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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Hey all!

    This thread is dedicated to Highborn Elf related news, as well as a way point for important threads related to the HE army book.


    Comparison have been added to all of the Feedback threads! (10.24.2016)

    Comparison charts have been added in all of the feedback links which compare unit costs and rules between 1.1 and 1.2
    @Shadeseraph has returned and is a HE ACS member again!

    More informationabout recent changes (and the reasons behind them) from :
    @Calisson >>> An eye in the crystal ball : future releases of T9A
    @Giladis >>> The Saucy Quill Inn - Paths of Magic
    @blonde beer >>> The 9th Scrolling Magazine and follow his YouTube channel : Orange Road !
    @oncebitten360 >>> Watch his video and follow his YouTube channel !
    The Ninth Scroll is T9A Official Magazine ! See more here :
    01 /// 02 /// ...

    HE Tactics Forum
    HE List Building

    1.2 Highborn Elf Armybook Preview video:

    HE version 1.2 AB!

    Feedback Threads for 1.2:

    Feedback - Chariots and Cavalry
    Feedback - Elite Infantry
    Feedback - Core
    Feedback - Characters/Honours
    Feedback - Monsters
    Feedback - Sharpshooters

    1.2 List Building Ideas

    1.2 HE Combat Characters Builds
    1.2 HE Magic Setup

    Army Community Support

    Follow my "first" T9A Army - TEH WOLFKIN

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  • Hi all,

    As some of you may have noticed, since the last 3 days there is now an orange label under my name that reads HE Community support. It is a pleasure to be able to represent the HbE community and I'm looking to give some tough fight always waving the banner of Moderation, Respect, Analysis and Rationale :)

    In order to make this post more relevant other than stating the obvious (the orange label) I will use it as an opportunity to give some updates that you may find interesting:

    1. Being HBE ACS does not invalidate in any way my ability to post as a user or propose suggestions. So, you will continue to see every now and then posts around analysis of our different army options and how to improve them, etc.
    2. In terms of internal Team structure:
      • @Arhain is the head of ACS, that is, my boss and the boss of any other army ACS member. He does a number of tasks amongst which it includes coordination within the ACS group and enhancing communication channels with RT/BLT/ADT. He also peer reviews any community feedback document that ACS members may need to share with those mentioned teams
      • @Shadeseraph has now a red label under his name that reads "Advisory Board". He has explained it already in another thread, but amongst his tasks one immediate priority is to ensure that there is an improvement on the amount of information that is being shared with the community (i.e. things that are being worked on, etc.). He will still be pretty much involved in the same duties I will be in within the ACS (despite not having the official orange label) and he will be another layer of peer review to ensure the community feedback I provide is as objective and unbiased as possible
      • Myself. HbE ACS. Not any different than what Shade is being doing so far.
    3. In terms of where are we now in the project:
      • Mid November an internal report was produced by Shade and Arhain based on the input gathered in the two Feedback threads (Issues and priorities). This is report was shared with both RT (rules team) and BLT (balance team). The result of the Rules and Balance team analysis and discussions will result in the list of updates for the army books, currently planned to happen around Christmas date.
      • This information will be initially shared with the ACS members. This is where ACS members have the opportunity to ask for an explanation of the changes and, if any concerns are identified, report them ahead of the official publication.
      • I will use this thread to give you updates on upcoming changes as long as there is something that we are told is solid for sharing.

    Hopefully you will find this update interesting. Stay tuned for more
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view

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  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    While there aren't any official news that can yet be detailed, i thought it may be interesting for you to know a bit more of what's happening at the moment and what are the expectations that one can have on the next update:

    Who's doing what:

    The Rules team have been working on the core rulebook updates as well as, for the most part of it, army composition aspects of the different armies.
    • In relation to the army aspects, some of the changes will come as a result of the "Top RT feedback issues" reported by the community (the list of top5) plus any other aspect in relation to army composition that they deemed appropriate of updating.
    • Those updates have been shared with the ACS community and this is where we are having the opportunity to ask for rationale on the changes.
    • On my personal experience of interacting with them this week I have to say that I am VERY impressed by the amount and quality of dedication and attention that they are giving to this activity. There may have been challenges in cross-teams communications in the past, but there's certainly been a very positive improvement and I have felt very much supported through that process.
    The Balance team (BLT)are currently finalising the last bits of work on the army specific updates that are not covered by the RT. What are those? In a simplistic view: the very weak/underperforming thread should give you an idea on the most likely topics being looked at.

