THE PULP AGE. Arcalea Background and Rules.

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    • THE PULP AGE. Arcalea Background and Rules.


      What is it The Pulp Age?

      Well, The Pulp Age is a different and unofficial timeline with a different background set in the marvellous universe of THE NINTH AGE.

      TPA includes rules and background compatible with the T9A project. For now is written only by me, but if someone wants to join for some little project is welcome. I want only to have some fun, so please don't be rude if you dislike! :)


      Welcome to Arcalea

      Arcalea is a fragmented territory in a large mosaic of multicultural and multiraces city states in the fictional universe of the project The Ninth Age (T9A).
      To better understand all the material included in the book some informations on the wonderful T9A setting are needed.
      The informations can be found in the rules book of the T9A project, which can be downloaded free of charge at
      I'll try to resume here:

      The empire of rats.
      The entire continent of Vetia was under the control of the Vermin Swarm and their Avras Empire (a faction of the game). The heroine Sunna, leading a coalition of humans managed to defeat the King-rat, but died in the quest.
      Sunna's sacrifice started The Nith Age. The Age of Man.

      The Ninth Age.
      The Avras Empire not only collapses, but the rats retreat into the subsoil, called Underworld, disappearing for almost a thousand years.
      Today the most skeptical question their real existence.
      Sunna is venerated as a goddess and the Sohnstall Empire, the most powerful nation of men, was founded in her name. The nations of men thrive and grow to almost control the entire Veti continent.

      On the throne of Aschau sits Matthias called the Pious and the cult of Sunna, it is the main religion of the Empire.
      Imperial soldiers engrave the name of Sunna on their armor, warrior priests of the cult and bands of bloody flagellants accompany the regular armies in battle in the name of Sunna Goddess of the Flame.

      Avras, the largest city in the world, is under the command of Fontaine, a rebel general of the kingdom of Equitaine.


      Map of Arcalea two peninsulas.

      ARCALEAN MERCENARIES complete rules set by BRANDI JOSE'.…AN%20MERCENARIES.doc?dl=0

      Arcalean armies are totally composed by mercenaries.
      Actually in Arcalea is illigal to fight without a contract.
      In Arcalea you can find four large mercenary corporations:
      IRONCROWNS (humans)
      WARBRINGERS (orcs)
      OATHBREAKERS (dwarfs)
      WOLFKINGS (hobgoblins)
      along side the corporation you can also find pirates, ogres, giants and the magisters are the puppeters of this wicked war game.

      Veduta di Pontefreddo, in the foreground the great dome of the library and the university's towers (Marlon J. Plank 961)

      The Bank of Magisters

      The Bank of Magisters is the only true real power of Arcalea.

      Magisters are the true heir of the Avras empire and until its collapse the order carried out administrative functions in the complicated imperial bureaucracy.

      After the collapse of the empire the order survived and managed to maintain a strong control over the territories known today as Arcalea.

      In Arcalea the magisters founded the Bank of Magisters, an organization that deals with the material, moral and religious needs of the good people of Arcalea.

      In the temples they preach their faith, based on money and riches.

      In universities, the magisters are rectors and teachers who guide the brightest minds of Arcalea.

      They are the most trusted advisors of the barons and princes, they own the ironcrowns mercenary corporation, they sit at the tables of the oathbreakers, they walk side by side with the warbringers.

      The center of their power is Piazza St. Camembert in Santa Regina. It is here that the head of the order resides, the Great Magister Gruyere.

      The magisters always wear heavy dark hoods and a mirror masks to cover their faces. In The Acts of Magisters, it is explained that they cover the bodies and the faces as they consider themselves only humble gears of progress.

      Looking at a magister's face is a sin punished by death.

      On the last few years a silly conspiracy theory widespread by the renegade mercenary captain of the B-52 and Vetian most wanted criminal Cagliostro C. Campari said that behind the mask of magisters are hidden nothing less than sorcerers rats. All the material of this incredible naïve accusation was collected in the book “ILLUMIRATI: the great conspiracy”.


