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  • In my ongoing effort of giving money to starving artists, I've once again commissioned art of one of my generals.

    Art by Shane Mercer, goes by the moniker littleliongod on Tumblr

    This is Duke Robert Roquerre, wielder of the Dragon Lance and jouster extraordinaire and well as owner of a magnificent Mustache!

    The first and most useless of my Dukes. In the three games....
    In The first one he brutally murdered a Flame Warden champion before being chased off. He was later charged by a Lion Chariot (which he admittedly beat up).
    In the second he never got into combat.
    In the third he roaster three Reavers before being charged by s bunch of Lancers and a Eagle and run down.

    Love the guy but he just doesn't do that much for me.

    As for the Duke himself, he's quite interesting. A knight of the old school, he keeps himself to a very high standard despite his age and his knights to one almost as high.
    And he is always ready to prosecute any injustice done be the lower nobles in his duchy against even the peasantry, at the point of a Lance, if need be.
    He's very much the honourable bull in a China shop.
    Knowing that he couldn't get away with this approach for too long until someone smarter and a better schemer than him (a list of which includes most of the populace of Equitaine, including some of the horses!) would eventually out-manoeuvre him intl either death or worse, dishonour. Knowing this, Duke Roquerre set about to find an ally to compliment his strengths and shore up hid failings.
    He found Duchess Lovisa and found a solution to not only this problem, but the issue of an heir and got himself a life-parter than was even willing to indulge in his... Less than acceptable behaviour sometimes.

    Both of them being about as straight as a rainbow, he and Lovisa love each other dearly in just about every way but the physical, using their wedding bed only to produce a decent number of heirs before finding lovers of their own.

    Duke Roquerre had drunk of the sacred Grail and moves like a man less than half his age and has no problem unhorsing one either. He is the Lance that Lovisa wields, the brawn to her brain and they make a formidable team, defending their shared realm against elven raiders on multiple occasions.
    Duke Roquerre's Arms are those of the Swedish Special forces, whose motto of "Forward Through the Night" he also shares; perceiving Equitaine as having fallen into a deep dark night of corruption and dishonourable behaviour, he hopes to lift it into the light through personal example and ruthless pruning of those that do not live up to his standard [Read More]

  • Welcome back to part 2!

    In this episode, fanboys are treated to listening to Kristoffer and Henry discussing Narrative games and scenarios as a method of deciding the winner. You can see below some of the scenarios we have come up with.

    The second part is a bit more interesting. Kristoffer discussed his Kingdom of Equitaine list and gives some tips with regards to army selection.

    Henry talks about his Vampire list and some of the elements of Vampire Covenant army selection (by no means an expert opinion).

    The 6 primary scenarios you can find here:…20Ideer.docx?dl=0 [Read More]

  • Welcome to Episode 17.

    This is a quicky about the new KoE release. There has been a lot of negativity about the book so we thought we should share our slightly more positive angle with the community to get a balanced view out there.

    Hopefully this will give you a little more faith in the lady to keep you going while you test the new book.

    Ammertime team. [Read More]
  • And I finally got a Hippogriff I can see myself playing with!
    Allow me to present Duchess Lovisa Elqerie of Leksand

    Very happy with her. The arms on the barding didn't turn out very well but the wings, which I patterned after a combination of a Bird of Paradise and a Peakock turned out amazing!

    Lovisa is one of my two Dukes and is happily married to my other, Duke Roquerre though they seldom spend any time in each other's bedchambers on account of them both being somewhat aging at this point and both being about as straight as a rainbow :)
    Still, they're happy and got a bunch of kids to dote on (my Paladins and Damsels)

    Using the TMS Hippogriff for this one. It's a very fine model. The resin was a pleasure to work with, much better both in the feel and painting than almost any other resin I've used (and I've worked with a LOT). Much fine details though I very much disagree with the aesthetic decisions they've done since I despise the old GW style of "Lots of tiny shields on everything!" which TMS has unfortunately gone for.
    The stance of the Hippogriff is also rather awkward looking, which is a shame.
    There's some sculpting oddities on the rider as well, such as the gauntlet holding the weapon being wildly oversized.
    But overall it's a very nice model and I would gladly use it again. Not a 10 by any means, but perhaps a 7/10, good enough but not really amazing in any way, though I do really like the Hippogriffs head. [Read More]
  • Finished my Knights of the Grail, which means I finally have a heavy hitter for my KoE to fight nasty things with. Yay?

