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    • I do not know how exactly gods differs from daemons beyond the veil. But in a world were there exist supernatural creatures with godlike powers beyond a veil and they regularly interact with those living in the mundane world the concept of gods becomes a little bit different from our world.

      The core of some religious believes, gos for example, should be fairly uncontroversial. Such beings exists and one can interact with them in various ways. The difference between a god and a great daemon could be a bit unclear in some instances. There should also be a problem in arguing for a monotheistic religion. Although one god might see himself as the only god and all others as evil daemons.

      Being atheist in such a world would probably be like being a flat earth believer in our world. They exist but are not viewed as proper authorities in the field of geography.

      That said the dwarves have a rather suspicious view of magic as a whole and use it but with caution and safety. They bind the magic in runes instead for safeguard. It would be fitting if they viewed powerful beings from beyond the veil with the same caution. They would accept their existence but neither worship them nor interact with them in the ritualistic fashion as religious masses. They would of probably have some form of cultural traditions and taboos that would create unite among themselves and provide a cultural framework for moral in a way that is similar to religions that include the worship of gods. Like Buddism or Daoism. Using historical chronicles and their ancestors lives as a cultural measurement for good moral as well as deterring examples of how breaking traditions has come with a great price to pay.

      Their infernal cousins interact with creatures from beyond the veil and use magic with less suspicion and caution and would therefore be more inclined to interact with gods in their religious ways.

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