      The human mercenary corporation of Arcalea is called Ironcrowns and takes its name from the crown that according to the religion of the Bank of Magisters, the mercenary queen Themesis taken from the dying body of the last emperor of Avras, known as Rat-King for his perfidy and poverty, when she defeated him at the end of the 8th age.

      The mercenary queen Themesis, known to all as Santa Regina was in the pay of the empire, but when the Rat-King did not pay her salary, she changed sides by serving and guiding the barbarians in battle who paid her handsomely and proclaimed her as the reincarnation of their flame goddess because her warrior ability was great. The Ironcrowns corporation was created many centuries ago by the magisters to provide the Arcalean Barons an alternative to Warbringers corporation for war matters.

      The Ironcrowns is the largest and most powerful mercenary corporation of Arcalea. Ironcrowns is synonymous with mercenaries all over the world and for them money is more than a material asset.

      It is a real faith.

      The Ironcrowns have always been controlled directly by the Bank of Magisters and embrace their philosophy and faith. Nothing is more important than gold in this world,gold is more important than ideals, more than freedom, more than love.

      Loyalty is always offered to those who pay more, no matter what their goals are.

      The guild members fought on every continent and faced every type of enemy. The Ironcrowns are pragmatic, ruthless and efficient and any assignment they are asked they only reply with one question. How much is the pay?

      Many Ironcrown, have been of humble origins and began a career as a mercenary since childhood, climbing the ranks of the army and for this they were always loved by their fellow soldiers and the poor people of Arcalea.
      The current Ironcrown is Brunello di Montalcino, a trusted man of Magister Gruyere of Santa Regina.


      The orc mercenary corporation that is based in Arcalea is named Warbringers and is the oldest corporation of the two peninsulas. The Warbrigers are the heirs of the orcs who came to the borders of the empire during the first part of the 8th Age. On those times, the empire was striked by a ferocious revolt of the vicious general Traitorat, and the emperor Rattiglianus was uncapable to find an army big enough to face the rebels.

      Emperor Rattiglianus promised to the orcs tribes confederation lands and money inside the border of the empire if they helped him and his army to defeat rebels.

      The orcs chiefs accepted the deal and they marched side by side with the loyals legions and faced the rebels in the war that ended with Battle of Cold Ford. Legionaires during the war called the orcs warbringers, as they were always the first to throw themselves into battle in spite of the losses suffered or the overwhelming forces of the enemy

      After the war, Rattiglianus kept his word and consented to the orcs to settle between the frigid river and the ancient city of Myra.
      The warbringers became sedentary and for the rest of the 8th age they fought as mercenaries in the imperial armies. At the end of the eighth era, the brutal economic crisis no longer allowed the emperor Rat-King to pay for the services of the warbringers who deserted by refusing to fight against the hordes of Queen Themesys and the coalition of human barbarians who destroyed the empire of Avras.

      With the barbarian coalition victory, the lands known today as Arcalea were colonized by humans who found themselves in front of a heavily stratified and refined orcish society, very different from the brutal orcs of the north of Vetia and Taphiria. Thanks to the mediation of the Magistri, bureaucrats and priests of the imperial age, the two civilizations prospered. Humans became the lords of the cities, while the warbringers, as was their custom, preferred the bucolic and rural life and took care of the defense while continuing to fight as mercenaries.

      The head of the Warbringers is Lambrusco Helg.

      Lambrusco retains the title of Warbringer in his monstrous hands. his orc mercenaries fight in every part of Vetia and beyond.

      Lambrusco personally fought for ten years under the dynasty of Myra's Pagadebit princes. But after the disastrous Lighthouses War, Myra was in bankrupt, and could no longer pay for the services of the warbringers.

      Pagadebit tried to negotiate another loan from Bank of Magisters, but in vain. His debt was too high.

      Lambrusco organized a revolt that culminated in the Deathless Battle, where even the Ironcrowns troops abandoned Pagadebit, who was forced to flee to Taphiria and was never seen again in Arcalea.

      Magister Mozzarella crowned Lambrusco Helg as new Prince of Myra and the orc mercenary became the ruler of the ancient hometown of the famous barbarian king Arcaleone.

