Vale Renegades Cardiff Open 2018 - June 16th and 17th, Cardiff

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    • Replicating the list commentary here for ease of reading!

      Beast Herds

      Craig Johnson (BIR) – This list has great scoring, solid shooting and a very crunchy combat punch. Craig has played it a lot and recently come back to it after the last update. Centaurs (rightly) got a bit more expensive, but the list still works and works well.

      Daemon Legions

      Guiem Nicolau – Guiem did very well with this list at the last event I was at and I would expect him to do well with it again. If he gets a slightly harder run of games he might struggle though, as there are a lot of moving parts for people to take advantage of little mistakes with.

      Stephen Slatcher (BIR) – Some say he is the blackest man in the Ninth Age community, all I know is that his cannons hit everything and break his opponents hearts. This time, however, he has only brought one along! What happened Slatch? Did you trade the other one for a tray of JägerBombs and a 20 deck of BH Silver? Still my pick to take best in race.

      Dread Elves

      Andrew Huntley (BIR) – DE net list with no midnight cloak. It’s a solid list and if it gets a run of games without facing too much shooting it could do well. I’m a fan of the Dread Judges with Banner of Blood, but would have liked to see more of them on the table as 21 feel a bit light.

      Dwarven Holds

      Simon Bromley – “I will have one of everything my good man and don’t forget those really expensive handguns!” This is what I imagine Simon would have said if he bought this list from the ‘F*ck Dwarves Emporium’. One of everything lists can either be incredibly versatile or seem lacking in focus. I’m not quite sure which one this is, but I would hazard a guess that possibly the latter.

      “Mad” Terry Flaherty – The Rune of Mining!!!! They don’t call Terry “Mad Terry” for nothing. His usual brand of in your face Dwarf army, but this time with some ambush scoring. I expect he will terrorise the middle tables and with some friendly matchups (people willing to run at him) could make a push for the top quarter.

      Hristo Nikolov (BIR) – One of my favourite lists around and one that never gets enough credit. Great scoring, a surprising amount of shooting and some punchy characters with delivery systems. I am interested to see how his Warriors do with 10 less bodies than we are used to seeing. That being said Hristo knows the book and this army well. One of my picks to take a top spot after the dust settles.

      Empire of Sonnstahl

      Shane Sheppard (BIR) – Shane didn’t get the memo that Empire is meant to be played with finesse and cowardice. A slab of Great Weapon wielding Imperial Guard and a fun bus of knights. I’m worried for this list on a few levels. The characters are basically naked. There is nowhere to hide the characters. The characters really are almost naked. There is no Death Warrant and Blacksteel on the BSB. HE HAS NO GRIFFON LORD! He has two naked Marshal’s and I can’t work out what they are meant to do! The suspense is killing me, answers on a postcard please everyone.

      Highborn Elves

      Gareth Willis (BIR) – This is a really nice and balanced list that looks like it has had all of the points trimmed and used efficiently. The phoenix is expensive but can do well in the right matchups. He also has nice ranged damage to supplement it and clear any pesky war machines. All the fighty stuff fights well, all the shooty stuff shoots well, an all around solid list and my tip for best in race.

      Owen Holborn – Another nice HE list, however, this one has a few more points around the edges for people to exploit. The solo Lion Chariot is a target and I worry that 10 Lancers may have been better off as two units of five. Without a character in there they look a bit toothless. Cool build on the MOCT though.

      Infernal Dwarves

      Chris Bond (BIR) – Holy, sh*tballs Chris….. you madman. What a list this is. A flying wizard, some scoring core because he has to, two 1000 point units of Anointed and a god damn Kadim Titan. You sir have balls the size of Bristol. Best in race for you just for the audacity of playing a list like this.

      Ollie Mather – I had the pleasure of playing against Olly at the last event I went to with a very similar list. He knows how to use it, it is flexible enough to stand off or push and fight. A very solid list piloted by a very solid player.

      Adam Lake – If Chris and Ollie took their lists and smashed them together, you would get Adam’s list. It has a bit of everything and except for the wizard setup (you know there’s an item called Essence of a Free Mind right?) I think it will do well. Would have been my best in race pick, but for obvious reasons lost out to Mr Bond.

      Kingdom of Equitaine

      Adam Bassett (BIR) – Knights, a Pegasus, Crusaders and a Damsel on a Unicorn. Could this list get any more fluffy? Look behind the fluff and you will see a solid list that will do well if put into the right matchups. Those Scorpions are a particular favourite of mine and the duke on the Pegasus can really put out hurt against the right things.

      Orcs and Goblins

      Nav Hussain – If you’re playing your game and from across the room you hear “take that f*cker off” or “come kiss your daddy on the mouth”, don’t be alarmed as it’s only Nav making a double six charge against some poor victim. A quite restrained list by his usual standard, it has a BSB and isn’t written on the back of a napkin, so already doing well. The core blocks will hurt a lot of lists and a toolbox of different characters should give him a lot of options. Slightly concerned that it struggles to keep the flanks clean, but realistically all of his games will be over one way or the other by turn 3 so what does it matter.