    What to expect:

    First and foremost: no big redesigns. At army specific level, this update will target the following aspects
    • Fix issues introduced in 1.2, mostly around army composition issues (either raised by the army community or identified by RT). Fix what makes common sense and avoid risking balance.
    • Do not expect all unit options that were lost to be back. There is a definite intention to limit non-visibily-identifiable unit optional upgrades and, where appropriate, a points adjustment may be considered.
    • Small point adjustments (generally buffs) by the BLT here and there to the most underperforming units to make them more attractive. Again, no large unit redesign envisaged at this stage .

    Finally, as a personal observation:

    One of the biggest takeaways I get from this is the fact that we seem to be going towards a more stablised phase. 1.2 was a bit of a rollercoaster and 1.3 is correcting some of the ripples that it caused, which is good for everyone's mental sanity. Army composition percentages should be stabilised also and that should allow more time to focus on individual issues that may not yet be addressed in this update.

    Hopefully you'll find more light than dark in these words.

    For our past, present and future glory. Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view

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  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    A new sneak peak is out and this time we get a full view of the updates to the magic paths.

    Divination comes out unscathed despite some forecasts that indicated otherwise, Pyromancy change from trait to attibute is interesting as it enables better chaff clearing. Also the paths available for MoCT get slightly better due to the buffs in Druidism (with casting values reduction), the armour buff to alchemy (despite the deserved nerf to the spike) and the Cosmology signature value decrease.

    This, in combination with bound-spell armies losing access to crown of scorn, should encourage a minor reflourishment of the magic phase.

    Personally I like how does changes affect our army, it's a shame the miscast table didn't receive an update yet, and bringing magic slightly up is good and was needed. I believe we'll still see magic-less armies, but the bound-spells nerf is a well deserved one.

    What do you think?

    For the magic that runs through our veins, Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view
  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    Anyone feeling up for a quiz tonight? There we go:

    Which of the T9A Masters HbE Dragon lists will remain a valid list under 1.3?

    • Use all information provided by sneak previews and various posts from me on last days
    • There are 2 out of the 7 dragon lists that will remain valid

    See summary of T9A masters here (link)

    Happy hunting. Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view

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  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    As the moment of the truth approaches it is time to clear some of the clouds in the sky and give you some more clarity on what to expect:

    The "bad news":
    • Expect harsher limits in the monster mash lists: 1.2 allowed a direction on monster mash lists that it was not the desired path and this will be addressed in the upcoming update. Furthermore, certain monster mash lists where slightly over the desired power level, and you will find some limitations introduced in that respect
    • AWR, Honours, our on-foot characters and, for the most part of it, magic items are not being addressed as part of this updat
    The "good news":

    • Elder service is being fixed in a very interesting and elegant way
    • Some of the "unit option" we lost are coming back. And for the ones that don't come back, there is a very interesting cost-decrease applied to them
    • Many units will see a minor buff in the form of a slight cost adjustment (decrease), specially those who have to move in the battlefield on their own feet, and amongst those, there are a couple of very interesting surprises
    My recommendations?
    • Go with zero expectations on bullet point 2 of "bad news". Really. Otherwise it may obscure in your mind what otherwise is a positive update of our army
    • Monster-mash lovers: Digest the news, go and look at which were the rankings in the T9A masters of the lists that will remain valid, and then post in the forums. Highly recommended!
    • Read the whole lot of updates, digest them, form your own opinion, and share your thoughts in the forum!
    Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view
  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    Today I want to talk to you about the changes that didn't happen, from my own personal experience and PoV of the last 2 weeks.

    Most of us, myself included, had expectations on seeing more profound changes like our AWR being improved, or on-foot characters fragility vs R&F being addressed. Even though I have already given some hints in previous posts, I wanted to give you a more elaborate rationale

    Let's travel two months ago: 1.2 was deployed with very profound changes driven by different reasons, including legal ones, and caused very strong ripples and some undesired effects. There was no plan prior to that to have any significant update until, at least, April 2017, so that there could be a long and stable period of playtesting. The community input across all the armies helped realise that there were important fixes needed that couldn't be left until that late. So 1.3 was "created" as a way to address those glaring issues. This was not ideal, as it forces into too many changes in a short time and constant re-learning, but it was needed.