      Despite being a fierce and brutal warrior, the inhabitants of Myra love their sovereign. The population of Myra was tired of the corruption and weakness of the Pagedebit dynasty, and they think that Lambrusco Helg is rude and severe, but fair and generous with his friends and loyal subjects. Under the guidance of Lambrusco, the principality became richer and regained the ancient power in the political affairs of Arcalea and Vetia.

      Now Lambrusco Helg has provided to the Bank of Magisters some suspicious licenses of nobility where it is written that the mercenary orc is a direct descendant of Arcaleone, moreover he has come to ask Princess Maria Martini of Pontefreddo as bride.


      Two brothers, Scilla and Cariddi of Hofbrauhaus clan, were sent by Robust “Bitter” Porter, dwarf king of Nevaz Barum of the White Mountains to conquer Bellatorre.

      The two brothers fought bravely against the Marsala's princely dinasty of the island, and after a short military campaign, They managed to kill prince Marsala VII during the Battle of Vespri.

      After the prince's death, the inhabitants of the island surrendered, bowing to the invaders. Scilla and Cariddi built two twin towers on the two sides of the strait of the shipwrecks, thus founding the city of Mercato del Sud (the Southern Market) that grew quickly and thanks to the skill of the builders dwarfs became an impregnable fortress.

      The Bitter King Porter appointed the brothers as lords and protectors of the island in his majesty name, and for the first time in his life he king was pleased to pay a very high sum for the construction of that marvelous city because he knows that the new market would bring many gains to the people of Nevaz Barum.

      Indeed the city grew stronger and richer, but when it was time to raise profits, Scilla and Cariddi refused to pay and declared themselves independent.

      The Bitter King was so furious that he prepared an army in a hurry and, without any negotiations, he marched through Arcalea to recover Bellatorre.

      Scilla and Cariddi called to their court every dwarf who wasn’t happy about his situation, they promised gold and glory. They signed a contract with Magister Gruyere of Santa Regina and they became a new mercenary corporation of Arcalea, alongside Ironcrowns, Warbringers and Wolfkings.
      When the army of Nevaz Barum came in sight of Mercato del Sud was attack and defeated by a strong force of renegade dwarves from all over the world and by Santa Regina’s army that attacked the Bitter King from behind.

      King Robust, barely escaped capture and managed to return home with his tail between his legs. The king cursed that day and cursed Scilla and Cariddi to have a never ending lust for gold and they named the two brothers Oathbreakers.
      The power of the island became stronger and stronger and the two brothers became famous slavers and feared mercenaries across the continent.Mercato del Sud became the largest slaves market of all Middle Sea and they trade with Infernal Dwarves, Dread Elves and worst.
      Scilla and Cariddi still rules Bellatorre from theirs twin towers and they decide to name their mercenary corporation Oathbreakers, mocking the curse of the dwarf king.

      The Twin Towers of Mercato del Sud


      The first Wolfking was Amaro Lucano who invaded Arcalea hundreds of years ago.

      The Acts of Magisters, tell that the largest city states of the two peninsulas were at war with each other and were too weak to oppose the advance of Amaro and his horde of howling warriors. The Wolfking sacked Myra and burned every town and village to Pontefreddo. The hobgoblins let themselves go to unheard-of massacres. Even today, the stories about the invasion of Amaro Lucano are told in Arcalea to scare children.

      After destroying the armada of Pontefreddo, no soldier could stop the hobgoblin horde anymore, but Magister Fontina led a peace delegation in front of the horde of Amaro Lucano and it is said that the Wolfking was frightened in front of the sanctity of the magister and swore to stop the attack against Arcalea.

      The wolfking was converted to the faith of the Bank of Magisters, the horde was stopped and the wolfkings made arrangements to become a mercenary corporation.

      But hobgoblins are not suitable for civilian life and have never really managed to integrate themselves in the Arcalean sophisticate society.

