Wandsworth Waaaaaagh 4500 points one dayer February 3rd

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    • First round draw is below

      Mark - Chris
      Kevin - Ale
      Colin - James
      John - DJ
      Tony - Tom
      Andreas - Patrick
      Dr love - Gio

      If you have been to one of our events before you will know that we try and be as laid back as possible. We also celebrate the benevolent dictatorship of the TO. As such instead of the traditional tie breaker of VPs we will be using the "What @Raffazza Thinks Is A Cool List" metric. He was asked to do this a couple days ago with the only note being "whatever you think is cool". Always one to voice his opinion on lists he happily obliged. (Although the fact that John's abomination of an ogre gunline is third makes me think Raf may have lost his mind.)

      Rafazza's 'coolness' rankings

      James "PIRATE FLEET!" Craven
      D "proxy lord" J
      John "Always knocks thrice" Turner
      Tony "What is imagination?" Hayle
      Mark "Random Mess" Borland
      Christopher "Trying too hard" Taylor
      "Speed is a theme" Ale
      "Hot Dwarf" Andreas
      Dr "Lizard" Love
      Gio "Dead Bored" T
      Patrick "Missionary" Almeida
      Kevin "I don't need Friends" Weaver
      Colin "WAC" Power
      Tom "TO's cant win their own event" Uden

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    • Last minute entry is the fabulous holdstone Team Scotland is built around Deeeeeeeeeeeeejjjjjj

      Deej's Dwarves

      475 - King - general,ancestral grudge, shield, fury, smashing, might, 2 x iron and forge

      375 - Rune Smith- shield, lightning, iron, denial, dragons breathe

      330 - BSB - shield, 3 x lightning, 2 x iron, shielding

      185 - Anvil

      240 - 10 Marksman - shield, crossbow

      240 - 10 Marksman - shield, crossbow

      646 - 39 Spear dwarves - spears, shield, full command, vet standard with banner of speed.

      650 - 6 Hold Guardians,full command,banner of wisdom

      520 - 5 Hold Guardians, full command

      220 - 10 miners - shield, throwing weapons

      216 - 8 rangers - shield, crossbow, skirmish

      200 - steam bombers

      200 - steam bombers
    • What a treat! The UK master himself has given us a rub down of the irat round matches. Big thanks to Jake Corteen.

      Mark v Chris WDG vs WDG

      Battle of the new book! All I can say in this match is that nobody involved, or watching, will have any clue what anything does. Though Chris has helpfully written the options for his exalted herald on the list, where I think you get to pick them before the game – or do you? Nobody seems to know!

      Chris has brought a “subtle” list, even for WDG, with two huge combat bricks, a mass of small units of Hentai fanbois, and an exalted herald (daemon prince with the serial numbers filed off). Unsure if he’s planning to keep the doomlords in the forsworn brick or run them as solo threats, they’re solid either way – but perhaps unexceptional in damage output vs armoured targets. Watch out for the first round stubborn.

      Mark only has one Doomlord – clearly he is insufficiently educated in the ways of Electric Wizard. He does have a giant dragon monster, so perhaps he’s more of a power metal kind of guy? It’s pretty meaty, anyway, but I worry the opposing Warriors have the tools to put dents in it. Supporting these are more of the tentacle obsessives, even more forsworn, and then a grab bag of cool stuff from the often unseen depths of previous Warriors books. Feldraks are my favourite – the M8 makes them very tasty in my eyes. I think Mark wins the mobility game, it’s a question of if he can capitalise on that when the scary Forlorn brick closes in, and under attack from magic. Should be a tight game, I’ll call this one a high scoring draw.

      Kevin (Woody aholes) v Ale (dragons)

      Ban Kevin Weaver. Hey, does anyone remember those tshirts ?

      Ale has brought knights and dragons. Plus a few grey watchers, which I’m kinda disappointed in – allcav is the way to go! It’s a very cool list, hope the models are nice as if so it’ll look dramatic.

      Kev? Kev has brought a list less fun than Kairos Fateweaver reading the Journal of European Public Policy in a monotone. Or, worse, Colin. It basicall shoots you while fucing about a bit with kestrel knights It does in fairness shoot you very well, and I do like the kestrels. Think it’s lacking an eagle, and thicket beasts without a shepherd are an odd choice, but there we go.

      This matchup will be quick and brutal. Ale’s only chance is to go for Kev absolutely full tilt, go for the throat and not let up. Hope Kev runs out of units before Ale runs out of threats. I’m talking drop central for first, vanguard Reavers up and shove them in conga lines sideways across the army to block its redeploying (that bit only if the situation warrants), push max move forward towards it making sure units are separated enough one thing can’t chaff both, deny spots to slip away into. Then just hope the shooting is poor.

      My tip vs SE? Pathfinders are horrible. They are target no1.

      Big one way or another. I think it’s in Kev’s favour.