    Whole squad, as of now. Dunno if I'm gonna run 'em like this or in two "darts". Also in my head apparently Magical Attacks = Glowing Enery Lances? I am quite okay with that being the case.

    Champion. her face turned out really horribly, sadly don't know how to fix it. It's pretty much this bad...
    Lady of Solna, a very suburban kind of place, it also houses three of our royal palaces, for those that like to look at rich parasites in pretty clothes. It is part of Stockholm, our capital, which is large enough that it actually extends beyond its own municipal borders.

    The knight of Skinskatteberg (skinsack mountain, possibly a robot name?). It boasts one of the worlds most mineral-rich mining fields and Cerium was discovered here in 1803. Not too shabby for a little mining town of 4500 people.
    Arms are specifically mining tools known as "Mountain Irons" for which I do not know the english name, not merely hammers
    He also has a pretty cool hat :)

    The best knight ever hails from Storfors, a town of just over 2000, it os one of Sweden's least populated municipalities and specializes in manufacturing heavy wall pipes.
    But that doesn't matter when you got an awesome set or arms! This might just be the best patterns I've even done for this army and I'm extremely pleased to be able to pull it off as well as I did. Checkers patters are awesome, shame I don't think any other municipalities use them :(
    Also has a nice hat, in fact all Knights of the Grail got awesome hats (hats serve as a secondary measure of rank for me).

    The knight of Salem, a town that is known to have existed since at least 1283 when it is mentioned in a royal letter. Amusing it was known as Slem (Slime) for a couple of hundred years. It was probably founded somewhere in the 9th or 10th century.
    It has a pretty nicepaired cottage from the 15th century.
    Also I don't know why but painting heraldic fishes just makes me happy. Look how cute and happy they always are!
    Had a pretty boring hat to start with so I made him some horns so he fit in better. They're kinda fragile :( (fell of twice while painting).
    The leaves are supposed to be from clinging ivy. The fish is unspecified, but cute.

    The only set of arms so far in my army that couldn't actually pass as proper medieval heraldry, the arms of Stenungssund feature something so interesting and strange as a stylised Hydrocarbon chain which is really unique and pretty cool.
    I think I really like just how different this one looks.
    The town is Sweden's greatest producer of polyethylene so the arms are well chosen. The arms were registered in 1977 and are a magnificent example of a more "modern" heraldry.
    Also the knight seems to have caught a arrow in his chest, sucks to be him.

    Also the are has come iron age burials, in which have been discovered roman artifacts, which is neat.

    Sadly I couldn't really do Sotenäs arms justice but they feature a very cute flatfish.
    Just as look at the original, its so cute! Also kinda confused. But then Flatfish are very confusing fish, aren't they?

    Also I have now run out of Spoons, so Sotenäs don't get any cool facts. Deal. [Read More]
  • Wow! Can you believe it, Buckeye Battles 2016 has come and gone! Buckeye Battles is a 100 man that has been going on for the last 10 years event located in Deleware OHand this year made the change to 9th age. Long time listeners of Ohiohammer would remember that we have described it as "A place where everyone knows your name, and they are always glad you came." To check out more info on Buckeye Battles see their website:

    In this episode: Andrew and Bill talk about their experiences! Andrew also gets the opporunity to talk to lead BB TO - Jeff Parkhurst, 40K Lead Organizer - Joe Elverson, and the host of Model Citizen and long time tournament organizer - Allen Blount!

