Lightning Reflexes should cancel Lightning Reflexes

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  • Well… I don't think it's cheating, it's an interesting part of the game.

    I think it renders realistically the way I imagine Elves always managing to hit warriors from lesser races, despite them having a shield, being distracting, etc.

    But it's just that to me, that rule should be negated when Elves fight Elves, or generally, when any model with the LR rule hits another model with the same rule.
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  • Ghiznuk wrote:

    The title says it all :
    « Lightning Reflexes should cancel Lightning Reflexes »
    I think this would be too complicated although I can see the logic. The name should probably change to something more intuitive.

    Damo wrote:

    I get the argument that if elves are so awesome at hitting you, they should be awesome at defending right? And being awesome at hitting and awesome at dodging should cancel each other? its a fair point.
    Not necessarily. Hitting is usually easier than avoiding hits. Defence is harder because you have to anticipate your enemy. The better the enemy is at hitting, the harder they are to anticipate.
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