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  • Some nice paladins:

    The best of the lot. She comes from Westfalia, which some of you may recognise from their successfull halfling kickstarter, which was really popular.
    I really like how tall and angular she is. A nice reminder that not all real women are made of curves.
    Also she got a very fancy beanie.

    Her original sword was much to thin and was bent like a pretzel when I opened the package.
    So it had to go, and a very long etched brass one went in it's stead. And it looks really good. Lots of reach for killing people too!

    She's just a beautiful model, tall, thin, well-detailed armour

    And a neat fox-fur scarf. She'll likely work for KoE and EoS both.

    She wears the arms of Strömsund, which are simultaneously one of (in my opinion) the most striking arms of swedish municipalities and objectively one of the worst, breaking not one, but two heraldic laws.
    Thankfully the State Herald cannot actually bar anyone form using a heraldic design so Strömsund was allowed to use their incorrect arms.

    They feature the local River and the Strömsund bridge crossing it.
    Strömsund itself is known for having the world's largerst population of brown bears (aka Triple Bears, aka the best bears)
    Amusingly enough, the area was namned Flata back in the 1400's, which is a swedish insult/slang for a lesbian woman (eq. to "dyke")
    Strömsund was first mentioned in offical sources in 1273, when it was part of the border negotiation for the norwegian border. Apparently at that time, not a single literate person lived there!

    Illegal it might be, but it is a very striking design.

    Next up we have a nice lady from Oathsworn:

    She's rather a lot shorter and wields a more typical, broad fantasy sword.

    She has a backpack and a full set of pouches so she's clearly a experience explorer or traveler, perfect for a Knight of the Quest.

    She wear arm of Tjörn, featuring a rather lovely lobster.
    Tjörn itself is mostly a tourist town, more than doubling it's population during the summer months

    The last lady also comes from Oathsworn but she's certainly not short:

    She's actually really big! Both very tall and very wide, clearly heavily muscled, she's a proper armoured amazon, dressed for war.

    She's probably as tough to take down as the castle wall of the arms of Sävsjö
    The arms represent a the fortified mansion of the Sture line of nobility crossed with the arms of Sweden's most illustrious noble line: Natt och Dag (Night and Day, because nobles have silly name. Seriously, you wouldn't get away with that in a fantasy novel!)

    The arms of Strömsund

    The arms of Natt och Dag, from which it is derived.

    All three are excellent, and very different examples of how to dress a woman up for war without making it into fanservice or venturing into the realms of boobplate and armoured high heels.

    They don't come with shields, those I added because knights should have shields. [Read More]
  • Another Duke for my KoE forces.
    Wanted to do something very different, very much less colourful than my other knights. To my surprise he ended up almost (but not quite) monochrome.
    Quite pleased with him.
    Original lance was badly made of very soft metal and broke in assembly, it was also very short: barely reached beyond the horse's head.
    I replaced it with a wire spear which looks much better and is much more sturdy.
    Arms are those of the swedish Special Forces.

    He's also the husband to my Damsel, which is why she wears his' heraldry on her cape. [Read More]
  • Managed to snag a classic Paladin model over on Facebook.
    She's intended to be a BSB, but that would require me to make a banner and my freehanding skills are.... lacking. To say the least.
    Really nice model, excellent proportion for a GW model.

    Fun bit of trivia: This is supposed to be the first model sculpted by the legendary Michael Perry with his left hand, after losing his right to a cannon misfire (his last two-handed sculpt was the legendary Green Knight, one of the finest model GW ever released).

    Since she has pre-sculpted heraldry, I painted her in the arms of Normandie, as no swedish heraldry has two lions like that.

    EDIT: An no, I didn't forget to paint the lance. Its just that my knight roll with black lances. [Read More]
  • So my Battle Standard Bearer got done. If all goes well he'll be the only GW model in the entire army, but I simply couldn't find a alternative that I liked.

    And I don't even really like him. Look at him! He's covered in a million tiny damn shields (actually, about 20)! Super annoying to paint in an interesting and non-repetetive way.
    In the end I decided that, as my BSB he should be the herald of my forces and to that end he carries the arms of all my 5 characters (two don't exist yet, those two are a project for next month )and all my 15 Knight of the Realm (Knight of the Quest are wanderers and not part of the Dukes' regular forces, they just show up, so they're not represented. Knight Forlorn are suffering under a punishment for dishonour and thus don't deserve to be there either.) to properly proclaim the honour and glory of The Lady and Equitaine to enemy forces.

    As are all my knights, he too is the lord of a real-life swedish municipality, this time it is Kalix, which is latin for "chalice", i.e. the Grail and thus perfect as the arms of a BSB :) [Read More]