    As a result of that, there were very clear directions given on what to fix:
    1. Issues created in 1.2 in relation to army composition and lost options
    2. Key 3 underperforming units, 3 underperforming mounts and 3 underperforming items (and HbE also reported 3 underperforming honours)
    Why was that done in such way and not trying to address all?

    Time and resources:
    The RT is formed of 5 members that need to look after 16 armies AND core rulebook rules. BLT is formed of 9 members that need to look at balance acroos 16 armies. AND in addition to this, there is the work happening on the 4 FULL army books planned for spring 2017. And consensus across different members is required to approve most changes. You can see where this is leading.

    So, would the RT and BLT had been able to address most of the HbE issues and concerns if they where to focus its dedication into our army for the last 2 months? Yes, obviously. But, as we need to understand, this is simply not possible. 5h of dedication to HbE means 80h of dedication across all the armies, and then time for core RB apart. 80h in 2 months equals nearly 1.5hours a day of dedication to it, on people that have daytime jobs and families, and that would still not account for the time in the core rulebook, full army books, etc.

    So, once you factor all this in, it is easy to understand why only certain things could be tackled

    1.2 Ripple effects
    The time and resources mentioned above needed to focus not only on past issues, but also on issues created as a result of the army composition changes. Consider the changes to Prince of Ryma and Elder Service. Do you think they were easy to land? Not at all. And removing Heavy Armour to Spearmen and having to address questions from certain ACS guy saying "the community wants Spears to feel moreelite", also takes time ;)

    And with all this in mind, now we need to look at those unaddressed topics:

    Magic items:
    In all fairness, if you really want to fix them you need to re-look at all of them. Why? Because one item can be fixed through fixing another one or as a side-effect of rules/army changes. Take the book of Meladys as an example: is perceived as underpowered, but if you were to give the banner of Becalming a +1 to cast also, then the BoM becomes a very interesting choice. We all would love an armour for an on-foot character, or something to limit miscast damage in our units, but it would just take so much time to review them all that it just couldn't happen now. A couple of changes happened on 3 of the reported items, but it is acknowledged that it may still not be enough or may just need a full redesign (cloak of the stars, i'm looking at you)

    Musician rules affected our rule, and there is a strong willingness to review it, but as it affects every single unit, it again would require much more time to address and agree on the changes. Because of these reasons, it wasn't even considered for a review

    And the same applies to on-foot characters and honours

    What I would have liked to happen differently?
    Expectations management. Some of the above I didn't came to know until quite late in the review process (i.e honours not been looked at), as the outputs from the BLT review had a slight delay. What we are trying to improve for the future is better communication and awareness of the ACS members in the reviews and WIP.

    If I had been able to write yesterday's post (the one saying "this this and this will not be updated") 3 weeks ago, it would have set much clearer expectations on what was to come. I will be working towards that, and towards providing you more visibility and rationale on things to continue improving this in the near future.

    Hopefully you will find this update interesting. In future updates during the next days I will be giving you a detailed view on the conversations and feedback from RT and BLT on a unit by unit basis.

    For the eternal links that unite our race, Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view

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  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    Today's update will be a quote to a masterfully written post from our comrade @Eldren, which summarises the 1.3 updates from his PoV

    Eldren wrote:

    Considering the limited scope of the v1.3 update, I think the team has done a fantastic job in patching up the book! Also, this is definitely a step in the right direction as determined by the Army Direction Survey - more power to Highborn Infantry!

    Sword Masters

    I can't even express my joy and excitement using decent English; it pretty much comes out as animal noises. HOLY COW this was *exactly* the solution I was advocating for! Proper glass cannons that will reward you if you manage to support them right. Definitely not expensive in exchange for a complete lack of defensive abilities compensated by horrendously powerful offensive abilities. I think they'll excel at their anti-infantry role once more thanks to their great offensive output! Charge them into powerful blocks along with proper support and even step-up retaliations won't be much of a problem (e.g. don't solo-charge a unit of 20 into something like a unit of 50 Wildhorns with Paired Weapons and the +1 S Banner, soften with shooting or combo-charge with other stuff).

    We should either build our lists around these guys and make up for their weakness against shooty matchups through methods like taking lots of counter-shooting elements, target saturation, MSU, magic protection (Scrying Aura with Asfad is great) and effective screening elements (works like a charm against non-Volley shootaz). Also, if you come up against non-shooty matchups in a tournaments, you're not paying for a useless anti-shooting ability which just translates into more bodies on the ground.