    If you are interested in checking out the full results, look here:

    Or you'll have to listen to the podcast. For a sneak peak of who won Overall:

    As always, please let us know what you thought of the show by emailing us at, on twitter @ohiohammer2011 or by posting a review of our episode on Itunes.

    If you enjoy the show, tell others about it and check out our other shows that are part of the Ohiohammer Network (Countercharge, Countercharge Xtra, Xtra Points, and Model Citizen).

    Lastly don't forget to check out our miniatures convention - OhCon!

    OH 82 - Buckeye Battles 2016! [Read More]
  • GAME 2 – Kingdom of Equitaine

    Loik is the resident KoE general of the Tour d’Ebene club, and a veteran of many tournaments. We talked a bit about the new KoE rules (long story short: he isn’t too happy about them, and will be writing a long letter to Tulmir explaining why :D ) and then he went on to explain his army:

    Loïk wrote:


    Duke on Warhorse, Grail Oath, Virtue of Renown, Crusader’s Helm, Shield, Blade of Strife, Token of the King

    Paladin BSB on Warhorse, Questing Oath, Great Weapon, stuff (possibly the Orriflame?)

    Grail Damsel on warhorse, level 4 path of Heavens, Dispel Scroll, Ring of Ruin

    Damsel on foot, level 1 wilderness


    10 Knights of the Realm, Full Command

    11 Knights of the Realm, Full Command

    10 Peasant Bowmen, Skirmish

    10 Peasant Bowmen, Skirmish


    10 Knights Forlorn, Hedge Knights, Skirmish

    10 Knights Forlorn, Hedge Knights, Skirmish

    3 Pegasus Knights, Devastating Charge, Skirmish


    8 Knights of the Grail, Full Command

    8 Knights of the Grail, Full Command

    This time the scenario was Secure Target, with regular deployment. I picked side, opting for the one with the buildings (always a good thing against knights). We exchanged deployments, with me outdeploying Loik by a fair amount: in the end he went with a central deployment, with forlorn knights on either flank and peasant bowmen deployed as a screen in front of the knights.

    Magic: Grail Damsel got 0,1,4,5 from Heavens, the Wilderness Damsel got the signature, Dryad Matriarch got 0,6 from Wilderness and the Druid 2,5 from White Magic.

    I won the roll for the first turn, and went first. Letting KoE play first is never a good idea, all the more time for them to put you in a tough place.

    TURN 1 – Sylvan Elves

    The Archers entered the house on the left, the wild huntsmen stayed relatively wide and out of range of the peasant bowmen. By placing his bowmen as a screen, my opponent had involuntarily given me a turn of protection against charges, so I tried to make the most out of it: the centre of my force inched forward, with the forest guard pushing more aggressively towards the two Realm Knight blocks. The Briar maidens moved full speed ahead, entering the forest occupied by the Forlorn, and tempting them to charge. The rest of the fast contingent stayed relatively back, but in close support.

    Magic opened with a successful guiding hand raising the Forest Guards’ movement to an impressive 8. The rest was easily dispelled. Shooting was directed at the two forlorn units: the left one suffered 3 casualties by the archers’ volley, failed its panic test and fled. On the right, the Briar Maidens dropped another 3 Forlorn, but these stood their ground.

    TURN 1 – Kingdom of Equitaine

    Not being ones to shy from a challenge, the Forlorn Knights charged into the Briar Maidens, aided by the Pegasus Knights. The Maidens took potshots at the KoE skirmishers while they moved in, killing two. In remaining moves, the Knights of the grail approached my lines, one scaling the hill and edging slightly to threaten my wild huntsmens’ advance. The fleeing forlorn rallied, while the two Realm Knight units were kept at bay by the threat of the movement 8 Forest Guard.