      Over the centuries, wolfkings have been marginalized, forced to live outside the cities to infest the suburbs by living with gimmicks and thefts. The corporation after centuries of decadence was dissolved a hundred years ago, the Wolfking left Arcalea in voluntary exile, and from that day hobgoblins were hunted and mocked by humans.

      All this today has changed, with the return of the heir to the throne of the Wolfkings, the last of the amari dynasty, Amaro Averna, who became famous fighting against the elves during the Sagarika revolution. Amaro Averna returned to Arcalea at the head of a large army, besieging and conquering Bottleneck Pass, an ancient Pontefreddo’s stronghold and an high strategic Arcalean road.

      Amaro Averna has declared himself Wolfking and he has reconstituted the mercenary corporation.

      Albeit without the support of the Bank of Magisters. the Wolfking are now a force to be reckoned with, feared by the other corporations and even by magisters, who have so far failed to find an agreement on the taxes owed to the Bank.

      THE PULP AGE. Chapter 1: Arcalea.
      COMPLETE MERCENARY BOOK…an-mercenaries-army-list/
      THE ASSASSINATION OF LADY FONTAINE…ampari-and-his-intern-th/


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    • I'm not sure about the name 'The Pulp Age' - made me expect 1920s or 30s type era (certainly first half of 20th century).

      I think I'm lacking some context here, too. Feels like this needs a general overview of some sort to ground the reader. I'm having a hard time getting into the background of the different factions, because I have no context.

      Also, what kind of divergence from the main T9A fluff (such as it is)? That would definitely help with context.
      Just because I'm on the Legal Team doesn't mean I know anything about rules or background in development, and if/when I do, I won't be posting about it. All opinions and speculation are my own - treat them as such.



      Chariot Command HQ

    • i can see your hype in this post...this is good my friend.
      let's talk about :

      Popular or sensational writing that is regarded as being of poor quality.
      this is why i choose this title. I'm not of the bg team, what do I like are fantastic stories in a violent setting. this is the chapter one, but you have to expect more for Arcalea. expecially full background for a lot of Captain presented in the book!

      Whats the different with the official fluff?
      new units, new armies, not national armies, peraphs only armies from small castle in the mountains.
      And as I don't know the not pubblished bg, I wanted to say that I don't want to go against the bg team.

      I can say that Arcalea book is finally over, the bg is ready to be pubblished in this thread, but is too big for only one day.
      other project in preparation are top secret until they are not near to their ending.
      yeah the geneal overview is inside the full rule book of T9A.

      for the context of course everybody need a map. is on my images and my avatar. and you need a world map! and for the future pubblication is better to know about the bg of T9A as the ruler General Fontain of avras, the emperor, or the king of equitaine.
      THE PULP AGE. Chapter 1: Arcalea.
      COMPLETE MERCENARY BOOK…an-mercenaries-army-list/
      THE ASSASSINATION OF LADY FONTAINE…ampari-and-his-intern-th/

    • add above.
      THE PULP AGE. Chapter 1: Arcalea.
      COMPLETE MERCENARY BOOK…an-mercenaries-army-list/
      THE ASSASSINATION OF LADY FONTAINE…ampari-and-his-intern-th/


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    • the pulp age continue,

      this is a first part of what you are going to find in the army of Arcalean Mercenaries ;)

      today I talk about some option of the army book. so, here for you guys some characters and the ogres, the only soldiers in the book that don't come from one of the four big mercenaries corporation of Arcalea.

      The Magister.
      The Magister has about the rules of the eponymous character of the Vermin Swarm book, this because it is the same character. they are the most powerful wizards in the army.
      The magisters' order remained on the surface when the rats escaped to the underworld at the start of the 9th age. Magisters infiltrated the society of Arcalea wearing elaborate ritual masks and hiding in full view. The magistri are the clerics of Arcalea, they are the rectors of the greatest universities, they are the most powerful bankers of the continent, they are the advisers of every baron, they have designed every city and fortress of Arcalea. They are the ones who hold true power over Arcalea and their aims remain a mystery. My inspirations for the order of the magisters were obviously the Catholic Church, the IOR, but also the legends regarding the illuminati or the new world order.
      If you choose to have a magister in the army you have access to the exclusive choice of Shadow Tails, death squads and secret agents of the magistrates who take inspiration from the vatican secret services.