      Alasdair Pattern – Another “one of everything” list. This one looks like it can fight cohesively though, with a few big blocks to anchor the rest of the list. May struggle against some of the more skewed lists at the event, but should be able to terrorise the middle of the pack nicely.

      Marcus Lake (BIR) – We are used to seeing Marcus take some form of female empowerment list. Either the DL “whippy, lusty girls” or 50 Dancers of Yema with his DE. In this instance he has dropped the ladies and channelled his inner feral madness with a load of Mad Gits, Wrecking Teams and Cave Gnashers. A complex list with a lot of units that Marcus will cause opponents headaches with. BIR if he can stay functional and not pass out under the table (again).

      Saurian Ancients

      Warren Brewster – A couple of cowboys, three big dinosaurs and some scoring stuff all piloted by a lovely bloke. Shame he is a LizardManC*nt (LMC). Quite a skewed list that can look to win scenarios and zone threats well. At first glance there are a few lists at the event that could give this trouble through sheer power or movement shenanigans. It will be interesting to see how he does.

      Mark Greensill – A similar list from Mark to the one he has been using for the past while. He knows it well, he consistently performs with it (15th in the Rankings and pushing for a Masters spot!) and I would expect nothing to change at this event.

      Hugh Scarlin (BIR) – I really like a lot of the lists that Hugh writes and this is no exception. Taking it back to the “old school” with the skink cloud and dinosaur friends. Hugh is another LMC that has been doing really well this year (SA aren’t OP at all….) and I can see him making a push for the top tables this event too. The hardest choice out of any races for BIR, but wins out over Mark as he doesn’t have an Alpha Carnosaur to hide from players with artillery I expect to be around the top tables.

      Dan Harris – No nonsense. No chaff. No idea if this plan will work or not until he pushes at people! Lacks a bit of the finesse that LMC’s are known for, so he might actually be an alright fella unlike the rest of them. I would worry the 20 man units lack punch and should maybe be one bigger unit with some quick scoring filling the rest of core.

      Sylvan Elves

      Josh Burns (BIR) – A dragon! Yay!!! Oh…. and 42 bow shots and fast cav/flying shenanigans. A fragile but punchy list. One of the shootier lists about at the event and could sneakily do well. Likely to be best in race if he can finish his games on time!

      Matt Champion – A very similar list to one that has been doing well in America. Not going “full tree” and having the second tree character and a tree in special is probably a mistake. This list feels a little bit caught between wanting to be a smashy list and wanting to be a shooty list.

      Michael Janicki – Another dragon! Double yay!! This one is supported by MSU and will be hard to take points off when playing against without the rights tools. The Forest Rangers seem a bit lonely and I probably would have used them to bulk up the pathfinders who are one magic missile away from losing the unit.

      Undying Dynasties

      Tom Uden (BIR) – Wait, hold on. One UD player? Did people not get the memo that the chariot star is extremely smashy and super broken? Fair enough. Best in race for Tom! Having played against this list more times than I would care to count, I can say from experience that he should do well and might even make a sneaky run for the podium if matchups fall in his favour.

      Vampire Covenant

      Jack Austin (BIR) – Seriously what is happening here people. One UD and now one VC. We need you all to take a long hard look at yourselves and think about what you are doing with your hobby lives. All that being said, WHAT A LIST to make up for the lack of other VC players. Jack Austin has Chris Bond sized testicles with double Monstrous mounted Revenant. You would get best in race from me for this list even if it wasn’t yours by default!

      Vermin Swarm

      Tom Taylor – Super Tommy Taylor is bringing his “Oppressive Patriarchy” list out for another whirly. This time with every single shooting weapon option under the sun. Still seems to lack a plague pendulum, but could be a lot of fun to play.

      Jack Chapman (BIR) – My dark horse of the tournament to do really well. Jack knows the army well and has written a great list here. I’m a little surprised to see he has gone for the Pendulum over his usual Vermin Daemon, but at the same time the Pendulum is broken as hell so I’m sure he will do well with it. Lots of shooting and double Abom will be a one two punch not many lists can handle. A clear BIR and a possible podium too.

      Warriors of the Dark Gods

      Barry Lynch – Jesus christ I thought I was almost finished and then I find SEVEN warriors players still to do…. Can you lot just do the right thing and go and play VC and UD like you should be. Barry is one of the original purveyors of the Chosen Knight spam filthy netlist bollocks. Boring warriors. With chariots. Will do well.

      Tom Parker – A one of everything list, including a War Dias! Very fun and fluffy. The Warriors block and the foot Chosen pack a serious punch, but I worry they will struggle to make it across the board in one piece.

      James Owen – One of everything again! Credit to the Ninth Age guys, the Warriors book is great fun and has a lot of good options. Less of a concern with the speed of this list and it should pack a nice punch.