    Because of their lack of durability & grinding ability within the realm of possibility for an Elvish elite infantry which is supposed to have a shock-trooper/line-breaker role, remaining relatively low in ppm cost is absolutely ideal. Because of their glass cannon nature, they still remain as a high risk & high reward investment but they WILL reward your investment to support them because they just *excel* at their role as a glass cannon.

    Highborn Elite DakkaDakka

    The new shooting options are interesting, we may have lost the ability to spam 2 units of 15 QG but now you can easily take 2 units of 10 QG along with 3 RBT which is just amazing? Another crazy setup which fits at 4500 is: 2 Reaper Sloops, 1 RBT and 2x10 QG. That's a lot of quality shooting. In terms of pure shooting power, I think we're in a better place right now. You even have 750pts of Elder Service left at 4500 after maxing out on QG's (2x10 with muso) and 3 RBTs (taking 3 RBT's doesn't leave any room for anything else from the PK section).

    The points reduction for Grey Watchers was simply not enough - these guys lost a huge chunk of their attractiveness over the likes of RBT's, QG and Sloops due to losing their uniquely powerful Warmachine hunting ability. If they were a lot cheaper or remained expensive and had Multiple Shots(x2), I may have considered them over their serious competition in the Peacekeepers section but they won't make it into any of my lists in their current state.

    Monstah Mash

    Sure we got a lot more restricted but you can barely fit in a decently kitted out (Giant Sword + Lucky Shield & Charm + Divine Icon) Ancient Dragon Prince and a Mage-BSB MoCT (fully-kitted) which is more than enough for my needs. What we've lost is the ability to take *both* an Ancient Dragon AND a Royal Huntsman Prince on a LC. Or my dreaded Ancient (sans the Lucky Charm) plus Frostie HWotF Prince with Ogre Sword + Potion of Strength + Bronze Breastplate + Lucky Charm. That was brutal. We'll still be able to support the kind of powerful monsters from the character slot with the regular birdies from the AA slot.

    Lists with the Ryma Prince will be interesting. Maxed out QG will be a must-have because you're losing a lot of anti-WM power. It'll allow for more target saturation and double-triple Stomp synergies (combo-charging with monsters tends to be brutal). I'm a little miffed about not being able to give Devastating Charge for only 60pts just because I want to make my Dragon or Horsie riding Prince a bit more killy on the charge in lists which aren't supposed to go all out on the MASH because it'll kill my essential PK slot. Welp, it's only a minor setback!

    Point Reductions

    Point reductions to Elite Infantry is great, now that's what I call "a step in the right direction". Flame Wardens greatly benefit from the reduced cost but now that they've become this cheap, they need to eventually be allowed to take max 30 guys in a unit. They kinda need it because of their Anvil role.

    Lions pts reduction is very nice (so is the return of the Skirmishing LG, I've only later realized their value as a flexible bunker) but I would have been happier if their cost remained unchanged in exchange for the return of MW2 against chariots. Lions are a highly specialized unit when it comes to their intended targets and need to get better at it in exchange for leaving the SM and FW's to excel at an "all-comers" role.

    Will the reduction for KoR after the first 5 prove to be enough to make bigger units a viable investment? Time will tell... It feels like it's not enough to me but then again, I'm biased as fug when it comes to HE. I'm eager to try them out in Ryma Prince-led lists because I think they'll need the aggressive Lancer + KoR bus supported by cavalry characters and lots of monsters. Fast and hard-hitting will be the name of the game for Ryma lists instead of the old "stand back, shoot and counter-charge".

    Citizen Spears... This is such a grrrrrreat change. Hell yeah, they're even cheaper now. Multiple units of 20 is something I'll definitely be trying out: decent damage, durability and disrupting potential for the price. I already had 50 Spearmen with the Flaming Banner backed by Alchemy on my radar and couldn't get to try it out yet and this unit became even cheaper now. That's a SOLID combat block from Core. The min-sized unit just became an even better Wizard bunker due to gaining even more durability against Witch Fire thanks to more bodies in exchange for only +50pts. Great Wizard-bunker...

    If you take a MoCT BSB with Great Weapon, 3 S6 attacks now with +1 to Hit plus 20 attacks from the spears will deter fast Wizard bunker-busters from charging you in the front (5 Imperial Knights just explode on contact).