      The Usurer
      Keeping a mercenary army is expensive and recovering silver in no time is not easy.
      the bank of magisters provides valuable support to the armies by providing the necessary money in exchange for loyalty and many interests.
      The armies of Arcalea are always accompanied by a trusted character of the Bank, the Usurer. The Usurer is a bureaucrat who follows the accounts of any large mercenary army, and is the one who guarantees that money flows smoothly to the soldiers. Despite no one trusts him, the soldiers are ready to do anything to defend the Usurer and keep the loot safe. In the game the Usurer provides bonuses to nearby units, is not a strong thug and if it is removed as a loss the army suffers and starts losing discipline. Obviously the Usurer is a slight review of the treasurer of mom GW.

      The Arcalean Baron
      Arcalea is fragmented into dozens of small states. At the head of many of them there is an Arcalean Baron. The barons lord over the population thanks to the strength of their weapons and their soldiers, they are very proud and very arrogant, the rule Pride of Arcalea I think that reflects this also in the game, making the Baron a good thug and a great general. Among the magical items there is one that allows you to drastically customize the Baron giving him the opportunity to become either Maria Martini, princess of Pontefreddo or Mirto Zedda Piras, pirate prince of Corsara. For design I have always had in mind the barons of medieval and renaissance Rome, like the daring Sciarra Colonna who came to slap even the Pope in 1303, but also the stereotype of Italian macho who flaunts security in every situation.

      Outcast is one of my favorite choices throughout the book. He is an apprentice magician and can choose from many inherited spells from other books. The outcasts represent the sub-social stratum of Arcalea, trainee magicians who have fled their colleges, witches, bards and troubadours, travelers, eccentric noble students of occultism and more.
      For this character I was inspired by the Gran Tour, a journey of pleasure and education in Italy that was very fashionable among nobles and artists during the Renaissance. However, the outcasts are also inspired by the small underworld, crime, the world of drugs and the black market and the counterculture of rave and techno music.
      Just as the poets of the Grand Tour, the outcast feel an uncontrollable attraction for Arcalea (and its wild nightlife party) and his libertine lifestyle and adventure. The Outcast is hired by the mercenary generals who consider the magical arts of the outcast to be very useful or who have no money to pay the much more expensive service of the magisters. The magisters have outcasted the outcast and prohibited any form of magic to Arcalea except their own. Some outcast, called Voltagabbana (turncoat if you like), become bounty hunters for magistri, chasing the outlaws wizards or witches.

      The Ogre
      For those who grew up with bread and wargame, the union ogre and mercenaries is obvious. The ogre is not particularly awake, feeds on anything and has the strength and the size of a bull, in short, the perfect mercenary for any general. The list includes two units of ogre, the first are the Veteran Mercenaries, which are the same as those on the ogre khan list. The second unit is the Ogre Gang, a not bad thug unit that has access to the choice of three captains of fortune: the Black Warrior, the Cannibal and the Prezzolato.

      The Black Warrior is my tribute to Gatsu, the iconic mercenary figure of my generation and the world of manga. The Cannibal allows to deploy powerful ogres hungry, in their profile is included the favor of the gluttony, taken from the book of the warriors of the dark gods, there are other favors in the book, I wanted to increase the interpenetration between army books and show how nobody is immune to the look of the gods. the Courtier Bodyguard allows you to recreate the old Guard of the Treasurer of mother GW, but I wanted to upgrade the soldiers, making them ogre human with r3 and armor save 5 + ..., for the Bodyguard I was inspired by the famous Swiss Guard, mercenaries still at the service of the popes.
      THE PULP AGE. Chapter 1: Arcalea.
      COMPLETE MERCENARY BOOK…an-mercenaries-army-list/
      THE ASSASSINATION OF LADY FONTAINE…ampari-and-his-intern-th/

    • Col. Tartleton wrote:

      God, your names are even more incorrigible than old Games Workshop.
      the best is yet to come... :P

      Palmu wrote:

      Illumirats? Why not 'Illumirati'?
      well, thank you for this question. this name was difficult to me indeed. I tought a lot of names about Illumirats. Illumiratti (cause in italian is perfect), Illumirati, Illumimice, Illumicheeses, Illumivermins....

      mi conclusion was Illumirats because Rats is an existing word. Itought that a lot of people around here know english more or less. But mabye not all the people that knows english knows Illuminati story/legend. So if you read illumi...Rats, you can think about vermin swarm. Singlolar of Illumirats is Illumirat (but everybody can write as everybody wish :) ) .
      with's true Rat is still in the word, but i preferred Illumirats cause the english version was more obvious and readable to me.
      THE PULP AGE. Chapter 1: Arcalea.
      COMPLETE MERCENARY BOOK…an-mercenaries-army-list/
      THE ASSASSINATION OF LADY FONTAINE…ampari-and-his-intern-th/


      this is a preview of one of the character of a little fan fiction that I'm writing.
      Actually is a part of backgound of one of my favourite. I added some rules for him, but are Unofficials in an Unofficial Book.. ;)

      CAGLIOSTRO C. CAMPARI, Captain of B-52!

      Cagliostro C. Campari is a demagogue, a rebel and the most wanted outlaw in all Vetia.
      He was once a brilliant student of engineering and alchemy at the University of Pontefreddo and he studied for years under the watchful eye of Magister Scamorza, rector of university known among his students as the Great Humiliator.
      Nobody knows exactly what happened, but one day there was an explosion in the highest tower of the university and soon after Cagliostro was seen flying away from a large window wearing a prototype of War Hawk.
      The next day, the Great Humiliator swore to pull the bloody heart of Campari out of his chest with a spoon.
      Campari is considered to be the craziest of mercenary captains and is reputed to accept all sorts of missions, no matter how suicidal or impossible it may seem. Campari boasts an exaggerated number of casualties on the field, he is the eccentric captain of the B-52. This time it seems that it took a long time to put together a team, but Cagliostro C. Campari is ready for a new mission after the unfortunate accident at the Imperial Palace of Avras with the B-51.

      Nobody knows who has been so bold to hire Campari, nor what his mission is. What is rumored is that he has returned to Arcalea and has something very crazy and dangerous in mind.

      one among may of Campari's quest:

      After trying in vain to reconquer his castle with the strength of his army, the desperate Count Müller decides to request the services of Cagliostro C. Campari to resolve the issue with his half-brother, the Marquis of Thurgau.
      For the occasion, Campari hires Viktor Von Vinegar and his Abyss' Defectors, the most feared infiltrator unit in Arcalea.
      After seven months of siege, with a daring single night action, the B-17 takes the Müller Thurgau Castle without spilling a drop of blood.


      Campari is an Outcast. he is equipped with University Diploma of Alchemy and Engineering and he can have another 50pt of special equipment.
      ready for everything:
      During the deployement phase, he has to join a unit that he cannot leave for all the battle. In addiction to his own equipment, Campari can take for free ONE special rule and any equipment that has his unit.


      Kovlovsky wrote:

      If there are Illuminati, I guess the SA are the reptilians? Right? :P

      I also think that Illumirati sounds much better than illumirats. I also like Illumivermins, but I would use it as a slur used by their enemies. I have a hard time imagining a conspirational secret society calling itself vermins. ;)
      mmm still time to change. and I'm here to make a good fan service.... for SA i have something in mind. but i'm to busy on Vetia stuffes.. if someone is intersted to develop a project that now is only an idea Pm me!
      THE PULP AGE. Chapter 1: Arcalea.
      COMPLETE MERCENARY BOOK…an-mercenaries-army-list/
      THE ASSASSINATION OF LADY FONTAINE…ampari-and-his-intern-th/


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    • talking about the book.

      starting with IRONCROWNS

      book, and link to the book discussion :)…AN%20MERCENARIES.doc?dl=0…an-mercenaries-army-list/