    In the magic phase Loik spotted my plan’s weakness: I needed the kestrels to live to be able to countercharge once the maidens were dealt with. So he directed first a Lightning Bolt, then a Fireball and finally a Lightning Storm at the rightmost unit, which forced me to use my dispel scroll to be able to weather it all. I was reluctant to use the scroll so fast, but losing a unit (or potentially two) would mean that the Pegasus knights would crush that flank with ease. Shooting cost me a Bladedancer from the rightmost unit.

    In combat the Briar Maidens hit first, killing three forlorn knights. The return attacks (2 forlorn, one Pegasus knight) all missed or failed to wound. This meant that, unexpectedly, the Briar Maidens won combat! Both units passed their Steadfast Ld test, but interestingly the Pegasus Knights failed their test to combat reform!

    TURN 2 – Sylvan Elves

    Last turn’s good luck gave me an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up: the Kestrels fell into the Pegasus knights, while the Forest Guard flanked the two remaining Forlorn. To pull this off, I had to declare long charges on the screening bowmen, to cause them to contract and create some space. The Thicket Beasts and Dryads both failed their respective charges. In remaining moves I moved the second Kestrel unit in a sacrificial position, to prevent the Realm Knights from charging the Forest Guard on the following turn. This would also force the Grail Damsel to forego any magic missile spell for the following turn, since she’d be engaged in combat.

    Magic proved to be uneventful this turn, starting with a failed casting of the Curse of the Wildwood on the Damsel’s Knights. Shooting was aimed at the Knights[Read More]
  • Managed to snag a classic Paladin model over on Facebook.
    She's intended to be a BSB, but that would require me to make a banner and my freehanding skills are.... lacking. To say the least.
    Really nice model, excellent proportion for a GW model.

    Fun bit of trivia: This is supposed to be the first model sculpted by the legendary Michael Perry with his left hand, after losing his right to a cannon misfire (his last two-handed sculpt was the legendary Green Knight, one of the finest model GW ever released).

    Since she has pre-sculpted heraldry, I painted her in the arms of Normandie, as no swedish heraldry has two lions like that.

    EDIT: An no, I didn't forget to paint the lance. Its just that my knight roll with black lances. [Read More]
  • Finished my damsel :)

    My headcanon verison of the Kingdom of Equitaine is very, very knight-centric when it comes to social hierarchies. Non-knights are not entitles to their own arms but people of noble (i.e. from a knightly family/bloodline) are entitled to wear the arms of their closest knighly relative in the preferential order of: Life-partner, Father, Mother, male sibling, female sibling, grand parent of either sex, other relative.
    Families that can show no relative of knightly honour for three generations lose their noble status and their rights to arms.

    Married non-knighted nobles show the arms of their mate on the dexter side and that of their bloodline to the sinister. Children inherit the arms of their knightly parent only. In case of two knightly parents (which is rare) the parents usually choose which arms they should bear, a decision of great political weight is powerful noble families are involved.

    Being a damsel and thus not a knight, she wears her husbands arms o the left and her sister's on the right. [Read More]
  • So my Battle Standard Bearer got done. If all goes well he'll be the only GW model in the entire army, but I simply couldn't find a alternative that I liked.

    And I don't even really like him. Look at him! He's covered in a million tiny damn shields (actually, about 20)! Super annoying to paint in an interesting and non-repetetive way.
    In the end I decided that, as my BSB he should be the herald of my forces and to that end he carries the arms of all my 5 characters (two don't exist yet, those two are a project for next month )and all my 15 Knight of the Realm (Knight of the Quest are wanderers and not part of the Dukes' regular forces, they just show up, so they're not represented. Knight Forlorn are suffering under a punishment for dishonour and thus don't deserve to be there either.) to properly proclaim the honour and glory of The Lady and Equitaine to enemy forces.

    As are all my knights, he too is the lord of a real-life swedish municipality, this time it is Kalix, which is latin for "chalice", i.e. the Grail and thus perfect as the arms of a BSB :) [Read More]