    Magic Items

    I understand that redesigning them barely fit into the scope of this update so I won't be overly critical. The Spear fix is a good one, I think it is a very viable choice now. Its advantage over the more expensive Pickaxe is its superior ability to actually pierce the armour on their targets (The Pickaxe doesn't get to use its amplified "Strength" to affect armour saves, it only wounds better and gets MW2). I really wish mounted characters could also take it as a Light Lance (which will be balanced by the fact that it won't be as strong due to losing AP and Lethal Strike, you won't be getting the +1 S on the charge).

    The Cloak remains to be a "dud choice". It's at least a decent choice now for magicless lists because the protection it offers is actually significant now. I'm also considering giving it to a QC BSB in a big unit of 15 QG because even the simplest Magic Missile is absolutely the bane of this unit. The list will also be Alchemy-based so I won't be casting any meaningful Augment spells on that QG unit anyway. This was actually a nice compromise considering the fact that a complete redesign was out of question for this update. I think the alternative solution could have been to make it even cheaper, keep it at -1 but only affect *enemy spells* cast against the bearer's unit. That way, it becomes a worse choice for magicless list but becomes better in all kinds of lists.

    The Helm... Well, the Griffon allowance is nice but this item has problems which were masterfully explained by Calcathin in a thread just before the v1.3 release and should definitely be taken into consideration when designing our FAB. Griffon builds are going to be interesting with the Helm though because they really benefit a lot from it. Griffons even became 20 pts cheaper!

    Biggest Disappointment: Sea Guard

    This was an overall positive update and I am happy with most of the changes but I'm not happy with the state of our beloved Sea Guard. Elder Service gaining a 30% allowance looks like it helps SG at first glance but competing with the QG (such a critically valuable unit for most lists) in the same slot nullifies any boon from that change. They still remain seriously overpriced and now face an even tougher competition from cheaper Spearmen, QG and even Archers became more valuable for Ryma lists because they can't take PK for anti-WM support anymore and may need the cheap long ranged shooting after maxing out on the QG.

    Despite my disappointment, I'll be trying out a big unit with the Flame Banner which either maxes out my Core or take one big enough to fit in along with a Reaver unit and support it with 3 RBT's in a "magic heavy" experiment with an Asfad Divination General & MoCT Alchemy BSB character setup.


    Pretty damn good update as a a mix of point cost adjustments and rule changes (like Sword Sworn and the Spear of the Blazing Dawn). The team has done a great job despite the limited scope of this update leaving little room for design decisions. Our FAB is going to be absolutely fantastic when it comes out.
    For all those that make our kingdom great, Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view
  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    As a result of intense conversations with our (always challenging) comrade @ceridan81, an old initiative originally started by @ferny has now been reborn. The list building challenge! And the first challenge proves to be a fiery one...go check it out here (link)

    For a land of honourable Princes, fiery Mages and mighty Beasts. Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
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  • Calcathin wrote:

    Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    Being the first week after the release of 1.3, and considering many of us will want to start thinking on lists with our new supercharged Swordmasters, we are going to have a second "Themed list" going on this week!

    And this one with very few restrictions. Let's see which are the best lists you can build fielding:
    • Swordmasters
    • MoCT
    A little briefing of how you plan to use the list will be most welcome.

    Keep those lists coming. Raise thy Spears Swords!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view

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  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    As the Christmas holidays approach, some of us that live abroad are travelling back home. I am one of those, travelling to Spain for a couple of weeks. Therefore I will be less available, although still will be checking in every now and then.

    You will not be alone as there is plenty of Staff that love our army and they'll be around.

    I hope you all have a merry merry Christmas and a happy new year!

    Raise thy Spears Glasses of Wine/Champagne/Bier/coke/Tap water, whatever your preference is!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
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  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    There has been a very interesting discussion in this Thread in relation to combat reforms. There seems to be many people who haven't understood properly what is a legal or an illegal combat reform, and it's worth a read.
    The most relevant post so far is quited below

    Lagerlof wrote:

    Pegasus moves from one flank to the other, LEGAL REFORM. The chariot was in base contact with all models, so no one was moved out from combat here.

    ILLEGAL REFORM. The left most spearmen is not in combat anymore.