      The Ironcrowns
      Ironcrowns were human-born mercenaries.
      The Ironcrowns can deploy a character, four regiments, each one with three captain choices. on the "expensive services" section they have access to Culverins, small-caliber cannons, also good against infantry, which can also become mobile cannons, thanks to the option of draft horses.
      The character is called Ironcrown, a war professional, a man who spent his life in battle climbing the ranks of the guild. In the background, the Ironcrown himself fights for Santa Regina and the magisters and is called Brunello di Montalcino, inspired by the landsknechts marshals as the unforgettable Frundsberg, protagonist of the Italian wars, who died for an apopletic stroke after a revolt of his men for a non-payment.
      Turning to regiments, we have the Heavy Company, a super wink at tilean pikemen of mother GW, readapted to this new universe and rules. The captains available for the Heavy Company are the Santa Regina's Legionary, a true harder that increases the characteristic scores of the soldiers, the Knight that allows you to change the equipment from pike to halberd and shield or bastard sword and finally the Bellatrix, which links to the Arcalea background.
      In fact, the Bellatrix is a popular heroine of Arcalea, who descends into battle in the role of Santa Regina, the protector of mercenaries. Many mercenary companies are led by women who call themselves Bellatrix, but only one of them has been recognized by Magister Gruyere as a reincarnation of Santa Regina. the name of the mercenary heroine is Lacrima di Morro d'Alba, raised in orphanage, very good and combative, offers part of his salary to his old orphanage. The Bellatrix allows the unit to have poison attacks, which recall to the poison as " weapon of women ".
      The second regiment available to the ironcrowns is the Line Company, the army shooters. The unit has the opportunity to be equipped with pavises, taken from the book of vermin swarm (mice) and heavy armor. The captains available are Pontefreddo's Legionary, a wink to the legion of Pirazzo GW, which allows you to equip the soldiers with a special crossbow designed by the university of the city that improves shooting in motion and allows crossbowmen to be also equipped with the Arcalean Pike; the Sniper, which allows crossbowmen to hit 3+ and to exchange if they want crossbows with arquebuses; the Pirate who transforms crossbowmen into soldiers in ranks armed with pistols. I will talk soon about the bg of the pirates of the Middle Sea.
      The third regiment available to the ironcrowns is the Light Company, skirmishers and supporters. The captains available are the Impudent, inspired by the Italian assault troops during the First World War, the Arditi and from the poet Gabriele d'Annunzio; the Sentinel of Pontefreddo, which allows you to be equipped with the modified crossbows of which I have already spoken and the War Hawk, which allows the unit to fly, winking at the iconic Sparrowhawks of Catrazza made in GW; the Witch Hunter is inspired by the witch hunter of the Sonnsthall Empire but was designed to be playable as a mini unit in which everyone has bonuses against wizards and undead, in the background the hunter is Hans Heineken with his company of the Hammers of the Witches , at the service of Emperor Matthias the Pious was sent to Arcalea to investigate the facts related to the Black Warrior.
      The fourth is the last regiment of the ironcrowns is the Horse Company, the heavy cavalry of the army.
      The captains of fortune available are the Dragoon, inspired by Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, which allows you to have a light cavalry unit armed with guns, but with an incredible armor shot of 3+. I thank my friend and member of the Italian national team G.Gunnellini for this character, at the first writing they were armed with crossbows, beautiful but useless. he made me understand.
      The third son, which allows to deploy a unit very similar to the Equitaine's Knight adopting the classic lance formation; the Bastard, a fighter inspired by Voland and his Venators GW, who in his first version was a bastard by Karletto Franz. The Bastard allows the unit to be equipped with a bastard sword as well as having many advantages when making a charge. In my Bg one of the bastard is Verdicchio Halfblood, son of Lambrusco Helg (prince of Myra and Warbringer) and a human woman (not highborn). Halfblood is the surname given to the bast_rds of Arcalea.