      Colin v James

      I take it back, you are forgiven Kev. Colin has brought the single safest list in the history of safe lists. It shoots, it has chaff, it has hard target and ward bubbles all over, it heals and regens, it shoves a temple guard brick at you that you can’t fight while the hard target alpha carnosaur is alive. In the meanwhile, it spams magic at you.


      James, on the other hand, has Corsairs. I like corsairs, my debut on the tournament scene featured them. In fact, I gather it’s a pirate themed list, and it looks it with the reapers, monsters and corsairs. The list is fast, threatening, mobile, fun, and utterly devoid of any answer to a Temple Guard brick. Plus the Alpha has lots of tasty food to snack on.

      Big win to Colin. If he stays awake. (Who am I kidding, he thrives on this stuff.)

      John v Deej

      John has brought an ogre gunline (more yawning) but with the cool addition of triple giant. The giants’ flatulence is so loud it acts as a musician with radius 18” for the purpose of march blocks, which is rather cool, and adds to the list I think – plus they can fight as well, and project threat to keep things off the shooty units. I like.

      Deej, of course, is the hero Team Wales for last year needed, but didn’t deserve. He will live in our hearts forever. (Except Felix, who just uses him for his painting ability. Shame on you, Felix).

      He brings a solid, flexible list that I’m rather a fan of. Love hold guardians – very tough and very flexible units that Dwarfs just haven’t had previously. Accompanying them is a suite of magical buffs, a unit-munching Runesmith and BSB pair, a smashy King, a veritable brick of spears, and then a selection of mobile utility units and light shooting support.

      My only disappointment is that there seems to be no vanguard on the spear block – I reckon the capability adds a lot to the list when paired with the hold guardians, should the opportunity for aggressive play present itself. I also really rate the hold banner on Hold Guardians, but that’s a minor thing.

      I think I give the matchup to John, though – small win, he outshoots the dwarfs and has the mobility and threat to constrain their movement somewhat. Just has to play it tight and careful.

      (Yes, the dwarf army is significantly more interesting than either kevin or colin have brought.)

      Tony v Tom

      Tony has… Felix’ list from the Masters. But ever so slightly worse. Apparently this is what he asked for.

      It’s a list with a lot of potential in theory, but whose movement and forward planning needs to be on point to get the best out of – as Felix himself found out. Very shooty, but needs to be willing to be mobile to perform at its best. Don’t underestimate the combat units.

      Tom has to throw one of the games as he can’t win his own event (else we’ll mock him forever). Must be difficult – balancing that with the new team member’s desire to prove themselves. Poor Tom, I hope his head doesn’t explode from the pressure.

      His list is like Felix and Fred Humcke had a lovechild after the last ETC. Excuse me while I get the brain bleach… Jokes aside, it’s solid, resilient, threatening, and full of leadership tricks. Plus I love shamanism magic to bits, and Dark Rain is a big deal here.

      I give this to Tom – his list has the tools to dismantle the Empire. So long as he is careful around the Flagellants. And doesn’t throw the game.

      (Hey, did I just give him an excuse if he loses?)

      Andreas – Patrick

      Andreas has a new-book take on fairly classic dwarfs – the character light version to get more toys in. Deep Watch remain rock hard, though I hear hammerers are more in vogue these days. Add in spear and hold guardian support units, and then a cloud of non-traditional artillery like flame cannons and ballistas, an organ gun, and a cloud of shooty/grenade chaff. It’s solid, if a little uninspiring (I do like the flame cannons though).

      Patrick has the new filth on the block, HBE. Alchemy, tough flame warden BSB, ryma spears, becalming bunker (though not archers), some chaff, shooting and medium scoring, and then elite infantry blocks. It’s a very solid framework that has become a go-to for a reason, but Patrick has perhaps gone for a more combat version of the “traditional” build, and has avoided the usually default Sloops. That makes it more fun, if maybe less flexible.

      My instinct is that the Dwarfs take this. HBE don’t like the ranged damage output of the dwarfs, and deep watch make Flame Wardens feel notably less scary.

      Hugh vs Gio

      Hugh has been writing cool and unique SA lists recently – always intrigued to see what he comes up with next. This is very *very* aggressive as a take on the book, with 3 cowboys, 4 monstrous models, some fliers, and some medium combat scoring that is surprisingly hard to get rid of. Stompy.

      Gioooooo seems to have left his signature elves behind for UD. Is this a UD army on the UK scene that *isn’t* borrowed off Amit?!? (Who am I kidding it probably is Amit’s army.)

      Watch the Swarms. Then watch them some more. Those things are wack. And will get up your trousers. Otherwise, the list has an interesting mix of units – shabti archers providing reach but also some combat threat, mobile threats in reapers and the chariot brick, magic and shooting support.

      That said, I give this one to Hugh – I’m just not sure the UD can cope with the sheer stompiness of the SA combat rush.

      1. Colin. Obviously.
      2. Either John T or Hugh S. I’m going to go with John, the field seems to favour his list.
      3. Tom. After he throws a game to make sure he has no chance of winning.

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