    This is the exact example from post 1. But done in a LEGAL way. The slayer moves to the edge, no model has been moved out from the combat. Then the other unit follows, and at the same time reforms to more ranks and put 4 models behind, making any countercharge from the front impossible (unless the enemy unit combat reforms after)
    Hope you find this useful.

    Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view
  • Hi all,

    The combat reform rules have been clarified by RT and a summary is quoted below.

    Note that some of the information I did mention in the Discussion thread was not 100% accurate; mainly, the check that "exact enemy models remain in combat" is done after ALL combat reforms for a combat and not after each unit reforms. All combat reform checks should be performed before moving any unit so it is known in advance which units may perform the combat reform.

    A thread has been created in the Tactics section (Link) for clarity, from which the below quote is pulled

    Also, must watch video that explains it clearly with diagrams: Link

    Calcathin wrote:

    Hi all,

    The combat reforms topic from which an update was posted at the begining of this month has finally obtained official confirmation from the RT. Moreover, @oncebitten360 has posted a video in youtube that covers what is legal and what is not legal in combat reform

    Please read in detail and watch the video, because there are more combat reforms allowed than what I initially understood and I previously did mention some reforms as illegal where they are actually legal.

    The below quotes summarize the most important parts of this discussion

    Video (must watch) Link

    Dan wrote:

    Okay, anyone who hasn't seen @oncebitten360s video on reform types should go watch it now. It's short, concise, and answers every question I've seen in this thread so far.

    To paraphrase him, at the end of each reform within a combat you check for two things:

    1) Do I have at least the same NUMBER of models in combat as I had before?
    2) Are the characters which were in combat still in combat?

    Once you've completed all your reforms in a combat, you answer one final question:

    1) Does the enemy have the exact same models in combat?

    If you can answer "yes" to all of these, congrats, you have legally reformed.

    fjugin wrote:

    Checking that the exact same enemy models are in base contact with something after all reform is very much intended. Not after each reform, after all reforms.
    And yes this means units can move around quite a bit with combat reforms. I think that's quite fun, there are lots of smart moves one can do with combat reforms.

    Dan wrote:

    Scorbol wrote:

    Is it possible to get a final explanatory drawing that summerizes the legal reformation ?

    I get confused by all the interpretations here...
    Again, to paraphrase OB:At the end of each reform in a combat you check for the following:

    1. Do you have at least the same number of models in combat?
    2. Are all characters which were in combat still in combat?

    And at the end of all of your reforms in a given combat you check the following:

    1. Does my opponent have the exact same models in combat as he had before? Note that it doesn't say "number of models" as the first question did.

    You need to be able to answer yes to all 3. If you only have one unit to reform in a given combat, obviously, you ask all three questions at once.
    Enjoy the watch

    Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view

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  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    Please give a warm welcome to @Masamune88 who just joined me in the HbE ACS team.

    The aim was to have a team structure with two ACS members, as we had previously, so this appointment concludes the transition period after the previous HbE ACS team ( first @Arhain and then @Shadeseraph) where promoted into Head of ACS and Advisory Board roles respectively (though still very actively involved in all HbE conversations!)

    We both hope to offer as a team the best to meet both T9A team expectations from us but also, and at same level of importance, internally represent the HbE community interests and inputs

    Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
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  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    With the UK masters now over, a new initiative has started in the Tactics section to discover the strengths and weaknesses of each of those armies, tips on how to approach them and what to avoid. Go check it out in the Tactics section!

    For each of those we will be looking to involve not only the HbE community but also relevant members of the "army list" community being discussed. And if possible, we'll bring the attention also to the player that used the list for even greater in-depth details.

    You will be able to see that, even though all threads have been created, we have kicked off the biggest initiatives for the Undying Dinasties army, which tends to be one of the less known due to number of players. We are using those initiatives in this topic as a pilot and, if they work well and help catch enough traction, we will roll them out to the other army list threads.

    Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
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  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    As you may have read in the News section (if not, please do) there will be no more updates, neither in our book nor in the core rulebook (FAQ's as an exception) until past the ETC. Based on the dates of the ETC that means until at least end of August / begining of September.

    As it was mentioned in previous communications, there wasn't clarity on whether there would be a potential 1.4 release around April/May or whether rules would be left untouched until later. Now we do know, there won't be. While this may have the downside that we will not be able to address yet some of the pending/underperforming areas of our book, it has the benefit to provide a stable ruleset for months to come and create the proper space for list sharing and tactics discussions.