      looking for miniatures?
      @Calisson here you are miniature section :) (ironcrowns and outcast only)
      well, basically you can use all the human range GW if you are so lucky like me to have a complete tilean army :P , or…8j5ss5arjnlkeh08ben6ep7r1 basically you can have cheap pikemen and crossbowmen also with pavises.
      any human cavalry is good from bretonnia gw to old empire, still, maybe you want perry,Shieldwolf Miniatures (that support t9a)…tegory_id%3D55%26page%3D2 her you can find humans for outcast, also good Bellatrix captain.
      @Norba Miniatures (that support ninth age, check their site, very good and cheap ) . as you can see is very easy to asssemble cavalry, and the knight version of heavy infantry with Breton section of Norbas' guys, and is good also for Outcast miniatures with the Equitaine spell and for the Witch Hunter.
      for the artillery and mobile artillery....wellis full, check the Soonsthal page ;). for add horse, hust pick a horse and put it around your Culverin!
      any problem? well...yes, the war hawks...if you don't have the old gw one you can try to build it, the war hawk is very very similar to a Leonardo Flying machine... some one has ideas?
      as you can see is very easy to collect a super tasty flavour unique army of Ironcrowns.

      HOW TO MAKE MY UNIT WITH CAPTAIN? don't be nervous..if you don't have enough money for 3 30 miniatures company you can only changhe your captain. :P so with only one miniature you can have 3 choices!
      THE PULP AGE. Chapter 1: Arcalea.
      COMPLETE MERCENARY BOOK…an-mercenaries-army-list/
      THE ASSASSINATION OF LADY FONTAINE…ampari-and-his-intern-th/


      this unit is made by upgrading a champion of Oathbreakers Vanguard to Abyss’ Defectors. Feel free to write you own background for your favourite unit in the book! I'm going to add on the Arcalean Bg.

      Viktor Von Vinegar
      The Abyss’ Defectors

      Viktor Von Vinegar has the worst reputation of all the oathbreakers of Arcalea.
      It is known that the Abyss’ Defectors do not respect the word given and obey only to money and It is well known that what is good for Viktor Von Vinegar is good only if someone is not willing to pay more.
      He is the only living thing known to have escaped from the dungeons of Gan Dareb and it was he himself who breached the fortress's defences during the Battle of the Conquest, when the Queen of Pearls of the elves took possession of the island.
      Together with the reckless Cagliostro C. Campari was one of the protagonists of Müller Thurgau Castle’s siege, one of the most memorable in the whole Vetia history (*).
      And they were always the Abyss’ Defectors that with a sleight of hands burst into the centre of Piazza St Camembert in Santa Regina during the battle and bring the new elected Magister Gruyere to safety through the legendary Passetto, taking him from the clutches of the troops of KingLouis of Equitaine.

      The Von Vinegar affair is one of those grudges whose dwarves never speak and everyone knows.
      Long time ago, Viktor Von Vinegar was the youngest and most promising officer of Nevaz Derom's Deep Watch.
      The Von Vinegar clan was the guardian of the Bottomless Pit of the White Mountains and his members were descendants of Clockwork Von Vinegar, the genius who built the walls of Avras.
      But in a night of terror, Von Vinegar's Deep Watch abandoned his guard post and without warning, exterminated his own clan in his sleep. Viktor left only his younger brother alive, still a beardless at the time, and today known as Venceslav The Vengeance Seeker.
      Nobody knows with certainty the reason for that brutal and deadly attack. Some say that Viktor and his warriors went crazy after seeing something in the Pit, others say they were paid by the elves or goblins that have always infested the heart of the mountain.
      The Abyss’ Defectors fled through Bottomless Pit and reappeared thirteen years later equipped with weapons never seen in Vetia, respiratory and lethal gas globes, their beards and hair cut and used as a banner.

      All the left half of Victor's body had been replaced with mechanical parts and somebody say that he is unable to survive without his respirator. If it is the truth, nobody knows for sure.

      (*)see Cagliostro C. Campari.
      THE PULP AGE. Chapter 1: Arcalea.
      COMPLETE MERCENARY BOOK…an-mercenaries-army-list/
      THE ASSASSINATION OF LADY FONTAINE…ampari-and-his-intern-th/