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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Episode 11! Thats a year of hobby (I missed a month)! It would be great to get some feedback on this "series" if anyone actually enjoys seeing what we have done each month. Is there something you would like to see more of?

    Anyway. Enjoy!


    "Mercenary" WIP. I've always wanted to do a unit of Mercenaries, but since I'm a practical being, the prospect of modelling 7-8 unique models that all have to be magnetized was a bit daunting. I do love converting, but this specific project was just something that I had to push myself into. I decided to help myself with some easy bits, that had been used by many other ogre players, and if it turns out too "ordinary", I will have a new hunter model at least!


    I have continued to work on my WotDG Pestilence project! To paint my once Chosen, I have used full Duncan's Painting Guides on Youtube, and the entire army is built around the colors he uses in those videos. My first thought was to make it a swamp theme with cliffs. However as I just bought a winter table (as you can see in the latest 9th Scroll), I decided to change the swamp to an icy lake. The Pox walkers behind the bases will be my barbarian regiment, along with some Games Workshop Nurglings. I used the same techniques for the walkers as I used for the Once Chosen. The Snails will be used as warhounds and were made from actual snail shells and goblin spider legs. I am hoping to have a game ready army for the Danish tournament Battle of Copenhagen in February.


    This month I have been really trying to clear my painting table for space. I have so many models and not so much space. I had half painted my Vampire Spawn so finished those off. They were a bit of a modelling project as I had lost 2 legs somewhere and re-positioning the models to fit the ruined building was a bit of a task! I like to add some humans that are getting eaten/killed etc to give the army a bit of character, and this was no different.

    The Bats were taking up a lot of space and only took a little time to paint. They were done using exactly the same scheme as the Vampire spawn, down to the eyes, to give coherence to the bats of the army. I also added some unfortunate humans being chased and carried off by the "Happy Bats"!

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  • On to Game 4 and despite losing every game I wasn’t on the bottom table, yet. For this round I was drawn against the only other Warriors player (there was only 14 players at this event). His List:

    Lord of Chaos on Wasteland Steed(General): Mark of Pestilence, Necrotic Miasma, Dragonscale Helm, Dusk Stone, Divine Icon, Jacks Pickaxe
    Harbinger of Chaos: BSB, Mark of Wrath. Soul Reaper, Shield, Flail, Chariot, Bluffer’s Helm. Dragonfire Gem
    Sorcerer mounted on Disc of Change: Wizard Apprentice, 4 Spells, Shamanism, Mark of Change, Hero Sword, Ring of Fire, Lucky Shield
    13 Warriors: Mark of Pestilence, Full Command
    2 x 8 Barbarian Horsemen: Mark of True Chaos, Shields, Musician
    8 Warhounds
    2 x 10 Chosen: Mark of Wrath, Paired Weapons
    Battle Shrine: Mark of True Chaos
    Wasteland Chariot: Single Mauler
    Wasteland Chariot: Mark of Lust

    So a bit of a mixed bag of stuff, not sure I approve of taking all of the different Marks in a single 4500 point army, it’s not thematic for me. If I had my way I wouldn’t let Warriors take a Marked unit unless there is a character with that Mark and vice versa (not Mark of True Chaos though). That’s my own personal rule and I try to stick to it.

    I think it’s a much better list than min, mostly because it doesn’t have a Daemon Prince for starters. That Lord of Chaos is very nasty, I have to make sure he stays away from my Daemon Prince and the Bloodbeast or he’s going to tear them up. The Core points are trimmed down to the bare minimum, 2 units of 8 Horsemen and 8 Warhounds takes out a nice chunk of the Core Tax and 13 Warriors of Pestilence are nothing to be sniffed at. With three Chariots running around my Sorcerer should hopefully be busy trying to melt them all but his number one target is the Disc Sorcerer because he at least doesn’t have a Ward Save against Flaming attacks unlike the rest of the characters.

    There’s a couple of units that I’m interested to see how they do because I have never taken them, the Chosen and the Battle Shrine. The Chosen, I imagine, are going to do everything that my Warriors do but better and for only a small mark up. This is another of my bug bears with the Warrior book, how are 10 unmarked Chosen the same price as 10 unmarked Warriors? I get the whole Core Tax thing but it just seems ridiculous to me because why on earth would I ever take basic Wasteland Warriors above the Core Tax value when I can take Chosen instead? Another of my own rules that I would put in place is that Chosen cannot outnumber Wasteland Warriors.

    I’m also excited to see the Battle Shrine as I’ve had some great ideas for converting one for my army so I want to see what it’s like in action before I go to the effort of converting and painting it.

    I think I’m in for a tough fight with this one but it’s by no means an auto lose for me.

    We roll for Deployment type and get Counterthrust and for the Secondary Objective we get Hold the Ground again. I have stayed on the same table as the last game so I decided to swap table ends this time round for a bit of variety so the map is essentially the same as the last game, just upside down.

    For my Spells I end up with Quicksilver Lash, Molten Copper, Silverspike and Corruption of Tin. Word of Iron would have been nice but at least I’ve got a few Magic Missiles to try and get some hurt out on the opponent.


    Combined Warriors 1

    Wrath Warriors 1

    Combined Warriors 2

    Wrath Warriors 2

    Combined Warriors 3

    Wrath Warriors 3

    Combined Warriors 4

    Wrath Warriors 4

    Turn 5

    Turn 6
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