How do servants of Fallen Star die

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    • How do servants of Fallen Star die

      Otto spurred his horse to catch up with his master. Reverend Mathias von Carlsdorf did not take lightly heedlessness. The boy still bore marks after his last lesson of discipline, over a week ago… Together they reached the top of the hill. Otto gasped. The green meadow they have fed their horses only yesterday has been turned into gruesome forest. Over sixty members of the highway robbers band who survived the battle have been impaled here. Some were lucky enough to have stakes penetrated their guts straight to their hearts. But most were still alive howling and whining while life leaked down the pikes. They would suffer for hours, desperately gasping despite every breath they took only prolonged their agony.

      Reverend Mathias rode along the wretches and Otto had to follow him. Together they approached stake placed at the top of a small hill. The boy instantly recognized Eric Muller chief of the band who carved bloody path through southern provinces of the empire before getting cornered and defeated here, just a few miles north of Volskaya border. Eric was huge man and even stripped of his ornate armor looked intimidating. Unlike his men he remained calm despite the pain. As they rode closer he even showed his teeth in a vicious grin.

      “You are going to hell vile heretic. But before demons will claim you soul you’ll pay for…” – reverend Mathias tirade on which he must have been working for hours have been spoiled by convicts harsh laughter. Bloody foam came out of his mouth.

      “I’ve been waiting… for you… couldn’t resist to… look once more down on you…”

      Eric strained muscles of his legs embracing the stake

      “I am dying… but death for me is freedom… the freedom you will never know… ever serving your pathetic goddess… out of fear of final judgement…”

      Mathias face went pale in shock and disbelief. Otto noticed Eric started to dither as he was forcing the stake deeper inside his bowels.

      “You can’t even kill me… as I die of my own will…”

      With last spasm pointed bloody tip emerged from Eric chest, stream of blood went through his month and he finally died.
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    • That was exactly the point of writing it. In the WoDG book death is described as ultimate failure on the path to Ascension. This is what makes most WoDG pathetic losers. That is why I'd like to propose different view for the very same facts.

      I believe Vetia is similar to XVI Century Europe. Church and nobility try to keep their subject at bay with visions of eternal punishment shall they break the rules. The Dark Gods come as deliverance: they liberate people from fear of hell. There is no punishment for sins in afterlife. For many this would be enough to follow powers of Chaos.

      It is also the reason why Vetian nations will perceive Chaos as worst Enemy. It is not because it is evil or because goddess told them to. It is because Dark Gods followers endanger the very foundations of Vetian societies...
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    • Nice.

      Word choice issue: 'Pale', as you're using it, is not common in English, and possibly archaic outside idiomatic usage (to whit: 'beyond the pale', which is the only way I've ever seen it used as a noun in modern conversation or writing). Try 'pike', maybe? (Or 'spike', 'stake', 'spear', etc...). Most english readers will probably not understand what you mean here.
      Just because I'm on the Legal Team doesn't mean I know anything about rules or background in development, and if/when I do, I won't be posting about it. All opinions and speculation are my own - treat them as such.



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