Swedish Mercenary looking for work

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    • Swedish Mercenary looking for work

      Hi all!

      I am volunteering my services as a mercenary for the 2018 ETC, albeit a little late. I am a Swedish player who plays EoS, ID, SE, BH and VC according to need. I have been playing in the ETC for Team Sweden at ETC and WTC since 9th rolled around and have a lot of experience with team tournaments (as different roles) and the international scene. I am currently training Team Sweden and will also be readily available on UB. I speak "Scandinavian", English and German, and promises to bring skill, humor and Swedish treats to my eventual taskmasters. PM me if your team has an opening.

      Square bases, happy faces!

      ETC Team Sweden 2016 - Infernal Dwarves
      ETC Team Sweden 2017 - Infernal Dwarves
      WTC Team Sweden 2018 - Empire of Sonnstahl
      ETC Team Bulgaria 2018 (as Mercenary) - Vampire Covenant

      UN SW

      Tournament Support

      Tournament Analysist