    This was an area of large concern within the project, as it was causing many players to be unwilling to play due to the constant changes. It's even caused numerous instances where even experienced players submit (unknowingly) illegal lists to tournaments which go unnoticed up until after the event!

    The additional advantage this has is that it creates space and time for the RT and BT to do their job without so much rush and to have more playtesting time involved in between changes, which is also a positive thing.

    Because of all this reasons you will see a clear stir in this subforum towards promoting tactics and battle reports experiences, as it was already initiated with the new "know your enemy" lists discussions in the tactics area. While unit feedback is still welcome and encouraged, we'd prefer to first collate more inputs from all our fellow generals and their experiences with 1.3 and, when the right time comes, renewed focus will take place in the unit feedback section.

    For all the generals that represent the Highborns with pride. Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view
  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    Today we wanted to share with you a different representation of the Army Poll survey, this time based on each of the phases of the game. (link)

    Calcathin wrote:

    So, here's the graphs based on game phases:

    As you will see, Leadership is not represented as it doesn't directly influence the rest of the phases.
    Unit support is represented because in many cases it may influence how an army performs in specific phases of the game (i.e. area distracting)

    The reason I like this way of representing the data is because it shows the army strengths and weaknesses at each phase of the game, which gives a very clear understanding in game terms and identity of how an army may perform.

    It's interesting to see that, under this type of graph representation, all armies look distinct, even the three elven races which had marginal differences only in previous graphs, specially between DE and HbE.

    In this representation is clear that DE have strong combat offense and weak defense, whereas HbE are appear as one of the strongest defensive armies. HbE have a much stronger preference for magic, while DE have an edge on mobility. Both are comparable in shooting. SE, in comparison of the other two, are top performers in deployment and shooting, with much weaker magic and slightly weaker combat. Amongst the elves, DE has the stronger unit support, SE the weaker and HbE somewhere in between.

    Some time ago there was an interesting discussion about a proposal elves exchanging the +1 to hit for distracting. While this had strong support in the HbE forums, it had minimal support in the DE forums. The graphs above give a very clear view of how those armies are perceived, in sync with the lessons learnt from the mentioned discussion. The graphs also show why WotDG should be THE combat army.

    And here are which entries make up each category:

    Only difference of grouping vs the poll is in relation to Magic, where Support magic is assigned into Magic sectino whereas in the poll it was in Support.

    Raise thy Spears!

    P.S.: As with all other representations, this is only a personal interpretation of the data; this should not be considered, by any means, as a hint to future design work on full army books
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view
  • Hello my Fellow Princes and Queens,

    Today one of our noble generals has requested audience to the Highborn Council for advice on an urgent warfare matter.

    An maniac general from the Empire, who calls himself the Savage Sage and acts as a propagandist of Emperor TVI, has landed on the coastline belonging to lands our fellow comrade @Jackginger. Diplomacy has failed to land any pact and is therefor time for a call to arms. @Jackgingertroops are ready to march and he has come to us for advice and strategy to defeat this unusual Empire army and finally put his lands to peace.

    Please come to the Warfare Council and give your advice here: link

    Raise thy Spears!
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view
  • Hello my fellow Princes and Queens,

    As you may have seen lately, there is focus been placed in the HbE Tactics section to promote quality battle reports and discussion about tactics, both from our army and also on how to beat other armies ('Know Your Enemy' series).

    There have been some requests/demands in the past that there were few quality reports and youtube videos available for HbE. As a result of that, we have been in contact with the Content Team and PR to see what could be done in that respect. As a result of that, we have been directed to a series of interesting sources of such content. Not only that, but we have been communicated also that we would have some "good news" on that matter in the short term.

    As a result of that, I want to bring to your attention the HbE Battle Reports thread (here) in the Army Tactics section. This thread will become an inventory of all sources of quality reports for the HbE army. This will not only include dedicated youtube channels or bloggers, but we will also link there any battle report from fellow members which meets minimum quality standards (Turn by turn analysis supported by images/diagrams).

    Some of that content is already in place, but not all of it. In the following days, myself and @Masamune88 will be scanning the battle reports from the HbE subforums and add those links there

    For the warfare knowledge of our realm, Raise thy Spears!

    HBE - Battle Reports Thread
    Always a Highborn Elf, here or somewhere else
    The HbE Hotfix- My view