that stands out in the current version is, that the changes to the army have obviously been made with focus on giving Beast Herds a unique character of cunning, vicious forest-sneakers, waiting for the right moment to make a brutal assault.

    This hasn’t been achieved by building a new army from the ground, but by introducing a lot of clever little alterations.

    2. Units

    So far, no new units have been introduced. Instead, the existing and sometimes overpriced or completely useless choices have been fixed.

    Only new thing is the Centaur-Lord, a hero-choice, making your Centaurs core units if used as the armies general.

    3. Development of army-character

    In past, I always wondered why there was no advantage at all for the Beasties to fight in their very own terrain, the dense woods of the old world. By the generous use of the special rule Strider (forest), this lack of logic has finally been fixed. From now on, basically every single unit in the army is equipped with that special rule, allowing the Herd to march, pass dangerous terrain tests and keep their rank bonus while fighting within the woods.

    Consequently, an army living and fighting in the woods isn’t expected to fight knightly in open battle. Instead, Wildhorns, Longhorns and Mongrels got the special rule pack tactics, giving them swiftstride when charging the flank or rear of an enemy unit.

    Another nice addition to the character of Beast Herds is the special rule Sleeper, which was given to the Briar Beasts. This nasty little trick allows you to awake the unit at the start of an friendly remaining moves sub-phase within a wood.

    You can imagine the terror caused by some creepy thing awakening in the back of your militia-patrol, when you are out to clean the darkness of the woods near your village from the things inside.

    Another important change is the introduction of totems, which allow your Wild- and Longhorns to specialize for certain tasks.

    There are the following totems:

    • Gnarled hide totem: protection against close combat attacks

    • Blooded horn totem: additional attacks plus armour piercing

    • Clouded eye totem: protection against shooting and magic

    • Black wing totem: increasing initiative and charge range

    There are two magical items which should be mentioned when looking at the army's character:

    First, the Seed of the dark forest allows you to place a single forest before the battle within 12 ‘’ of the bearer and after vanguarding units have been moved. Designing the battlefield in your favour can definitely confuse your opponents plans to some degree.

    Another fine thing is the Pillager icon: units consisting completely of Razortusks or chariots gain vanguard, increasing the mobility of your herd even more.

    4. Conclusion

    After going through the book, I definitely expect Beast Herds to offer some different ways of playing the army than those we knew from the past. Some of the biggest weak points have been eradicated, without strengthening the army undirected.

    Instead, the weaknesses match the army’s background, so the herd still has some big issues with low/ not existing armour-saves and of course their low morale.

    Their now increased mobility allows the general, to avoid close combat as long as needed to bring your main units into position for a coordinated killing blow. Compassing of enemy units and attempting to launch attacks to the flank will be the way to go for my first battles.

    Also, specializing of own units regarding their purpose on battlefield seems an attractive option to adapt to an opponent’s army.
    This book is surely an enormous step into the right direction, I am really looking forward to command a guerillia-like force of tribesmen. The whole army, which was torn appart in the past by removing dragon-ogres and their formation special rules, is now back with a ruleset, which is in my opinion the best so far for the Beastmen-armies over the last 15 years.
    Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts, discussion on Beast Herd topics is highly appreciated by me.

    Kjell [Read More]
  • Infernal Dwarves 1.00 Review :)

    So yeah, 1.00 has finally dropped and we've left the Beta behind us and no more big changes are planned until after ETC is done, so we've got at least half a year with this version.

    It's been a rocky road for us dwarves of the Infernal persuasion, a lot of changes, disappointments, changes of ABC members and finally with 0.12 we got something good, something useful, and the armybook has remained mostly unchanged since then and is in my opinion in a quite good place.

    We're not massively underpowered though we have some really obvious weaknesses and we're hardly overpowered though we have a few real power units which can really burn an opponent that isn't ready for them.

    With all that in mind, lets dive in and go thorugh the book, electronic cover to electronic cover.
    We'll also be making a few comparison with some other armybooks, mostly the Dwarven Holds, these are not meant to whine but to show the differences and similarities in the armies.
    I will also make some comparison with the of Legion Of Azgorh army from Warhammer, to show how much or little a unit has changed.

    Armywide Special Rules

    We have quite the number of these, though a lot of them concern the Kadim units and don't really effect anyone else.

    Relentless:This is a really good rule and is the single thing that allows us to actually build offensive armies that contains infantry.
    Allowing us to triple march brings us up to a effective Movement Value of 4.5, or 6 if we have the +1M banner.
    It was a boost given to all dwarf armies and a really needed one. While we don't have nearly the amount of movement tricks that the Dwarven Hold have and thus naturally a more defensive focus with our infantry, we can still give a good burst of speed from out stubby little legs when we need to. Amusingly enough it also means that our dwarven units are actually faster than our slave units, as these cannot triple march, despite having a higher Movement.
    Old Infernal Dwarf players should note that we have in the process lost the negative Legion of Azgorh rule Resolute, for which we are thankful. We can now catch and escape from even moderately speedy snails!
    However! We also lost the old version ofRelentless, which means that we once again need to test to march if someone is annoying us. But with a LD of 9 on most of the army, this is not a big deal.

    Sturdy:The second and last shared rule with the Dwarven Holds, this little beauty gives us +1S when we charge something and removes the Stand & Shoot penalty when something charges us.
    Less good for us that the Dwarven Holds for several reasons: We only really have the Citadel Guard and (maybe) the Infernal Guard who can really use it, while DH's have a wider variety of missile troops. Dwarven Holds also have a good defensive AWSR which we lack entirely, meaning that we have to be a bit more careful.
    Still, it's a nice rule for the Citadel Guard. And quite needed, since anything they can shoot at can probably attempt to charge them the next turn.

    Chosen Of Asharuk: With Leadership 9, this is mostly a fluffy rule but it's still nice to be able to just skip rolling fear tests forever and don't care at all if all the slaves die. So feel free to sacrifice those slave units to chaff and redirect all you want, no one important will care :)
    Part of this rule also existed in the Legion of Azgorh in form of theContempt rule. While I prefer the old name, the ability to mostly ignore fear is a clear upgrade.

    Daemonic Infusion: This is pretty obviously based on the old Legion of Azgorh Hellboundrule but is far less useful. No longer does it give +1W, +1T andfear. The daemons have apparently been greatly diluted and nowadays only gives the war machine magical attacksand gives a +1LD if the war machine managed to cause a panic test.
    The first part could theoretically be situationally useful on say, a Infernal Engine if you know that you're going to face of against the Vampire Covenant and their Etherealunits but otherwise it is not very useful.

    Volcanic Embrace: This is what happens if you bind a fire daemon into something. They get hot!
    This is and the following rule are essentially the new version of the old Legion of Azgorh rule Blazing Body, just split into two parts.
    This part give the model with it Flaming Attackson all of its attacks (yes, even the Special Close Combat Attacks! No longer can the Kadim Titan stomp on annoying Firebornannoyances).

    Shackles of Fire: This is the second part of the old Blazing Bodyrule. In its current incarnation it forces non-magical attacks to reroll to-wound rolls of ”6”. A nice bonus, especially for the Kadim Titan, which is only wounded on a ”6” anyway by S4 and lower attacks! It is of lesser use for the Kadim Incarnates and is a clear downgrade from Blazing Bodybut still nice to have.
    The less nice part about it is that it can cause our Kadim units to burn up and take wounds if they fail a LD test. Thankfully they only take a single wound as… [Read More]