      Ken Groom – Chosen Knights, a good amont of chaff, some foot sloggers. Not a bad list from Ken. Then we get to the giants…. Ken is one to complain about how the dice always f*ck him. I have a top tip for you Ken, don’t take stuff with a few high quality attacks at OWS3!

      Jamie Sloper – Two slabs of Warriors, a load of magic missiles and no BSB. I like the way this man operates. Would have preferred the Forsworn, Chimera and Knights to be Chosen Knights, but I guess you can’t have everything in life.

      Adam Jones (BIR) – You know how I said earlier that the Warriors book is great and has a lot of good options? Spoiler alert: FORSAKEN ONES ARE NOT ONE OF THEM. Tanka what is wrong with you. You’ve been smashing faces with your other lists and you take 800 points of “shoot me in the face “. Still think he can take BIR though.

      Andrew Lewis – Chosen Knights with smashy mounted characters, no BSB, no chaff. This list goes in one direction. Forward to victory (or without chaff to choose matchups probably defeat). The warriors will probably get left behind and I always prefer the Chosen Knights in units of 4 for a bit of resilience and grind factor.(EXTRA PLAYER)

      Podium and prize predictions

      1st Place – Craig Johnson

      Craig might only be the 36th best player in the country right now, but he’s still number one in my heart. He knows this list incredibly well and it also looks like most of those I would expect to challenge him have left their shooting at home.

      2nd Place – Adam Jones

      Chosen Knight spam is good. Tanks dice are good. Forsaken ones are bad. I think the first two outweigh the last point. As long as he can avoid playing a lot of heavy artillery he should do well.

      3rd Place – Hristo Nikolov

      I originally had Hristo as my number one pick, as he’s brought a balanced list with enough shooting to worry people around the top tables. Potential lack of bodies when it comes to crunch time slipped him down a couple of spots.

      Podium Wildcard – Jack Chapman

      I love Jack’s list. It’s shooty as hell, but still packs a punch where it needs to. People aren’t used to playing the new VS as we don’t see much of them and Jack knows the army incredibly well. If the man can stay calm and collected he could make a big push for the top spots.

      Bloodiest General – Stephen Slatcher

      If we see “peak Slatch” during game 2 and 3 he will lose his entire army except for the Scourge and shooting units as he tables his opponents with long charges and Jägermeister.

      Great Tactician – Hristo Nikolov

      His list scores well and Hristo knows how to use it. One of the best around at thinking two or three turns ahead, everything tends to be where it should be by turn 6.


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      Team Wales ETC 2017 - Beast Herds
      Team Scotland ETC 2018 - Captain

      Twitter - @Fthunder89
    • Fthunder wrote:

      Hugh Scarlin (BIR) – I really like a lot of the lists that Hugh writes and this is no exception. Taking it back to the “old school” with the skink cloud and dinosaur friends. Hugh is another LMC that has been doing really well this year (SA aren’t OP at all….) and I can see him making a push for the top tables this event too. The hardest choice out of any races for BIR, but wins out over Mark as he doesn’t have an Alpha Carnosaur to hide from players with artillery I expect to be around the top tables.
      Glad you liked it so did I and my capt., that's why we nicked it off Colin P :largegrin: Actually tho I asked him and he had no problem, top bloke :thumbsup: So list writing credit goes to the master LMC.

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    • Hi

      Just a slight change to a list. Got the wrong end of the stick when altering before deadline. My fault.

      Tom Parker - WDG

      Chosen Lord BSB - Has paired weapons and NO lucky charm.

      Will alter lists PDF as soon as possible in process of sorting our tournament website like last year.
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Art of War 2018
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Call to War 2018

    • So stats about the lists.

      There are 52 casters in the 35 armies!!!! That does not include conclaves or Exhalted heralds.

      12 armies have 2 or more. Tommy when big and has 6!

      Every lore has been taken at least once.

      Alchemy is the most popular with 9 casters using it (4 with essense) 6 of which are wizard masters.

      Occultism is second with 8 (thanks to Toms 5 patriarchs)

      Druidism is the least common with only 1. (not including MoCT)

      There are also no Divination or Witchcraft Wizard masters just adepts.
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Art of War 2018
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Call to War 2018


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    • So items

      Flaming standard is king 12 coming this weekend.

      Next is

      Basalt infusions and Talisman of the void both with 9 entries. (Also 9 Rune of Irons but they dont count.)


      Only the Aether icon was the only common banner not taken.

      All common armour entries have been taken.

      Weapon enchantments seem to be less balanced with Blessed inscriptions king with 4.

      Titanic might and Hero Heart are the only others taken.

      Could this be down to the strength of unique army weapons?? discuss.

      Artefact wise only 4 were not taken.

      Scroll of Binding
      Rod of Battle
      Rangers Boots
      Potion of Strength.

      The rest all see at least 1 entry.

      So overall out of 43 items only 10 were left out.

      Is this a good sign? My answer is yes.
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Art of War 2018
      Best in Race - Orcs and Goblins Call to War 2018